the fountain court

A non-exhaustive list of books about European female artists of the 18th century.


  • Royalists to Romantics: Women Artists from the Louvre, Versailles, and other French National Collections by Laura Aurrichio
  • Women, Art and the Politics of Identity in Eighteenth-Century Europe by Melissa Hyde
  • Adelaide Labille-Guiard: Artist in the Age of Revolution by Laura Auricchio
  • Vigee Le Brun by Katharine Baetjer, Joseph Baillio, and Paul Lang
  • Angelica Kauffman: Art and Sensibility by Angela Rosenthal
  • Anne Vallayer Coster: Painter to the Court of Marie Antoinette by Eik Kanhg
  • Divided Affections The Extraordinary Life of Maria Cosway by Carol Brunell
  • The Life of Anne Damer: Portrait of a Regency Artist by Jonathan David Gross


  • The Fountain of St. James Court; or, Portrait of the Artist as an Old Woman: A Novel by Sena Jeter Naslund