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The Elephant in the Room

Guys. It’s been staring at us, in plain sight. The elephant in the room is “we had one night.” But Sherlock and John’s love remained unspoken because 1) neither Sherlock nor John thought their love for the other was requited after that night; 2) Sherlock believed falling in love with John cost Mycroft Bond Air. 

Somewhere along the way, Sherlock became unsure if that one-night had happened at all. The night he loved and was loved by John in every way imaginable.

It all happened during ASiB. The clues can be found on John’s blog first, with The Woman as a disguise; then, the show itself. Let me walk you through the…… devastation.

I had thought this meant there were missing pieces about the confrontation between Sherlock, Mycroft and Irene Adler at the end of ASiB – we all saw what happened, but John couldn’t blog about it due to Official Secrets Act. Odd, isn’t it? But it was never about Irene Adler; it was always about Sherlock and John. The comments provided clues.

Room. Fancy. Revolver. John’s starving. Sherlock would love some… brunch. They missed brunch, but Ms. Hudson was able to feed them lunch after all. Sherlock thought it was incredibly tedious to talk in codes because of some ridiculous law thing. Cake… may be death in S4, but it was sex first.

The Elephant in the Room post is smoke and mirrors, but Sherlock’s comments were very telling. Go look. I’m going to give you evidence from the show itself now. Let’s starting with ASiB:

Sherlock knew he was in love with John since… probably the end of ASiP. But ASiB was where he (mistakenly) came to realize that caring is not an advantage and John likely didn’t feel the same. 

After TGG Sherlock thought they were getting somewhere; but by Christmas, they were still stuck in 1895. Sherlock was so jealous of John’s strings of girlfriends he took it out on Molly (the Christmas party deduction was about himself). But, later on, during Irene Adler’s “fake death” period, Sherlock and John ended up spending one night together. But in the end it cost Mycroft Bond Air - Sherlock was able to say everything in the scene above with certainty and vehement because he was speaking from… experience. 

The one night was likely before this:

The reappearance of Irene Adler and the scenes that followed… led to John and Sherlock each had their moment of confusion:

They both thought they were… together, like, together; but after seeing the exchange between Sherlock and Irene, John likely thought he was just a placeholder (yes Irene was flirting but Sherlock was completely oblivious which John couldn’t tell for some reason). The whole Hemish baby name thing flew over Sherlock’s head but he did notice that John was… confused and unhappy. Mycroft was right, in a way:

The 007 deduction was Sherlock’s desperate attempt to show off – for John’s benefit. Sadly, John missed it completely and likely thought Sherlock was trying to impress Irene Adler.

Sherlock and John’s one-night gave context to the exchange between John and Mycroft at Speedy’s:

Translation: I know Sherlock is gay because I had sex with him. But he doesn’t love me or Irene Adler for that matter. I don’t think.

Which prompt Mycroft’s question about Sherlock’s heart; he thought John would have the answer given the new… status. In the end, Mycroft settled with letting John know that he was well aware of the fact that they’ve been busy, and when the “one-night” happened:

(You can see John visibly “gulp” in this scene)

After Sherlock’s return, the memory of that one-night became… unreliable.

Tessa’s dinner with a ghost could’ve been a callback to ASiP, but the editing is telling a very different story:

You can go back to watch it – despite the way the subtitle appears, the first scene cut exactly at the end of “one night”, and the second scene came in right before “dinner.” The way Sherlock and John reacted in the scene suggested they both remember their own one-night. Somewhat, under the drunken haze.

HLV rolled around, everything went sideways quickly. But again, that one-night provided a very different emotional context to all that happened.

Which brings me to TLD, Sherlock began to remember:

It wasn’t Faith. It was The Lady in Red John.

Not convinced? Ghost has the answer – emotional context again!!

Because just moments before, this:

The revolver. A callback to Sherlock’s last comment on John’s blog post.

I’m going to leave you with the following for now, cause I’m exhasted; this is the reason we are given TFP, emotional context, remember?

anonymous asked:

Do you like snakes? Even though they're our insignia, most people just assume we must love them, but for me I'm a bit creeped out by them sometimes.

I really like snakes, They are super cool and edgy. also awfully cuddely! I would have taken them out of the commonroom but a certian hufflepuff*cough cough hobi-hyung cough cough* cant stand them, so usually its just me and yoongi-hyung that get the plesuare of being surrounded snakes.

moni-cis  asked:

Hi! I just found your blog and I fell in love with your art! Is so amazing, I love every single character of yours. I have a doubt. Do you have any advice for someone that wants to start drawing bodies? (Things like proportions and stuff) I'm starting, so all I can do so far are heads and shoulders >< How did you started drawing anatomy? I hope I'm not been annoying with all this questions :// Love you!

