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You know what I love? 
You know what I love more than just names? 
Geographically accurate names.

(Current popular names all over the world)

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My (very random) headcanons for TMNT2012 (made up by me or taken from other versions/fans):

  1. The brothers all have Facebook accounts, have like 5 friends and constantly post inside jokes that April and Casey don’t understand half the time.
  2. Raph is really good at math but it’s never addressed because he’s still way behind Donnie.
  3. Leo is Mr. Perfect at everything except he can’t cook, sing or whistle if it meant saving his life.
  4. April thought them all to drive (Leo was the worst student to work with).
  5. After about a year Chompy grows into the size of a St. Bernard  in a span af a few months then stops growing again for a while. Raph still insists he fits on his shoulder.
  6. Leo has accounts on multiple Space Heroes fansites and writes fanfiction - the bad kind, with a lot of cheesy oneliners.
  7. Donnie and Raph are both really good at drawing while the other two aren’t at all despite Mikey liking to draw.
  8. When they were little Mikey and Raph would fight over the night light because Mikey didn’t like the dark but Raph hated the light because it attracted insects.
  9. Leo’s partly at fault for Raph’s bugphobia.
  10. Splinter didn’t think the turt babies were very intelligent until the first one of them spoke.
  11. Raph was the shortest for a really long time.
  12. Casey’s parents are both alive although divorced. He often visits his mom outside the city that’s why he’s not in every disaster episode.
  13. Mikey has a secret notebook for his pranks where he has all of his brothers’ likes, fears and weaknesses documented and it quite freaky how thoroughly analized inside-out he has all of them.
  14. Splinter was depressed at the time of his mutation (the mutation making it only worse) and the baby turts dependence on him was the only thing keeping him from commiting suicide in the first couple years. :(
  15. Donnie was the first one of them who got dead drunk.
  16. Karai (without wanting to) still considers the Shredder as her father more than Splinter.
  17. Mikey doesn’t have to do daily chores around the lair because he’s the family cook.
  18. Donnie hacks into satellites for fun.
  19. Leo took the “pinkies out” to heart and never holds cups differently.
  20. Splinter has been doing the “healing hands” for years on that poor tree to keep it alive with so little sunlight.
  21. Casey has a grandma from former Yugoslavia and he got that čefur[gopnik] in his blood.
  22. Splinter loves Spanish soap operas and with whoop ass if the boys don’t get off the TV when they’re on.
  23. Donnie sometimes runs on coffee alone for days.
  24. Raph has a secret DeviantArt account (and I support him).
  25. The boys decided (with a bit arguing) who’s the youngest to oldest when they were little.
  26. Mikey has ADHD Donnie said so.
  27. Angel makes subtle Shrek puns/jokes around the turtles, mostly Raph.
  28. If there’s no training Leo sleeps until noon.
  29. Splinter didn’t have the white fur from the beggining. It came with years of stress caused by 4 hyperactive boys.
  30. Renet likes to pop up unannouced just so she can eat real 21st century food and not future artificial muck.
  31. Raph has seen himself in eyeliner thanks to April and “spin the bottle.”
  32. Mikey has a layer of soil under his bed from decayed food.
  33. Donnie’s part of a LARPing group at some random kid’s basement.
  34. Raph once had a realization nightmare that Slash might remember everything pre-mutation, and dearly hopes he has no memory of all of his “alone times” in his room.
  35. Karai will one day walk into the lair with bleached eyebrows and no explanation.
  36. We never realized it but Casey’s tooth gap expanded for one more tooth thanks to Raphael.
  37. Shredder loves his dog Hachiko.
  38. April encourages Casey to cheat on exams because he’s a lost cause.
  39. Donnie owns stock and runs a business from his home computer and buys all the food for the family.
  40. Casey is like a dog after taking a bath: fricking terrified until he dives into the nearest (manure) dumpster and gets that familiar smell back.
  41. The boys all have low self asteem due to them being outcasts.
  42. Raph is a whisperer for all animals smaller than him (the horse is proof).
  43. Mikey will eventually rescue another cat and name her Klunk.
  44. When they arrived at the farmhouse for the first time Raph refused to go into the forest/meadow for 3 days because he saw a grasshopper(!!!) in the grass by the porch.
  45. Mikey was super excited about owning chickens and loves petting them.
  46. Leo still gets days when his healed knee hurts too much to support his full weight.
  47. When April grows up she becomes a detective.
  48. Casey’s a garbage collector and still busting heads.
  49. When Raph was 13 he wanted to go to Hot Topic (I’m pretty sure he still does. -The fishnets gave him away.).
  50. In the future the turts all have their own weird bunches of human friends that they hang with sometimes.

