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The zodiac as Kaiba quotes

Aries: YUGI LOST??!! Yugi gave up his King of Games crown to some nobody?! NOBODY DESERVES THAT TITLE BUT ME!!!!

Taurus: It’s not like I’m doing this to help you and your friends or anything!

Gemini:  I’ll bring you down to your knees before this audience!

Cancer: Stop saving the world and get a hobby!

Leo: Now! It is time to go duelists! I give you permission to step into my fortress of pride!


Libra: Nice outfit, dork.

Scorpio: Filthy animals! I hope that you get eaten by fish that live on rich food!!

Sagittarius: If you’re gonna kill me, kill me with cards!

Capricorn: HA HA HA HA HA

Aquarius: Please tell me that story time is over, I’d like to duel.

Pisces:  Exodia? It-it’s not possible! No one’s ever been able to summon HIM!

Not the strongest armor in the world can protect my heart from the melting beauty of new BANNERS. The UK based singer songwriter, who first regaled us so early on under the name RAINES, can penetrate any steel fortress with the melodic beauty of new song Half Light, a piano driven ballad on which BANNERS’ stunning voice shines ever brilliant and divine. The aching majestic song follows on the heels of BANNERS’ spectacular self titled EP, which he released in January on Island Records. BANNERS will be playing several festivals this summer, including Reading & Leeds and Lollapalooza. As one who’s been transfixed by his gorgeous music live twice (so far), I highly recommend you make your way out to see him.

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Just Shut Up

Written for @amarynthian-fortress who requested “Graves having amusing debates each day with one of his younger Auror colleagues at MACUSA, and slowly he realizes that he is developing feelings after realizing their little arguments became something that intellectually and emotionally stimulates him, something he cannot live without.” I hope this is to your liking!


Percival Graves’ bushy eyebrows twitch with annoyance. “I’m sorry, what?”

“We call them Muggles, sir. Not No-Majs.”

Deep breaths Graves, deep breaths.

“You’re working at MACUSA now, which is in the United States of America. We call No-Majs, No-Majs. You’re free to call them whatever you want to in your free time, but don’t waste my time trying to argue about” he waves his hand irately, and you stifle a smile behind your hand, “Muggles and No-Majs and differences between the Daily Oracle and the New York Ghost.” You clear your throat and interrupt him again, and you swear you see a vein throb on his forehead. “It’s the Daily Prophet, sir.” Your boss groans and cradles his head in his hands. “Just get the reports done.” He raises a hand to stop your questions. “And no I don’t give a fuck about terminology and the differences between the U.K. and the U.S. Just get them done and get out of my office.” You scurry out with a smile on your face, and your boss wonders why he hasn’t suspended you, but then remembers you actually entertain him. Not that he’ll ever admit it to you.

You’re a British Auror recently transferred to MACUSA, specifically for the purpose of tracking down Grindelwald. The International Confederation of Wizards decided that a task force dedicated to apprehending Gellert Grindelwald, consisting of witches and wizards from Europe and the US would be formed. You had the immense luck of being selected for the task force, along with two other senior Aurors from the Ministry of Magic, and while you aren’t the strongest in combat, your specialty is in recon and intelligence, something the wizarding world desperately needs now with how slippery Grindelwald is. With the U.S being the next place Grindelwald is suspected to be targeting, MACUSA holds precedence over the task force, and Percival Graves, as director of Magical Security, is placed in charge. You find him to be an interesting man, and while you’re several years younger than him, he treats you as equals and isn’t patronizing as your other male colleagues can be. You do, however, enjoy riling him up and it’s a wonder he hasn’t kicked you off the task force for lack of professionalism, seeing as you’re always finding opportunities to argue with him. He’s an intelligent man with a flair for words, and he fires back the most eloquent responses to your jibes.

Not that you’re disrespectful, of course. You realize the boundaries set in place and the image you’re to uphold of you Ministry, and your debates have never gone beyond any professional line. You do suspect that the man actually enjoys these little debates, even though he always has this exasperate look on his handsome face whenever you appear in his office. To be fair, you do make it up to him by always bringing his favourite coffee (black, like his soul), and there’s this little line on his forehead that always softens when you do that.

