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“Which Sondheim Musical Are You?” quizzes be like

What’s your favorite thing to do?

  1. Read fairy tales
  2. Paint
  3. Waltz
  4. Whistle
  5. Search for love
  6. Reunite with old friends
  7. Alienate old friends
  8. Murder my customers
  9. Murder the President of the United States of America
  10. Invade Japan
Update (01/05/2017)

Last week…

  • 38 people from 19 countries shared with us their reasons to release the extended version of Les misérables
  • Most of them (8) were from the USA, followed closely by the Germans (6)
  • 5 people (4 German speakers and 1 Spanish speaker) joined our translation team
  • 35 people followed us on Tumblr
  • 17 people followed us on Twitter

Thank you all!

What about this week?

These results are very encouraging, but we must keep it going to achieve our goals! Here is what you can do to help this week:

  • Join in our petition if you haven’t yet! Write to to tell us your reason to release the extended cut and don’t forget to include your name and your country.
  • Follow us on Tumblr or Twitter to stay up to date and see why other people want to see the extended version!
  • Keep reblogging this post for everyone to know about us!
  • Are you in any forums related to musical theatre or cinemas? Can you think of any offline groups in your city that could be interested in it? Share it there too!

We need as many signatures from as many countries as possible, so every single person who wants to watch the extended version is important!

Musaeum Artist Profile: Lisi Stoessel

Lisi Stoessel (Submersive Artistic Associate) performs as Maude the curator, served as Director of Aesthetics (head designer) and concept originator for Musaeum. Lisi is a hybrid theatre artist exploring the aesthetics and transformative potential of the moving body in space.  She lives in Baltimore and has performed both locally and internationally, including as “Barkeep” in Submersive Productions’ The Mesmeric Revelations! Of Edgar Allan Poe. Lisi  has created sets and puppets for many companies along the east coast of the US and beyond, including Single Carrot Theatre, Synetic Theater, force/collision, Swim Pony Performing Arts, The Berserker Residents, Annie Wilson, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, Forum Theatre Company, Constellation Theatre Company, The Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium, and Adventure Theater.  She has studied mime, clown, puppetry, and movement in Washington DC, Prague, and Berlin, and holds her MFA in Scene Design from the University of Virginia.  Lisi is deeply grateful for and in awe of the talent and dedication of the entire Musaeum team. What STARS!

i think it’s so cute that at my uni you just see so many people with bernie sanders stickers on their laptops….. i just put a “BERNIE 2020″ one on my laptop case bc they were giving em away at this bookstore called “unoppressive non-imperialist bargain books”. if you live in the city i recommend it bc i got 4 good books + a sketchbook for $23. plus it’s a 5 minute walk away from the film forum (best movie theatre ever but bring ur own popcorn lol)

anonymous asked:

Quick question - How do we know what is a bootleg and what is official? I love seeing clips of the show that have been released through legit means but I don’t want to support bootlegs

Unfortunately, there’s not a good quick answer to this. Basically, there’s a contingent of Ham fans who’ve been around since fall/winter 2015, and we eagerly awaited and memorized and giffed each new bit of officially released material as it came out. So we can tell from memory when a high quality video or gif is not from legally filmed and released footage. Poor quality and the video being filmed from above (like from the mezzanine) can be tip-offs, but are not foolproof. Apparently one boot appears to have been filmed from center orchestra, and some footage is surprisingly high quality.

I would like to take this opportunity to sound off on bootleg clips being impossible to avoid for some time now on youtube. They have been flooding my home page recommendations, and probably those of most other Hamilton fans. As most of them are coming from a few main channels that specialize in that kind of thing, I really don’t understand why the production hasn’t gotten most of them removed. I suppose these things are legally complicated but from the outside it looks like it should be fairly simple as those who are providing clips widely and indiscriminately are high profile, centralized sources. (I even bitched to Hamilton producer Jeffrey Sellers about it on twitter *shruggie*.) Also mad because it’s just extra disrespectful to be so open about bootlegs.

I’ve even had an edit of a bootleg clip with the Schuyler Georges #Ham4Ham recommended to me, which is just so… again, disrespectful. It’s a longstanding fandom tradition to share bootlegs among those without access to Broadway on the downlow, and seeing that unspoken rule so blatantly violated in such a large public forum by channels for theatre fans is… it just sucks.

To get back to answering your question, the legal clips are from things like montages released by and the Public Theater (where Hamilton began off-Broadway), a WSJ feature on youtube, clips shown during features on 60 Minutes and CBS Sunday Morning and I think PBS Newshour. There’s like a main Off-Broadway montage and a main Broadway montage. A little more footage was released in the 60 Minutes special that aired just before the Tonys. Some of these videos are in my youtube playlist “Hamilton Orientation”. There’s a thing called the “B-roll,” I think basically that’s the full video that all these clips came from? And a full video of Burn was released officially? I think? at one point. Both have since been removed from youtube (but I still personally consider them fair game). Yet more new footage of the OBC is included in the Hamildoc (officially, “Hamilton’s America,” a feature-length documentary by Alex Horowitz about the making of the show and its relationship to American history) which will air on PBS on October 21.

