the fosters 1x07


What are you doing? Uh, I’m making a knife stick. Knife stick? You know, ‘cause the odds of surviving a hand-to-hand attack increase exponentially with distance, so.. Here, just..

Brallie In Every Episode

Season 1A

1x01: As soon as Callie walks into the room Brandon’s gaze goes directly towards her. / “Wh-wh-who’s this?” / “Well, nice to meet ya” *serves her lasagna* / “How’d you get him? The 99 cent store?” / Lena asks Brandon to show Callie around at school. / They go to the music room together and it’s the start of something new. it feels so right. to be here with you. / moving on / He plays her the composition he wrote. / Callie looks very uncomfortable when Talya comes into the room. / Brandon sees Callie leaving and chases after her- leaving his girlfriend. / Brandon skips his piano competition and goes with Callie to find her little brother. / They brush knees on the bus and it’s hella cute and underrated. / Callie explains everything to Brandon about how she ended up in juvy. / He’s protective over her at the house / “Hey, don’t touch her!” / “You know, but you didn’t have to come” “Yes, I did.” / They share a look while buckling Jude’s seatbelt that I will remember for as long as I shall live. 

1x02: Stef legit already knows brallie is a thing : “chasing after some girl, come on.” / Callie goes to the music room during lunch / “no, no you can stay!” / they flirt about Brandon being an innocent lil cinnamon roll / “yeah no you’re bad news” / Brandon finds out Callie plays the guitar / Callie tells Brandon about her mom passing away / He puts his hand on her knee (it’s better than it sounds) / Brandon straight up gives Callie his guitar / Brandon tells Talya she has no reason to be jealous of Callie (lmao u thought) / “woah woah you think Callie’s hot?” “you don’t?” *no response* / B is the only one who believes Callie didn’t steal Jesus’ pills / He helps her remember some guitar chords / it’s really cute and flirty and smiley / this whole scene makes my heart sing / they play piano and guitar together / Brandon legit blows off his girlfriend for her / nice.

1x03: Callie sees Talya and Brandon kissing / She’s so uncomfortable and jealous you can literally feel it through the screen / They have a cute convo on a tree / Callie knows him better than 90% of the ppl in his life already bye / “you seem pretty happy in the house- hot water not withstanding” / She’s makes him self reflect / Callie tries to give the guitar back / “no, it’s for you” / Brallie eye sex is born / cute smiles / “I guess you decided you needed more hot water, huh?” / a good episode. 

1x04: Tayla asks who Callie gets to dance with in Mariana’s court / plot twist of the century / never saw it coming / it’s Brandon / He has to reassure Talya that she’s his date / Callie has to leave the room bc the pure sight of them is gross / Stef is like “uh oh” / Stef tells Brandon that foster siblings can’t hook up / “there’s nothing going on between Callie and I” / lol for NOW / Stef literally saw this coming idk why she’s so mad / Brallie & Co go to dance lessons and it’s lit / Brandon has to put his hand on her waist / and they have to stare into each other’s eyes / eye sex take 2 / “connection is key” / Brandon looks Callie up and down when she’s in the Quince dress / he’s speechless / “you look… nice” / Callie switches partners and Brandon is like ‘but ur my gf wtf’ / “you need to tell your girlfriend to chill”…“she thinks I have a thing for you” (low-key brandon’s like ‘well do u?’) / “alright, you’re dancing with me” / and then they dance together / can it get better than that? / (yes, it can but at this point it was the best trust me) / “you have nothing to be sorry about” / “I broke up with Talya” “because of me?” / “I already know everything I need to know about you, Callie” / she runs away from him / it’s ok things’ll be a lil different come episode 12 / he chases after her so props. 

1x05: Brandon and Callie chat at the moms party / Wyatt walks in and B’s like ‘well shit’ / “what’s he doing here?” “I invited him” / and then he’s all jealous and protective / “don’t call me dude” / that sassy Brandon head shake bc the moms approve of Wyatt / I live for that head shake / “hey, what’re you doing with that guy?” / Wyatt fucks shit up, as per usual / Callie has to call Brandon to rescue her / “not your bro” / brandon is 10000% done w Wyatt and it’s been like one episode i love it / Brallie arguments are born / it’s only okay because they’re a married couple / so / “I don’t want you dating Wyatt because I don’t want you dating anyone” / Callie starts telling Brandon about Liam / “Well I’m not like him. I would never do that.” / all Callie can think about when Wyatt kisses her is Brandon standing down the hallway / good luck losing that battle girl.

