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Rodriguez: […] But this is an important scene because this is where you find out Kate’s been killed. And your reaction— it was cool watching this because I was like ‘I want to see how my scene came out since I wasn’t there,’ make sure I don’t have to go reshoot anything. But you did such a terrific job.
Madison: I really love your reaction in this scene, DJ.
Rodriguez: Yeah, it’s so great.
Madison: Because I think it’s so sad that you left Kate on the side of the road, or while you gave her money, and then—
DJ: Yeah.
Madison: Now she’s dead.
DJ: He feels responsible.

(Robert Rodriguez, Madison Davenport, and DJ Cotrona  in the “Santa Sangre” DVD commentary )


It’s been a pleasure, Claudia Jean. / The pleasure’s been all mine, Sir.


雅紀くん〜 カッコイイ〜 美味しね〜楽しみね〜

Aiba Manabu 11.10.2015