I don’t have the time, but if someone(s) is able and willing to compile a list of links to all the officially released videos for new folks to be able to familiarize themselves with them (and enjoy them!), that would be awesome. Anyone up for it? I’d love to reblog.

A roundup of posts about Lin on theatre bootlegs and bootlegs of his work online:

Elder Scrolls Lore Rant

I would just like to preface this by saying that the meta lore with CHIM, and Amaranth, and this new c0da thing is probably forever beyond my personal comprehension. However, I find it more and more annoying as people keep trying to shoehorn a singular real-life people and culture into the rich tapestry that is the Elder Scrolls franchise.

As a history nerd and as someone who is fascinated by different languages and cultures, I find it a little depressing that people will essentially ignore lore and take only visual and audio clues and whitewash these fictional cultures.

As I’m sure many in this community are aware, there’s a lot of people who say Imperials = Romans, Redguards = black Arabs, Bretons = French and Celtic hybrids, Nords = Vikings, Bosmer = Native Americans, etc. It’s dishonest to this fictional world we’ve come to love, and to the creators and developers who helped bring it to life and put so many interesting things within the world for our pleasure.

Granted, there are tonnes of real-world influences in the TES universe, but no singular one can define the entire race and culture.

Let’s take the example of the Redguards, my favourite race in the games. Many say they are simply Black Arabs, even though there has never been a basis for this. If we look at their lore, history, and culture, we see primarily Japanese, Ancient Greek, and Turkish influences both culturally, and stylistically. And Redguard names range all over the place, from Japanese, to English, to Arabic, and even a few Romanizations.

As for the Imperials, the only thing “Roman” about these people are Latin-inspired names, and Imperial legion armour. One could also make a case for the Imperial City in a stylistic sense, but that would be a singular example. Lore-wise and culture-wise, the Imperials share next to nothing with the Roman Republic or the Roman Empire. There is no democracy or Senate, collegia system, patrician system, or anything such as theatre, orgies, forums, public baths, and many other things the Romans were famous for. Even the style as we saw in Oblivion does not match anything remotely Roman with the exception of the city of Anvil, which is mentioned in-game as having architecture inspired from neighbouring Hammerfell!

If anything, the Imperial race, or rather Colovians and Nibenese, take cultural inspiration from the Mississipian Culture of pre-colonial America, and some Mayan inspiration courtesy of the in-universe Ayleids. These influences, combined with the style of Oblivion and the culture laid out, reveals very little Roman inspiration at all. 

If you really read about the TES universe provinces and cultures, a rich world is revealed to you, with each province being so unique and fantastic with a wide array of real-life influences and original content being blended to create dynamic and interesting cultures and lands. It’s a shame people want to bring the real world into it so often.

For those of you who weren’t able to see us play on our one show of the Golden Electric tour, I found some recorded audio of us playing 90s Music live from our show in Melbourne. Damn, we had so much fun translating this jam live! Decided to mess around with it a bit and get the crowd head banging with us during this prog as outro. Wish there was video of this. Such a good time. I can’t wait to get back on tour with my amazing band so we can bust these songs live again. In the meantime check out this snippet. One ticket to riff-city. Chur.

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We put together this “EP” of songs that we recorded when we were working on “Are You Alone?”, but which didn’t fit on that album for one reason or another. They aren’t more recent than the songs on AYA — they date from different periods of time, one of them is among the earliest songs written for AYA and others are more recent. Despite the fact that it’s a collection of songs that didn’t make the record, I think there is a feeling that links them all together (which is maybe why they didn’t fit on AYA). We hope you enjoy these songs!

We are going on tour in North America and then in Australia in January and February. These are the only dates we have planned right now, so if you want to see us, definitely try to come out to one of these shows. I know some of them are sold out. We tried to move the show into bigger venues where we could (and we did in Vancouver) but in some cases we couldn’t make it happen. So sorry if the show is sold out and you wanted to come.

She-Devils are going to be supporting us on all our shows in North America, which is really exciting. They are really good, so if you’re coming to the shows make sure to come early enough to see them.

It will be our first time in Australia, and it’s difficult to imagine the next time I will be back there (through music or not) so if you’re in Australia and are into our band, this is the time to see us!

Okay! One more time, here are the dates (there are links to get tickets on our website):

Jan. 15th - Toronto - The Garrison (sold out)*
Jan. 16th - Detroit - UFO Factory*
Jan. 18th - Chicago - Schubas Tavern*
Jan. 19th - New York - Music Hall of Williamsburg*
Jan. 22nd - Vancouver - Imperial*
Jan. 23rd - Seattle - Barboza*
Jan. 24th - Portland - Mississippi Studios*
Jan. 26th - San Francisco - The Chapel*
Jan. 29th - Los Angeles - Hollywood Forever (sold out)*
Feb. 5th - Adelaide - Laneway Festival
Feb. 6th - Brisbane - Laneway Festival
Feb. 7th - Sydney - Laneway Festival
Feb. 8th - Sydney - Newtown Social Club
Feb. 11th - Melbourne - Forum Theatre (w/ Purity Ring)
Feb. 12th - Melbourne - The Toff
Feb. 13th - Melbourne - Laneway Festival
Feb. 14th - Perth - Laneway Festival

* = w/ She-Devils