I’ll end it here before this gets out of hand! I excluded headcanons about ships, crushes, sexual orientations, etc. to avoid pointless discourse and hate.
Don’t mind adding your own headcanons to this post. :)



Built in the former Yugoslavia, this RPK style rifle is chambered in .308 Winchester, using a straight box magazine. Some of these rifles were in transit to the U.S just as the original Assault Weapons Ban was being enacted, which named specific models. Mitchell Arms circumvented this with a simple change; covering up the original designation name, M77, and electropenciling in M90. Note the rather scope rail which sits higher than your standard AK side rail. (GRH)


something that fell out of my mixer this afternoon, with slowly moshed visuals. enjoy, or not.


Zastava M72

RPK variant that was produced in the former Yugoslavia, it is chambered in 7.62x39mm. Unlike other RPK models, the M72 and its variants have distinct cooling fins on their barrel. This particular example has an incorrect muzzle device which appears to be from a Hungarian AMD-65. Early M72′s had milled receivers but most of the U.S built rifles from parts kits use stamped receivers. (GRH)

Inspiration for Game of Thrones - Former Yugoslavia!

George RR Martin wrote the first book from 1991-1996, when the Croatian and Bosnian wars were a big deal for American foreign policy and got a lot of popular news coverage. It started out with six republics (seven if you count Kosovo) of Yugoslavia, each with differing cultures, started fighting for autonomy.

What was Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia was a country in Southeast Europe during most of the 20th century. It came into existence after World War I in 1918. under the name of Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes by the merger of the provisional State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs (itself formed from territories of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire) with the formerly independent Kingdom of Serbia.

The Serbian royal House of Karađorđević became the Yugoslav royal dynasty. That dynasty, or better said prince Aleksandar united the country (it was his idea). So, Yugoslavia gained international recognition on 13 July 1922 at the Conference of Ambassadors in Paris. The country was named after the South Slavic peoples (Serbs, Croats etc.) and constituted their first union, following centuries in which the territories had been part of the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary.

Renamed Kingdom of Yugoslavia on 3 October 1929, it was invaded by the Axis powers on 6 April 1941. In 1943, a Democratic Federal Yugoslavia was proclaimed by the Partisan resistance. In 1944, the king recognised it as the legitimate government, but in November 1945 the monarchy was abolished. Instead of Aleksandar’s son Petar II, Tito, the Partisan’s leader, came to power. Yugoslavia was renamed the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia in 1946, when a communist government was established.

After Tito’s death in Slovenia, an economic and political crisis in the 1980s and the rise of nationalism, Yugoslavia broke up along its republics’ borders, at first into five countries, leading to the Yugoslav Wars.

“..they (Yugoslavs) attempted to do the American model taking these five countries to construct Yugoslavia. So long as Josip Broz Tito was alive it seemed to be working, I mean, that people would say: “I am Yugoslav”. But nobody says that anymore; there are all are Serbs, or Croats, or Bosnians, and the ethnic identity is clearly more important than jumping out of the melting pot. They don’t wanna melt into Yugoslavs like we melted to Americans, so I don’t know… It’s interesting.” - George RR Martin

One Croatian comedy site  first wrote about this and, really there are many similarities between people of Former Yugoslavia and people of Westeros:

Lannister - Slovenians blond, rich, people, who think that they are better than others.

The Reach- Slavonia and the Coast (North Croatia), a rich and fertile soil, never in charge, but always the crucial factor.

Greyjoys - Dalmatians (Croats from Dalmatia), only people who they respect are themselves, they believe that others are weak. They are the people of the sea, pirates.

The Vale - Montenegro, a separate mountainous land, unconquerable. Strange family relations, sons on the first place. They have hawk as a coat of arms.

Dorne - FYR Macedonia Land in the south. They have the sun as coat of arms. They have always been segregated from the rest. Dark handsome men, somewhat different than the others from ex YU.

Baratheons - people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a large, happy people ready to drink and eat, brave and burly. Neum is Storm’s End, since it has access to the sea. Robert is like Tito, who died when collapse of unity begins.

The North - Serbia the country of wolves and ancient heroes. Proud people, freedom fighters. Some see them as wild, cruel. White Harbor is Belgrade, Kosovo is The Wall. behind The Wall wildlings (Albanians? lol) live.

