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Have him and the Johto champion going on a little trip on the Alola islands! Arceus knows at least one of these two nerds needs to see a bit more sun…

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New photos of Alexander Skarsgård at the SAG Aftra Foundation 5/16/2017 #BigLittleLies

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 16: Actor Alexander Skarsgard attends SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Conversations with ‘Big Little Lies’ at SAG-AFTRA Foundation Screening Room on May 16, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. 

Updated with new YahooTV twitter pics [x]

  1. yahoo Alexander Skarsgård stopped by our LA studio to share his favorite scene from @hbo’s 'Big Little Lies.’
    📷: @thewonderwheel
  2. yahootv Alexander Skarsgård dropped by our studio to recount his most memorable scene from @hbo’s #biglittlelies!
    #hbo #alexanderskarsgard #perrywright #alexanderskarsgård 
  3. sagaftrafound #AlexanderSkarsgard stopped by the Foundation to talk about his career, craft & acclaimed role in #BigLittleLies! The Q&A will be available on our YouTube channel. #Conversations #acting #TrueBlood #ActorsLife
A polyamory construction metaphor

Everyone wants to put labels on the type of polyamory that they practice. Solo, anarchical, hierarchical, too many to even list. 

I am often asked how we label our relationship. I usually try to respond with a non-committal “why label it”

And then I came across a posting on FetLife that was an interesting take on it. I won’t go into the whole post, but if you are on the site, it was written by “inthesilence” 

Her point is that she dislikes grading of partners into primary, secondary, and the like. But she’s also married so there’s naturally a level of hierarchy.  

She came up with a metaphor that is pretty good explanation of a type of poly that may appeal to people. 

Allow me to give you the TL;DR version:

Having a relationship is like building a house. You lay a foundation and build rooms that make sense to you. Eventually, you decide that you want a room for her and a room for him. 

There are many ways that you can add-on to your house. You can allow people in temporarily, tell them it’s your house and your rules; you can allow each other to build additions, as long as everyone agrees to the exact plans and veto anyone who deviates from those plans; or you can allow each other the freedom to bring in new builders and allow those new projects to turn out as they would, and hope that they will be complementary. 

For her, she chose the third option (which is admittedly scarier)

So you don’t dictate the architecture of the extensions. Sometimes you hear of the plans and can say “OK, that sounds interesting. Have you really thought that through?” And then listen to each other, because sometimes it does work out. 

The fact of the matter is that the house we built together has been around for a lot longer than any of the extensions have been. So there’s a history that the rest of the house can’t match. 

However, just because you have more real estate, and construction experience, you shouldn’t go around smashing windows in another part of the house. You’re just damaging other people’s rooms, and in doing so, creating a draft that would inevitably make it’s way back to the main house. 

It would be silly for other builders to not respect the experience of the original designer by whacking a great home that had stood for years before they got there. Likewise, it doesn’t make sense to take on too many projects at once, or at a time when an existing project is developing some cracks.   

To sum up: to be good builders, you need to ensure that you build carefully, with the right tools, with the right co-builders, and at the right time. 

I don’t know that this captures my relationship status, but it’s worth starting a discussion. 


Alexander Skarsgård and moderator Jenelle Riley (@Variety) at the SAG Foundation’s Conversation about #BigLittleLies 5/16/17 [x][x]

Thanks #AlexanderSkarsgard & moderator @jenelleriley for today’s enlightening #Conversations on #BigLittleLies! The Q&A will be posted soon.

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 16: Actor Alexander Skarsgard attends SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Conversations with ‘Big Little Lies’ at SAG-AFTRA Foundation Screening Room on May 16, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. 

Quotes from Alex on their Twitter:

“The Perry/Celeste story is so deep, rich & conflicted… As you watch, you slowly see these cracks” - #AlexanderSkarsgard on #BigLittleLies

“I’m intrigued by & drawn to real characters.” - #AlexanderSkarsgard on how he searches for roles 

“You use the source material for research, but you have to find the character on your own." 

"I don’t think about it as independent vs. studio. I’m connected to work by the quality of the story." 

"My fav scene is Perry & Celeste’s 1st visit to the psychiatrist. We see a different side of Perry.

It was important for me to not look back at 65 & say 'I wish I had tried that acting thing.”

“Get into your head space. After reading the script 50 times, I’m still coming up with ideas.”

“Once I gave it a go, I was dead set on it. No one believed me out here, so I believed in myself.”

“When we shot it, it was a limited series. That’s how it was planned.”

The Music Room

A/N: A short commission for @aresmarked, who asked for Velvet/Ruby/Weiss Emelan AU. Hope you enjoy!