Hi there!

thanks so much for the compliment, I’m glad to hear you like my characters!! :3

as for advice? honestly just start drawing. you’re learning so it’s important to be forgiving of yourself if it doesn’t turn out correct right away, you just gotta keep practicing! Life drawing is great, or using a mirror is really good. If you don’t know what it looks like find a reference and look at that while you draw. This has a really good break down of some rule of thumb anatomy tips. You can also check my art tips, tutorial, and tutorials tag for other helpful tips! The most important thing to remember is progress, not perfection! keep practicing and you’ll get there! :)

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Hi~ I just found your blog and I'm already flat out smitten~❤v❤ I just want to request how the RFA+V and Saeran will react (and what will they do afterwards) when they saw MC wearing the "Virgin Killing Sweater" hahahaha I love you~ Keep writing~ Toodles~ Mori

thank you, cupcake <3 that means a lot to me <3 love ya more!

#when ur fckn out of touch with trends and gotta google everything 😂💘


-where tf did you even get that tho???

-at first he’s like oh sweet, what a cute sweater, but then you turn round and he just?!!!

-there is no way in hell you’ll leave the apartment like that, bc even tho jumin may seem composed and in control, he has his limits, and that sweater is his weakness

-“mc, take it off.”

-?!!!!…no, its not bc he doesn’t like it;)))))


-probably bought it for you tbh

-he’s weak to how the fabric moves with your body.

-will stare for hours, and ghost his lips on your neck, and draw patterns into your back.

-it’s a game of who breaks first.

-obv zen does tho like….dang


-deadpans “why does this exist?”

-“is it winter on your torso, but summer on your arms ???”

-is more confused than turned on tbh

-she does appreciate ya shoulder blades tho wow


-a flustered mess

-wont even comment on it for the first hour, just avoid eye contact and cover his crotch with a pillow

-when he finnally works up the courage to comment on it, its more of a plea than an actual question

-“uh mc…..why..when did you get that?”

-pls have mercy on him


-probably owns one of his own tbh, as he is always up to date with internet trends

-will wear it with you, but your probs gonna end up doing the nasty with em on

-constantly slipping his hands inside the sweater to grab your ass

-lots of horrible jokes


-…..ok so if you were expecting him to jump you, you’re going to be dissapointed.

-he’s too much of a aesthetic whore for that

-will look at you as something beautiful, to be appreciated, and want to take aesthetic photos of you.

-of course he also finds you sexy as fuck, but like i said….he’s an aesthetic whore.


-looks like a flustered child for about 10 secs but…

-no fucking patience, or self restraint

-will just pin you again the door right away, and have you wherever is closest, be it the floor or kitchen counter, doesn’t matter.

-will probably tug on it while fucking you, so your sweater wont last long rip

anonymous asked:

ah i feel like,,,,maybe not all furries,,,are bad,, thsis sounds so dumb but i was dumb scared of them until i found you on this blog lol

im.. i feel like its not even worth it at this point to correct people who think im actually a furry but u know what i will gladly accept my role as Furry Ambassador to the US if its going to convince ppl that drawing animals doesnt automatically make you like a weird deviantart fetish person

good job anon. im proud of u for overcoming ur Fear


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myosotisatdawn  asked:

Hi! I just found your blog and I really love all your positivity posts so do you think you could recommend me some other blogs which post a lot of positivity? Thank you! (Also you're really cute)

Thank you so much I’m honored!
Umm there are several blogs I like but off the top of my head there is:
Anyone I missed is welcome to comment! Love you all

pointless-pencil  asked:

Yooooooo, I found your blog over some "You're cute" discourse :DDD (We're the same damn age and none has ever DREAMED of calling me cute, so you're lucky lmao) Anyways, I was wondering if you had any Underswap headcanons? Not with an SO, if you don't mind....

Okay then cutie ;D

-probably clingy. To anyone, really. He loves affection

-Like me, he doesn’t like being called cute. If he is called such a thing, he gets very blushy and protests.

-he’s that friend, that brings gifts for other friends. Usually tacos tbh

-i like to think he reads a lot.

-despite his reputation, i sometimes think he’s acting innocent. But hey, that’s just my thoughts.


-nobody probably sees him much. He’s either asleep, or somewhere else.

-he flirts. With, everyone. Cheesy pickup lines, compliments, anything.

-M e m e s. All of the memes. Every 5 minutes, he’ll send out a mass text with a link to a meme. It gets out of hand, sometimes Sans has to take his phone.