the fourth cap is my favorite


I have a reason that i have to beat him, a reason that i have to win…!

…So she can eventually smile in front of other people.

You’re getting in the way of that.

Get lost.

Sakura can’t smile if you exist…!


I realized i hadn’t made a post yet about one of my favorite parts of Heaven’s Feel; Shirou’s ending motivation. At the very end of the route Shirou is quite literally dying. His body is skewering itself with his own sword creating power, he’s been losing memories and breaking down for the past 30 hours or so. (thats why there are gaps in the narration in the fourth cap, showing how his mind is breaking down) So Shirou, now dying, then gets beaten down by Kirei in a final brutal physical battle. In this moment where it seems that all is lost, that he will die and the grail will destroy humanity, the above caps are what goes through his head.

and i love it, i love it so much, that his goal is something so childishly simple and pure. He wants Sakura to be able to genuinely smile in front of people that aren’t him. That’s it. Thats all he wants. 

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anonymous asked:

This is stupid but I seriously need help. I desperately want to get into the Marvel Comics, but I'm slightly OCD and things ~bug~ me when I don't start from the beginning. No way to do that here--too much history--and I got shamed out of my local comic store when I asked for help. There are so many arcs and reboots and I'm feeling lost and have no idea where to start things off. Any suggestions? Please? I don't want getting laughed out of the store to hold me back from enjoying this fandom. :/

Hi, anon! It’s not stupid! I am here to help you! Many people are here to help you, and we all love talking about comics! First, I think you should maybe find a different comic store if that is at all an option, because people who want to make you feel bad when all you want to do is be excited about comics are LOUSY and do not deserve your money.

Second, I actually have a guide for people in your situation! I am one of the mods of @besafesteve‘s 18+ 616 Steve/Tony Discord server (come see us, we’re nice!) and we all actually wrote up a guide for for How To Get Into Steve/Tony Comics. We also summarize a bunch of the major arcs in the guide there. But you should join us anyway because it’s an awesome server and we have weekly book clubs.

(I assume you are asking me because you want Steve and Tony recs specifically; if there is something else you want, please let me know.)

Third! I get the whole “wanting to start from the beginning” thing! I wanted to do that too. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend reading everything from the beginning, but you could certainly grab the beginning couple Epic Collections of Avengers, Cap, and IM, and see if you like it. Or subscribe to Marvel Unlimited. (My plan was to read everything in order. I have given up. I read what I need to read to write fic.) But if the early stuff turns out not to be your thing, that’s cool too. There are a lot of comics out there!

Fourth! As for specific recs, it depends on what you’re looking for. There are runs that I really enjoy (like Avengers v3) but that I don’t think are particularly newbie-friendly. (Like, the second drinking arc in Iron Man is probably my favorite Iron Man arc ever – with Director of SHIELD a close second – but I would not rec either if you hadn’t read IM and didn’t already know what was going on and/or (in the case of the drinking arc) already knew you liked comics from the 80s.) There’s Marvel Adventures, which is sweet and I love it but it’s not 616, if 616 is what you want. There are shorter arcs (One Night in Madripoor) and collections (the Iron Man/Captain America TPB) that will give you an idea of Steve and Tony’s dynamic but they’re… well, kind of short. If you do want something short and sweet to start with, I highly recommend Captain America: Man Out of Time, which is a miniseries retelling Steve’s early days in the future (when the Avengers find him) that updates it for a more modern sensibility and it has a lovely scene of Tony taking Steve to the Smithsonian and showing him the future.

What I actually started with was New Avengers v1 (available in various trades; you will want ones that say they are the Bendis run, from 2004, and the first arc is called Breakout), which I will still defend as A Good Place To Start. It’s relatively recent, so the art style and pacing are all modern and probably a little easier to follow than the early stuff. The team is small and for the most part made up of people you will know even without having read that many comics (Cap, Iron Man, Spidey, Wolverine…) and they all get along well and have an excellent team dynamic. There’s maybe 15 issues of this and then Civil War starts. And I know some people will say not to read Civil War – but, let’s face it, we owe the entire 616 Steve/Tony fandom to Civil War. And now that you’re invested, you might as well see how you like the heartbreak. You can just read the Steve and Tony highlights if you want; I can rec a very abbreviated reading order if you’re interested. 

If you want to go back and read Steve and Tony’s BFF years, you can also do that (I mean, the great thing about this pairing is that they are ALSO great friends in addition to all the times they have attempted to murder each other recently), but you should probably at least see Tony crying over Steve’s body. (I recommend Garrideb’s vid Downfall. It got me into this fandom.)

It’s all angst from there on out, basically. When I decided that I was enough into this pairing to actually go to my comic book store and buy a real comic book, it was the week that Avengers v5 #29 came out, so, uh. Yeah. Angst.

I hope that helps!

January 5, 2018 - Finding some contentment in The Winter of Our Discontent

Well, I have a confession to make. Between the cold weather and having to cover for a sick co-worker, I wound up blowing off my workouts for the first half of this week. Then yesterday the temp warmed(?) up to 40°F and, what with the sunshine, I decided it was time to get out and ride. So I bundled up and got in seven miles of bicycle riding before the sun set.

Today’s weather was a repeat of Thursday, so this time I got out for a run. I ran two miles to a bank to get change for work. (That was 38:50… not a very good time, even for me, but it is the off-season and I am just glad to be back running.) That bank wasn’t far from my favorite YMCA, so I ran there to weigh in and pick up my fourth annual Battle of the Bulge t-shirt. And I capped that off with a run home, a little different route so I’d get two more miles in, this time in 36:40.

I am not, and never have been, a “winter person”. But with the days getting a little longer, the temps at least not getting too cold, and the Kansas wind holding off a bit, I reckon I can continue making progress in The Winter of My Discontent.