Targaryen - Karadjordjevic, the royal family in exile, young Danny as throne princess.

Riverlands - Vojvodina (Northern Serbia), a neutral land, similar to Slavonia. Somehow always affected by wars.

Murder on the Orient Express movie updates via Empire Oct ‘17 mag issue:

  • Kenneth Branagh is shooting for a vision that is “big and bold, feeling both classic and contemporary”, the movie is “very entertaining but there are layers of real pain in the characters”, and it poses the idea: “Is revenge ever justified?”
  • Branagh wanted the movie to have scope, with intimidating wide open spaces, and an avalanche instead of a snow drift, to have the passangers marooned in a dangerous place.
  • The movie is “claustrophobic” but the action is not confined to the train
  • Inspiration for the movie were Martin Scorsese’s The Age of Innocence and John Ford’s The Searchers (the tangible feel of the eras they portrayed)
  • Branagh was interested to play a detective who was happy, in contrast with his other detective role Wallander. Branagh himself, however, is nothing like Poirot. “I am the kind of person who never guesses the murderer unless they tell me.”
  • Branagh on Poirot’s personality: “His association with crime takes its toll, but Poirot has an absolute determination to leave that world any time he can, to thrive in his delight in cake or travel. I get the feeling if he didn’t have to solve another crime in his life, he’d be overjoyed.”
  • Branagh made Poirot’s moustache a thing because it was a thing for Agatha Christie. “She really does have every character respond to it. There are 15 easy-to-find quotes about how she regards the moustache, which is usually “immense, “magnificent” or “majestic”. It is the one thing Christie and her husband found a little disappointing about the ‘74 version.”  
  • Branagh is “the only Poirot“ now for Olivia Colman (”piercing blue eyes and massive ‘tache”). Michelle Pfeiffer was a little distracted by the moustache in the beginning but got used to it. “He manages to make it completely believable and very sexy.” Branagh joked he had a trailer just for his moustache, which Penélope Cruz found amusing and had to laugh for 10 minutes at the beginning of the day. “Every day I saw him was so funny. First the moustache walked in, then him.”
  • The mood on set was very playful, “like camp.” The cast would try to find ways to make Branagh laugh on purpose, knowing he didn’t want to ruin the beautiful moustache. Josh Gad would do impressions of Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem, and quote The Goonies (”SLOTH LOVES CHUNK!”), and Branagh would play Shakespeare trivia with the cast, which Derek Jacobi and Judi Dench would win. Daisy Ridley learnt to play backgammon, Jacobi did his crossword puzzle every day, and Cruz taught everyone how to play Werewolves (”You have to give a speech how you are NOT one of the wolves in the village that is killing everyone else at night. You have to lie and manipulate and save yourself. I think it was a good exercise for what was happening on set.”)
  • Gad hopes the cast can re-unite for another film, Jacobi thinks they should do “all the Agatha Christies.”
  • Judi Dench was first to get cast, Olivia Colman was cast to play against her as “she was on such a rich vein of form” for years, and Branagh had an instinct they’d make for a great pairing
  • There are multiple ideas in the movie that are relevant to what we’re experiencing today; prejudice against outsiders, sense of pride in country, rise of nationalism
  • There’s a sense on the train that everyone knows more than they’re letting on
  • Depp’s character Ratchett is a star personality that takes up a lot of space and oxygen around him, and is someone you might believe would get murdered
  • They filmed several hours worth of footage in New Zealand and Switzerland for the scenery shown outside the train windows, which was then digitally stitched together and played on LED screens wrapped around each carriage. Hydraulics and air bellows beneath the carriages gave the illusion of movement.
  • A fully moving, 22-ton locomotive, plus tender and four carriages, were used for the shots in Longcross Studios. The leafy lanes of Surrey became the former Yugoslavia.
  • The film was shot with the last four 65 mm Panavision cameras in the world because Branagh knew they made cinema an event, the depth of color and the quality of the definition of the image are extraordinary. Some of the vista shots have a David Lean quality, with exquisitely shot frames.

Thank you to @lovelyridley for scanning the article for me!