The both of you debate about everything, from the differences in legislation between the two nations, to which is the shop that sells the best coffee and pastries, to whether men and women are paid equally and fairly for the work that they do. Some debates end up being the silliest things ever, like the time you stubbornly held fast to your belief that cotton candy is a legitimate ice cream flavor, and he had laughed in your face, challenging you to find a shop that sold such a ludicrous ice cream flavor. It so happens that a traveling circus from London was visiting New York at that time, and you knew they sold cotton candy flavored ice cream because every time you visited the circus, that was the first thing you would buy. You had somehow convinced him to go to the circus with you, and you had crowed triumphantly at the look on his face when he saw that you were right. Surprisingly, Percival hadn’t just Apparated home after you had proved him wrong. Instead, the two of you had spent a lovely day having fun at the circus, and there were times when he smiled at you that made your stomach curl in delight. You think that was the first time you truly believed that you might have feelings for him.

Whilst most of your debates are often light hearted and made in jest, there are times when you both butt heads and end up yelling at each other from across the conference table. This usually happens when Grindelwald disappears, yet again, and everyone is tense and on edge and looking for someone to blame. The meetings that happen after are often chaotic, with everyone shouting over the other about how if we had done this or that, he would be in chains now. Percival is always particularly peeved during these meetings, because pressure is coming down on him from every other nation and everyone is running out of time. He’s always harsher then, demanding explanations from the people involved in these failed operations, and once or twice, you see he’s on the brink of yelling at them, but he always manages to rein it in. But Percival is a far more terrifying creature when his anger is bound in a tightly curled ball that everyone feels, but no one dares meet his eyes because his stare is cold and his voice is quiet but ice when he asks, politely, seething, for everyone to please fucking come up with a plan so we can put the bastard behind bars.

He snaps though, one day, when a team consisting of six Aurors, including two rookies, run into an ambush and they come back a team of three instead. He roars at the three remaining Aurors when he realizes that he’s lost three people, including the two rookies, because of overblown egos and a lack of caution from the senior Aurors. Everyone in the conference room is silent because they’re losing more and more good people every day and nothing they do seems to be working. When Percival is done, he tells the survivors that they’re suspended and leaves without a word to everyone. You see the tense lines of his back, and his fists curled into tight balls, and you want to kiss his knuckles and tell him that everything is ok. But he’s not yours and everything isn’t ok, so you stay quiet and you throw yourself into work because the only way you can help him is by working harder, and being faster, stronger and better than Grindelwald.

You don’t realize it, but in the following days, your banters with Percival dwindle, and you’re working with your colleagues day in day out to find a lead on Grindelwald and you’ve only time to spare Percival a distracted good morning and good evening each day. He notices though, and if he’s honest with himself, he misses it. He misses the way your accent thickens as you get more excited and passionate about the subject you’re debating about, misses the way you roll your eyes at him whenever he disagree with you. He misses your intelligent conversations and the coffee you bring and the smile on your lips when you tease him. He’s not realized how much he looks forward to seeing you every day and to hearing your voice and how you intrigue him with your wit, and he thinks his office seems quieter and emptier without your daily visits.

You’re furiously deciphering an encrypted message, hoping that it contains important information when a cup of hot tea is placed in front of you. Startled, you look up to see Percival looking down at you with a crooked smile on his face. He nods at you, once, before he disappears back into his office. You’re somewhat baffled as to why he would take the time to make you a tea, and you gingerly lift the cup, breathing in the intoxicating aroma. You notice with a start, that it’s one of his cups and you wonder if he’s lost his mind, and then you notice a little note stuck to the bottom. Unfolding the piece of paper, you blush as you read the note he’s scrawled out, before you quickly slip the paper into your pocket, hoping no one notices it.

It’s lunch time but Percival is still working. The man lives off of coffee, anyway. His door flies open and he blinks and your face is in front of his. He has just enough time to wave the door close before you pull at his collar and kiss the life out of him. His hands curl themselves in your hair, and when you break away, you’re gratified to see his dark eyes glazed with affection and a hint of lust. You press a small kiss to the corner of his mouth and grin, “So you admit that you miss me?” He huffs at you, and one second he’s standing behind his desk, and the next he has you pressed against the edge of the desk, his hot breath next to your ear. He bites your ear gently, not leaving a mark, and he growls at you just as you’re trying to protest weakly. “For the love of god, just shut up, just this once.” And you’re drowning in him eonly sounds you make are little groans and squeals, and Percival thinks he very much likes these sounds you make as he nips at your neck. He thinks he’ll be keeping you around after all.