1x06: this episode is so gross I could’ve gone my whole life without seeing that much of Wyatt / I guess Brallie needed a cool down after their episode 5 confrontation u know? / that was a lot of emotions there for a hot minute / Callie sees Talya at Wyatt’s house party / “I told you you had nothing to worry about with me and Brandon” / “I should’ve realized that you were never into Brandon. He’s into you.” / yikes / petition to strike this episode from existence

1x07: Callie goes to get breakfast and discovers that Brandon has turned into the Ice Queen / cold shoulder af / “are you like not talking to me or something?” “no, why?” “I don’t know cause you’re kinda not talking to me.” / he literally thinks she brought Mariana to Wyatt’s party and got her drunk / Brandon / sweetie / You have a lot to learn / Brandon wants to walk home with bae / “I’m headed home, but you know I could take the long way” / What does that even mean / he wants more time w/ bae? / prbly / Brandon hears Callie screaming and comes running / “go home Wyatt” / ICONIC / B carries C’s bag / They walk home together by the beach / She tells Brandon more about Liam / hella Brallie bonding / my shit / my shIT / they share juice in the morning / he drives her to group / and waits there for her / Callie tells Brandon about Liam raping her / it’s the most heartbreaking scene of all time / He’s the first person she tells / that’s trust bitch / “oh, you can stay” / :) 

1x08: Callie is the only family member who knows Brandon’s nickname for his piano teacher / she compliments his music / and giggles at his joke / i’m fine / “she (talya) turned into a whiny, jealous mess” “-well maybe she had a right to be jealous” / damn girl / throwin shade / “idk she thinks we’re together. She just realized that she had it all wrong.” “Did she? I mean are you with Wyatt?” “Idk maybe. Not really.” “Then why would she think that?” “Your pizza’s ready.” / sweet, awkward little beans / “I don’t even think I’ve ever had the kinda pain he’s talking about” / oh honey / you’ve got a big storm coming / good luck w that.

1x09: Brandon and Callie talk about each other’s dates and pretend not to hate their lives / They found out about Stef being shot together / I still cry / Callie knew Brandon would be mad at the twins / she put her hand on his chest / Brandon and Callie pick out clothes for Lena / it’s a good moment / she knocks some sense into him / *whispers* “so don’t be a jackass” / the biscuits and gravy scene!!!!!! / “I just realized I don’t really know your story” / Callie tells him about her dad / “I’m sorry” “Not your fault” “It doesn’t have to be my fault, for me to feel bad.” / tucks. her. hair. behind. her. ear. / literally / byYE / her cute lil smile / i get chills every time / Wyatt reveals that he ships Brallie / she RUNS TO HIM / it’s actually more of a speed walk / but talya shows up and ruins it / wondering what would’ve happened if she didn’t literally keeps me UP AT NIGHT.

1x10: Brallie begins their tradition of sitting on benches next to each other / they talk about the trial / “But what about what he did to you? Don’t you think you deserve some justice?” / eye sex eye sex eye sex / Brandon comes to Callie’s room to talk more about the trial / Callie gets so mad about his optimism / it’s fine / she’s just venting / married couple again / Brandon agrees to Callie and Jude getting adopted / cute intentions but boy u fuckd up / “there’s enough to go around” / “you were kinda yelling at me last time we were alone” / “I wanted to thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself” / “I might not have gotten the justice I deserve, but… I know what I deserve now so” / eye sex / “you deserve to be happy.” / “you’re amazing” / *that lip thing Brandon does* / “and kind” / “and smart” / “and beautiful” / *Callie looks down and smiles* / lil cupcake / “and you deserve to have everything you want” / “don’t you?” / she KISSES him / I’m so overwhelmed / my heart is racing / this scENE KILLS / her hands are all up in his hair / she pulls away just to SMILE / their noses smush together / everything is beautiful in the world / they dance awkwardly next to each other a couple times / Callie watches him sleep / the entire fandom dies collectively.