Yugoslavian Model 1969

A very rare Mauser variant from the former Yugoslavia. Instead of having a short or intermediate action like the M48, the M69 is a full length or long action, like the K98. At a glance it looks more like a hunting rifle but it was purpose built as a sniper rifle. It was eventually replaced by the M76, an AK variant chambered in the same 8mm Mauser cartridge. As far as I know there are no known examples of the M69 in the U.S. Only a small handful of rifles were eventually sold off to the public but only in Europe. (GRH)

FIC: Infodere Ch 3

Thanks for the feedback on chapter 2. If you haven’t read the rest of this story, it and my other work can be found here

As always I really appreciate feedback so if you enjoyed it let me know and reblog!

Gradually the din died down. The smell of burning hung heavy in the air. The only sounds were shouts coming from the site security team as they swept the site and sobs coming from amongst the trees. Claire had dropped to the ground when the security team had opened fire, her hands clasped to her ears. Jamie sat next to her, his arms around her, shielding her with his body and murmuring comforting platitudes in a mixture of gaelic and english into her ear. Slowly she dropped her hands and looked up. Jamie’s face was close to hers and he kissed her softly and chastely.

“Are you ok, Mo nighean donn?” He asked holding her slightly away from him and looking at her intently as if inspecting her for damage.

“Wha, what does that mean?” Her voice sounded shaky even to her own ears. When he didn’t answer she replied to his question. “Yes, yes, I’m ok. A little shaken, but ok.”

Jamie stood and pulled her to her feet. He turned to move and she caught his hand, pulling him back towards her.

“Are you ok, Jamie?” she ran her hand along his cheek meeting his eye. Her hand shook slightly. He opened his mouth as if to reply and then stopped and pulled her towards him abruptly. Claire had no idea how long they stood like that before he finally pulled back and nodded.

“Let’s go see what’s to do” And taking her hand and leading her back towards the site.

They arrived to find things calmer than might be expected. Despite the gunfire no one had been seriously injured aside from one of the interns who had broken an ankle running in the woods. A row of eight tents had been completely destroyed and the main tent had caught fire down one side.

“The sorting area is toast” declared Dr Zapote, coming up behind them. “But most of the finds were still boxed and it doesn’t seem like too much of the equipment got damaged. Water damage might end up being a bigger concern.” She ran her hands through her hair looking understandably harassed. “Claudio, Doctor Moreno, says he’s lost some reference materials, but nothing irreplaceable, but his first assistant anthropologist is freaking out so he’s busy dealing with him.

“How are you, Luisa?” Claire turned to the small brunette. They’d worked many digs together and Claire considered her both a friend and colleague.

“Dios madre,” she exclaimed “This is ridiculous. You expect this doing war zones, not archaeology.” Luisa Zapote has recently returned to archaeology after an extensive stint working for the UN excavating mass graves in the former Yugoslavia and before that in the Congo. Luisa had never spoken about it much, but it had affected her badly.

Jamie had wandered over to the cluster of people in the centre of the clearing. Claire could hear him speaking to the head of security in spanish. He was too far away for her to make out what he was saying but she could tell by his tone that he was asking questions.  Luisa followed her gaze and looked at her archly.

“So, you have the hots for Big Red do you?” Claire looked back at Luisa, sharply, but even the dim light couldn’t hide the blush that crept up her face. Luisa laughed. “Thought as much. Just how much? Would you let him put it anywhere?” Claire’s exclamation of outrage was cut short by the return of Jamie himself. Luisa snorted loudly through her nose and Claire dug her hard in the ribs. Jamie looked at them both suspiciously before continuing undaunted.

“The security guys seem to think this was organised. Not just opportunist thinking we might have something of value to steal. The damage was done deliberately but is also targeted to certain areas. He seems to think this was meant to scare us off rather than a deliberate attempt to harm, these guys don’t mess around and had they wanted casualties they would have gotten them”

“But why on earth? We’re an archaeological excavation, even at its most contentious there is nothing here worth violence? Did they offer any ideas on motives? Claire had moved from embarrassment to distress.

“The stories” Luisa was matter of fact “People have always half believed them, and now that someone is digging here, many see that as a sign that there is truth in them. That there is something of value here.” She shrugged.

Claire was a practical person and whilst she loved the stories behind the work she did, the myths, the legends that shaped cultures and made them unique, she was often frustrated that so many people still equated archaeology as solely the preserve of treasure hunters. The irony that the imperial treasure hunters of the nineteenth century were both responsible for a wealth of discovery but also for the virtual looting of ancient sites the world over was not lost on her, and she like many archaeologists struggled with the legacy of this.

She exhaled strongly through her nose and pulled herself together.

“OK, here’s what we need to do. First of all we need to increase the security presence around here, we have a lot of people here and we were lucky no one was seriously hurt.”