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Sniper & Scout headcanon

We all know that Scout as a runner, well loves to run or do sports in general. And as we know from the “Blood in the water” comic (and a previous headcanon) he does have a lot of knowledge about minerals, maybe nature in general? I can fairly imagine him and Sniper go on hiking tours then and now, in which Sniper also shows and teaches him basic survival techniques. Scout thinks its cool and it adds to his previous knowledge and Sniper lives up in his teacher/father figure.

Five Last Lines

I was tagged by the lovely @luminis-infinite and @funkzpiel ; thank you lovelies! So I cheated and definitely added way more lines than I should have, only because I tend to write really long, complicated sentences and I couldn’t choose which was my favourite. 

1. All Too Well (Thor/Sif). I loved writing this piece, because the entire situation could so easily be about any other pairing. And I think it was one of the more elegant pieces I’ve written, which says a lot about my “talent” for writing XD

It’s quiet and a steadily growing fire that loses neither its spark nor brilliance, and it is in the gentle breeze that carries the secrets of the world that their love is made known, and blessed by the ancient entities that perhaps, still look down from their gleaming fortresses and cities high in the sky at the fleeting lives of mortals, and smile at the one constant spark of love that has remained throughout. 

2. Happier (Percival Graves/Significant Other). This was a reader request by an Anonymous who wanted something based off on Ed Sheeran’s Happier, which is such a beautifully heartbreaking song.

…and he would always have been happier with you. And that’s ok. 

3. Narnia Anew (Caspian/Lucy). Most of my best work was when I wrote for Chronicles of Narnia, and I was particularly proud of this piece, because I had tried to write in C.S. Lewis’ unique way of story telling, and was really pleased with how it turned out.

This is tale is of a valiant Queen and a King who loved the seas and his Queen, and it is this story that I tell to you now, and no other. 

4. Destined to Collide (Arthur/Morgana). I’d always loved the Arthurian legends, and was a fan of the TV show Merlin until they butchered Arthur & Morgana’s characters. To me, they were never siblings but two people who loved and hated passionately.

Because you are Morgana Le Fay and he is Arthur Pendragon, and you’re gods and goddesses above the petty strings destiny pulls above mortals. Collision and hate never was your true story anyway, no matter what those fools whispered in the end.

5. Softly, Hallelujah by the AMAZING @funkzpiel​ (Gramander). Everything funkzpiel writes sounds like poetry or some great work of literature. The amount of emotion conveyed in this single sentence, and the sheer power to move the reader is just amazing.

You stayed,” he says, and it sounds like hallelujah.

I tag @seasons-gredence @le-fay-de-bois @ofthelune and whoever else wants to participate in this :)

Okay, to set the stage for this story, you need to know that I am a high-key cold weather human. Like, I bear more resemblance to a polar bear than my fellow humans.

My sister is not, but we decided to share an attic apartment anyway. It does not have a dishwasher. She only agreed to this apartment on the strict condition that the dishes were to be my job and I would get them done in a timely fashion.

We have two window A/Cs, one in the living room and one in my room, AKA The Fortress of Solitude, AKA my cave, which is tiny and generally kept very cool if I can manage. (The radiator is full of air. I refused to let my landlady bleed it.)


This is the third day of a mid-nineties-and-not-humid-for-Philly-but-still-humid heat wave.

The living room AC has been running the whole time, but at a moderate temperature, and in order to reach the kitchen, cool air has to circulate through the dining room section of the main room, through a doorway to the library/cat room, then through another doorway and past the refrigerator with its hot air exhaust.

This is the third day in a row where I have gone into the kitchen for five minutes to make myself breakfast and gone “Nope.”

I was determined to get SOME dishes done this morning and so I gave more consideration to the prospect of strapping on some ice packs and getting it done but my body still had this visceral reaction like, “Nah, son, this is a Fortress of Solitude only day.”

But the dishes still needed doing. Like, a lot.


I made it work.


