the forth one is what i really wanted to make


Captain America: The Winter Soldier Audio Commentary:

“This scene benefitted greatly by Chris and Scarlett’s working history together. You really see their chemistry and that they know one another so well. I remember workshopping this scene in Scarlett’s trailer with them, making adjustments. I think they tweaked the ‘practice’ line, they wanted this line in. [They provided] a lot of the bantering back and forth, sort of playing off of each other. It’s great ‘cause it gives them nice energy and spark. And what’s also interesting about this scene, it’s the first time since The Avengers where you get to see two of the characters from that group behaving like friends, or at least behaving in an intimate fashion, and having a conversation where they’re talking about things other than saving the world.

Traveling home tonight, I kept thinking about the movement of my life lately. I’m grateful for what everything has meant for my path, but it’s really time for me to be in a new space. I want to grow. Be alive.

My fear of failure has held me back from taking many chances, but I am in a space where I want to take a leap of faith. I want to honor my heart. I love knowing what it feels like to hold back because it makes being bold so enriching. I am ready to make mistakes and take chances because every failure puts me one step closer to my victory.

I am calling forth and selecting experiences that feel like a breath of fresh air, instead of a burden. I am no longer interested in being weighed down. I’m ready to rise because I recognize I’m worthy. In addition, I no longer want to be a burden in anyone’s lives. May bonds that no longer serve self and others be released. In my journal, in my art and in my Self, I am planting the seeds I wish to flourish, attract and experience in my life.

Tonight’s Prayer: Dear God, please have Your way in my life. I’m ready for change. Take me where you have been preparing me for. Thank you.

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“ Mawsupply was definitely something that spiraled out of our relationship. It really came out of love and the love that we have for one another. We wanted to do something together…have a creative baby together. This is literally our baby and we watched it grow from the beginning. The passion for MawSupply is what makes me wake up and say "man I’m really excited about doing this.” As human beings we all have something that we’re great at, and sometimes it’s just putting forth the effort to figure out what that is. A lot of people are looking for a come up or an easy way to make money, but it doesn’t last. One of the things that keeps us going is knowing that what we create can be something that sustains us forever. The styles may change, but the act of what we do can remain the same. People need to find that thing that can sustain them for more than three or five years. What is it that you can see yourself doing for twenty years, and figure out how to get to that point. We really understand each other. It’s just understanding the person that you’re with, and also knowing rather or not that person is someone you can see yourself being with for a lifetime. So when I realized that I wanted to be with Rachelle for forever, I take the steps necessary to keep our relationship good. Knowing that I want to make her happy, and I know that MawSupply will make her happy that’s even more fuel to my fire to do my best as her partner.“

Rachelle Sadler| Norman Clark|
Houston, Tx.

it’s just a super tiny thing but in the sneak peek, Colin’s eyes are what does it for me.

and i mean, his eyes usually do it for me, but in this case it’s different.

the one thing i noticed was when he’s listening to apparition!Rumple, he’s got this glazed over look in his eyes, like he’s not really looking at anything but trying to capture what is going on in his mind. the way his eyes move a bit back and forth, almost as if he’s not seeing anything [almost as if he’s blind, literally blind to everything but Rumple’s voice] is what makes the moment for me.

because he’s gone so long being strictly determined to do something, fight something, get revenge, and now he’s this thing that he never wanted to be and it’s like “what the fuck is going on” and it’s going to take getting used to [not that it should] but the acting choice by Colin to make it seem like he’s literally looking at what is in his head and not at his surroundings is like A++++.


02x10 “Hunted
10x03 “Soul Survivor”
“You know how it ends… One of us dies… Or worse.”

I know at this point probably all of the possibilties and all the scenarios have been typed out though I myself am getting new ideas every day and somehow all of them seem possible (one more tragic than the next). After I watched this episode today and took a look at the promo for next week suddenly this seemed like one of the possibilities that could come up in the finale. I am thinking about the info on 10x22 “The Prisoner” and the description of “Dean going on a rampage and Sam coming to terms with his decision” here. I know I’ve been swinging back and forth millions of ideas what that could mean, but this one here certainly would fit to the tragedy (though any other scenario really would too) that we are destined for. I sort of had this in mind when making this gifset the other day. And well… I don’t want any of this to happen, but based on the parallels and the foreshadowing, I think it might as well could…

sometimes when I really want to do something and Charles doesn’t, there will be this back-and-forth of us trying to convince the other, and instead of giving up or agreeing to do what I want, he’ll just break into singing “If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow. And I mean, like, really belting it…

so that’s one of the reasons I love dating him.

              whoa,  two questions            do i even want to know what that is,  & will getting near it kill me,  because i really do value my life,     yet a foot passes through the doorway regardless ;   visor alight in ciel hue,  brings forth natural intrigue mirrored in the subtle twist the camera’s lens & an optical ridge quirked up.   perhaps he should have brought chromedome along,  let him do the talking while he recorded the chaos that would surely follow.

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