She turned to Luisa and Dr Moreno, who had just appeared looking harried.

“Luisa. Claudio. You need to to do some press. We need to make it clear that what is going on here is research and rescue archaeology designed to preserve valuable cultural artefacts in an at risk area. Not a treasure hunt. Talk about the finds we have already, highlight the fact that nothing of monetary value has been recovered and that we do not expect it to be. Secrecy around what we are doing here will only add to the talk.”

Luisa answered this. “Perhaps we could invite some people from the nearest town to visit the site? There are many people here for whom this is their history, they might appreciate seeing what we’re doing here.”

Claire nodded and turned to Jamie eyebrow raised looking for agreement.

He nodded in return and spoke.

“And now I think the best thing we can do is get everyone to bed. I doubt many will sleep, but we need some normality and everyone could do with the rest. We’ll restart excavations at 10am tomorrow. I’ll go let everyone know.”

As he returned to the tents he could see Claire outside her tent, pacing agitatedly, her arms wrapped around herself against the cool night.

“Are ye alright, Sassenach?” He said quietly.He felt suddenly shy as he remembered their kisses. It seemed like days ago now, not mere hours.

She ran her hands through her hair making the curls fall madly around her face.

“Yes. No. I don’t know.” She resumed pacing. “This is madness. All this talk of treasure hunters and lost gold. Its ridiculous. Its 2017 not 1917. I’m a fucking scientist for christ sake!” She came to a halt a foot away from him. Her fists were clenched by her sides and her jaw was tight,

“Aye. I ken. This is no exactly what I was expecting from this dig either. The fact is it doesna matter what we believe, someone thinks there is *Something* here, whether its treasure or something else entirely, I don’t know, but it’s clear these people are dangerous and that they would prefer if we weren’t here.”

He could see her trying to get control of her breathing.

“Go to bed, Claire. Get some rest. You’ll feel less fashed in the morning.” He reached forward and tucked a curl behind her ear. She closed her eyes and raised her hand to his, trapping it against the side of his face.

“Stay with me, Jamie.” She looked up at him from under her lashes her strange whiskey coloured eyes almost yellow in the moonlight. Her voice was quiet but steady. His heart was beating hard in his chest as he fought to find words.

“Please.” It was almost a whisper as she closed the gap between them and took his hand. “Will you?”

He nodded mutely before pulling her close to him and holding her. Her hair smelt of smoke and gunpowder, but was soft and warm as he laid his cheek on the top of her head, his hands on her back. She brought her arms around his waist and they stayed like that for a moment, and he couldn’t tell where his heartbeat ended and hers began. He kissed the top of her head.

“Are you sure, Mo Nighean Donne? I ken we’ve had stressful day, I dinna want you to do anything you might regret tomorrow.”

She looked at him, her gaze steady and sure, no sign of the fretfulness of earlier.

“The only thing I would regret was not asking you.” She smiled then and Jamie felt a flutter in his stomach. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

Adding to Croatian Mello headcanon in regards to becoming orphaned during the break up of the former Yugoslavia - Watari and the whole L apparatus probably had their fingers in at least a few UN pies, Watari gets a call from someone stationed there like hey you want a fuckin… orphan?
Cause like 7 year old Mello’s running round like the kid in the Hurt Locker, picking up English and whatever other language in no time to try and hustle/manipulate/charm extra food and bottled water, maybe a game of soccer with some of the soldiers

Also makes sense that someone so unflinching in the face of violence as Mello would have seen a lot of violence young. Like a lot of people discuss Mello dealing with trauma in regards to his time on the street/in the mafia/getting blown the fuck up, but what has this kid seen before getting recruited to Super Genius Orphan School? How would that be compounded by the trauma he experiences in canon?

marina abramovic

balkan baroque 

Marina Abramovic’s Balkan Baroque, like Annette Messager’s The Boarder’s Repose, addresses the complexities of individual loss within massive tragedy.  Balkan Baroque was installed at the Venice Biennale in 1997.  In this performance, Abramovic sits amidst an enormous pile of bloody cow bones, washing them one by one while singing folk songs from her childhood. The title, Balkan Baroque, cues viewers to approach the piece as a response to Abramovic’s war ravaged country, the former Yugoslavia. The installation includes three video projections that convey themes of violence and trauma.  For four days the artist sits in the middle of the pile, scrubbing away at 1,500 fresh beef bones.  Her dress becomes increasingly stained by blood as she sings folk songs and weeps.