Prompt: You are Loki’s wife, of Asgard. And with Thor’s help have finally found your husband. It is only you who discovers Loki’s true intentions when he is on the S.H.I.E.L.D  Helicarrier, how he is trying to get the Hulk to go on a rampage to distract the Avengers. Everyone underestimates you because you’re quite small and fragile looking. But it turns out you’re really clever. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Loki x Reader, Avengers x Reader

I'm actually really glad to have a Loki request, at long last :) Hope I get it right and that you enjoy! 

I'm looking for my Husband

Finally you have found the whereabouts of your Husband. It has been a long search indeed. Even though it took you so long, you never for a minute wanted to give up. Finding him became your top priority. You were not ready to give up on him. Hopefully you could talk him out of all this madness. He even managed to fool you, setting up his own brother, just so he could be king. To you it appeared his intentions were true. Until the truth was later revealed. But, at the end of the day, he is still your husband. And you take your vows pretty seriously. 

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I can’t wait for episode VIII to show us the castle that, I assume, Kylo Ren lives in.

I imagine it will be just like Darth Vader’s except Kylo had to build it himself, in a swamp, out of sand and toothpaste and sheer Force-ability.

So really it will be nothing like Vader’s castle, at all, because it’ll be barebones and homestead and there will be 8 other millennials living there.

And people will call him “entitled” and “extra” because he lives in a castle.


“I will do my duty!”

Sophie, Silas’ daughter. After seeing her fight bandits alongside him and witnessing her confidence first hand, Silas proudly invites Sophie to come live with the army, which she immediately does.

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5 little things about me

I was tagged by the amazing @amarynthian-fortress! Thank you!

1. I have 4 siblings that get on my nerves all the time.

2. My life literally revolves around music. Mainly Hugh Laurie jazz at the moment, but any other type of music will still get me feeling whatever mood it tries to get me into.

3. My imagination is so wild that I am able to imagine anything into a story if it’s set in front of me. I can actually think about how the area in which I live would be a good point for a zombie apocalypse.

4. I love calligraphy. With some music and air-conditioning, I will not speak to you for hours if I’m left alone with my markers.

5. I am a perfectionist with anything and everything. From colour arrangement to the straightening of tables and chairs, I will not stop until everything is in its place.

I will tagggggg:


anonymous asked:

This is gonna sound dumb but what is the Concubine Wars? Like if you explained it before link me to it please or if you haven't can you explain? Even if you don't want to send me to someone who can cause I really wanna know. Why is everyone dying?

It’s okay to ask, although I’m flattered you’re asking me of all people to try and explain this, but I’ll try my best. For the most part, ’ll try to stick closely to canonical information for the most part. And please feel free to contribute to this discussion if you want!

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Do you want to build a snowman? Kara & Alex

“The Fortress of Solitude is not living up to its name,” Kara said with an exasperated sigh as she lifted the key from beneath the snow. Like most weather on Earth, the cold didn’t bother her much, but she could see each of Alex’s breaths. 

“Having the Evil Queen–” which was how she thought of Mon El’s mother “–break in was the last straw. I need help to make security better.” She knew Winn might’ve been a better companion for that mission, but she wasn’t really there about the security. Kara was there to be alone with her sister to stop hurting about losing Mon El. 


sugarbunny-deactivated20161214  asked:

What was your childhood like?

Well it was turbulent to say the least… 

I was born when count Siegfried bought the old fortress on the Bock (which supposedly was there since Roman times…) I was just a small duchy in the middle of nowhere, so I was left alone for the most part.

Then, I got to be friends with Holy Rome and I lived in relative stability for a few centuries. Over time I became more and more saught-after because of my strategic position between France and the German States.

So in the 16th century, the Spanish Habsburg took control over me, Netherlands and Belgium, we were called the Spanish Netherlands. France came to my place in 1684 but got chaced by Mr. Austria only a few years later. He tried again after his Revolution in 1795. He influenced me greatly but again he didn’t stay for long…

In 1815 I became officially “independent”… But Prussia stayed at my place kinda permanently and my people were ruled by the Dutch king so I was between the fronts again. Together with Belgium, I tried to fight for my Independence but then she took over half of my lands and Prussia took some parts, too… And I still couldn’t get Netherland’s boss to leave me alone!