The room was built for her mother, who shared her gift. The Schnee family line held dominant magical genes, a powerful legacy curated as carefully as any garden. All of them had been glass mages, cold and silver and rigidly straight-laced. Defiant of cultural expectation, they flaunted their magic as an integral part of their noble lineage. Countless arranged marriages formed alliances and produced exquisite mages.

Weiss broke tradition in more way than one.

Pushing aside the unwanted thoughts, Weiss forced herself to relax. She knelt in the center of the room, surrounded by delicate wind instruments. All were made of glass, hundreds of pipes laid into the foundation of the room itself. No stray breeze could enter, because anything more forceful than a sigh would set the room ablaze with sound, haunting, droning, echoing. It was a flagrant display of wealth. It was the perfect place to practice, to make use of the idle hours her rank afforded her.

So she breathed, carefully, and extended her will to the music room.

She played a song, controlling every vibration of the glass around her. It sounded like a chorus of angels, Velvet told her once. Ruby said it made her feel like a goose was walking over her grave.

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Donald Judd’s 101 Spring Street, New York
“Art and architecture—all the arts—do not have to exist in isolation, as they do now. This fault is very much a key to the present society. Architecture is nearly gone, but it, art, all the arts, in fact all parts of society, have to be rejoined, and joined more than they have ever been.” – Donald Judd, 1986 

anonymous asked:

Hi. I hope you're having a good day! So quick question. I'm making a list of objects a vampire would have in their bedroom. It's for a sort of project. Could help by giving me some more ideas of objects, furniture, etc?

I THINK THIS HEAVILY DEPENDS ON THE VAMPIRE ITSELF, AND YOU MIGHT NEED TO TAKE IT ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS. Like, using VC dudes as an example? Lestat strikes me as a person who would have a hodgepodge of different time periods and art styles because he’s sentimental and fascinated by dumb shit. So I imagine a basic foundation/primer to the room as being set in his chosen time period or favorite style at any given moment (ie: late 18th Century ornate heavy antique w/ Victorian patterns everywhere vs. clean chic modern minimal), but with the most random bullshit sprinkled in over the years after countless trips to Walmart and IKEA. He does go on at length about how he redid the Rue Royale flat, and he talks a lot about his desk and stuff, but that strikes me as a singular project that he threw money at (also that he did to impress Louis anyway), and that was like 20 years ago. So I just always picture weird little shit sneaking in over the course of time to muddle the vibe, like:

I imagine any time he gets a new place that he makes it really pristine and beautiful and stylish but over the years he’s constantly seduced by random garbage and winds up totally cluttering his space because needs to have All the Things. 

Louis says to him in IWTV “But you must have all the things you never had of life and make of immortality a junk shop in which both of us become grotesque” which heavily weighs on my opinion here LOL. As well as this. And this.

Whereas someone like Marius strikes me as being obsessed with order and aesthetic and would go out of his way for his room to be visually pleasing and perfect at any time, and would just redesign the whole room if he was feeling a new style. Like

Then Louis probably only needs a bedroom as a reading room and between Lestat and Armand I’m sure they’ve both, at various points, tried to impress him with super beautiful rooms that fell to ruin because he isn’t interested in that stuff. If it was up to him he’d probably just be like

But in reality there’s probably SOME semblance of order if he’s gonna be around others like

As far as objects go. Most of the VC vampires sleep in a separate lair, so bedrooms are kinda like quiet chillout spaces. I mostly think of them as being reading rooms. They’re also totally into creature comforts so. Basically you’re gonna need

  • Super comfy fluffy bed to read in
  • Probably a little sitting area
  • TV and stuff
  • Bookshelves
  • Dressers/Wardrobes whatever. Lestat probably just uses an entire adjoining room as a closet. 
  • Writing desk cause these motherfuckers are obsessed with talking about themselves 

Of course, if they’re vampires who actually sleep in their beds you’d have to be sure the rooms are light-tight during the daytime, so you’d also have to have heavy drapes/shutters. 

And just, lots of artwork! Vampires love that shit. 

BUT YEAH I think this depends a lot on the vampire lore (I went to VC as a go-to cause it’s most familiar to me) and depends on the vampire itself. Like some vampires (Lestat) want to be all fancy and decadent and throw themselves dramatically across the velvet coverlet, other vampires are happy to have a more spartan reading/writing space (David or Louis), others are gonna just dig themselves holes in the ground and probably don’t even have a bedroom (Gabrielle and probably Mael lol). 

Anyway lmao I saw a lot of hilarious potential vampire bedrooms during my google searching just now, it was wild. This might be a topic we need to return to. 


SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Conversations With ‘When We Rise’
LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 12: Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black attends SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Conversations with 'When We Rise’ at SAG-AFTRA Foundation Screening Room on April 12, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images)