So the German Confederation broke apart in 1866. After an almost-war between France and Prussia about who’d get to rule over me and the death of the last Dutch king of the Oranien-Nassau in 1890, I finally became truly independent. I had lived through a lot of hardship and suffered great losses but I survived and promissed to give my best to become a strong country. 

Hi my name is Eurus Dark’ness Dementia Raven Holmes and I have long ebony black hair that always looks like an east wind blew through it (that’s how I got my name) and it would have purple streaks and red tips if I wasn’t incarcerated in a mental hospital, and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Benedict Cumberbatch (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m related to Sherlock Holmes (he’s my brother) which is cool because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a lunatic but it comes with superpowers. I have pale skin. I’m also secretly an X-Man and I live in an island fortress with minions to obey my every whim (I’m 39). I buy all my clothes from the infirmary and I wear mostly white. For example today I was wearing a loose white smock and pants with white pumps. I was wearing pale make-up and no lipstick. I stayed in my cell. Sherlock came to visit me. I put my middle finger up at him and put his blogger in a well.


Day 22: San Gimignano

It was a bit of a pain to get here, but I’m here :D I’m sure a lot of people might recognize San Gimignano as a playable map in Assassin’s Creed (which I found out a few days ago). It’s somewhere in the middle of Tuscany, just south of Florence (which I’ll be going to in a few days). It’s an old place… rumour has it that it’s even older than me. It’s actually persevered really well considering. It’s Game of Thrones-esque in a way, but the peaceful villages :)

The entire thing it this walled-in fortress sorta place, and it’s really cool. It’s crazy to look at how people lived 1500, 1600 years ago, etc…

Gimignano is known for their gelato. Apparently this is where it was invented. It’s two places here that are often considered the world’s best, so I went to one of them and had a few flavours (they were all great, will go back for round 2 later).

A nice day in a nice place :) The first photo is a view from my hotel balcony. 

Hello, hello! AAAH I couldn’t hold back so I finally went ahead and bought his gorgeous prince! Let’s just jump right in because I am so darn excited to talk about his route! 

This review is for the absolutely gorgeous prince, Yakov Chernenkov’s Main Route! This route contains much fangirling and minimal spoilers, but I promise they won’t ruin the route! Thank you so so much for reading! ヽ(・ω・ゞ) 


GUY: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Marry me)
MC: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
PLOT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
FEELS: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


DAMN YOU VOLTAGE, when I think I found my one true love you just throw another one at me. I thought that my love for Wilfred and the other princes could never be pushed away by someone else, but oh my goodness, I love Yakov. I love him. I am actually IN LOVE WITH HIM. 

I thought his grandkid Ivan’s route was fantastic, but nope, sorry Ivan, your grandpa beat you to the punch. I really thought that Yakov would have a similar personality to Ivan but they’re actually very different. And it is that exact difference that I just adored. 

Ivan is a pretty cool and awesome guy. Just like his granddad he excels at war strategy and being a commander in leading forces and all that jazz. They both are passionate about their country and love their people. But Ivan literally puts his country ahead of himself and nothing else can come between that. 

Yakov is a little more different in the way that despite him wanting the best for his country and being just as passionate, he knows that when he wants something, he can’t let go of it. 

I JUST. OH GOD. It was so good. SO GOOD. ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯) 

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To heal the hurts of Arda

…The invitation given to the Eldar to remove to Valinor and live unendangered by Melkor was not in fact according to the design of Eru… .  It had disastrous consequences in diminishing the Elves of Middle-earth and so depriving Men of a large measure of the intended help and teaching of their ‘elder brethren’, and exposing them more dangerously to the power and deceits of Melkor.  Also since it was in fact alien to the nature of the Elves to live under protection in Aman, and not (as was intended) in Middle-earth, one consequence was the revolt of the Noldor. (Parma Eldalamberon XVII, pp 178-178)

I hate it when I can’t find something, and I’ve looked in all the usual places, and IknowTolkienwrotethissomewherebutIcan'tbloodyfindit.  So, for no other reason than having finally found it (while still not finding what I was actually looking for).

Tolkien also writes, prior to the quoted passage, that Aman was meant to be a fortress from which the Valar might issue to war with Melkor, not a fenced-in Club Med.