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How Do You Transformers Anatomy: A Guide By A Fan

Also titled “Grey’s Anatomy Transformers Style”

OKAY SO I HEAR A LOT OF PEOPLE GET CONFUSED ABOUT ALL THESE WORDS AND TERMS FOR TRANSFORMERS (because we, as a fandom, like to use fancy words for our robots, we have literally reached subculture status guys we have our own dialect congratulations) AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO USE FOR WHAT SO BECAUSE I TOO SUFFER I WILL HELP YOU



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On this day in music history: September 23, 1977 - “Feels So Good”, the thirteenth album by Chuck Mangione is released. Produced by Chuck Mangione, it is recorded at Kendun Recorders in Burbank, CA from May - July 1977. Coming off the successful “Main Squeeze” album the previous year, musician Chuck Mangione returns to the studio in the Spring of 1977 to record his fourth album for A&M Records. Having worked with an ever changing line up of musicians throughout his career, Mangione assembles a new group of players for his next album. He recruits jazz guitarist “General” Grant Geissman (a former side man with big band legends Stan Kenton, Gerald Wilson and Louie Bellson), after the guitarist backs Mangione at a live gig in late 1976. Also coming on board is James “Jail-Bait” Bradley, Jr., an L.A. session drummer and former child prodigy that has been playing since the age of four, and is just barely out of high school when he joins the band. Saxophonist and fluteist Chris “Vadala” Vadala and bassist Charles “Meat-Man” Meeks (having previously backed Patrice Rushen, Earl Klugh, Sonny Rollins, Alphonse Mouzon and Lee Ritenour to name a few) complete the line up. The new group clicks instantly in the studio and recording goes smoothly and quickly. Initially released without a single, the album sells well out of the box until A&M decides to issue the breezy title track as a single in January of 1978. A&M takes the nine and a half minute plus “Feels So Good” (#4 Pop, #1 AC, #68 R&B), and drastically edits it down to under three and a half minutes. With 1978 being the pinnacle of the disco era, and the Bee Gees leading the charge, no one is able to predict the impact the jazz/pop instrumental will have. Radio programmers looking for an alternative to what else is happening at the time, begin adding it to their playlists. It catches on with listeners and becomes a surprise smash in multiple radio formats. By the Spring of 1978, sales of the album are exploding, as it rapidly moves toward the top of the jazz and pop album charts. Its massive success makes Mangione a huge star in the US and internationally. The albums cover photo of the musician embracing his trademark flugelhorn (taken by photographer Benno Friedman), becomes a 70’s icon. The single also receives a Grammy nomination for Record Of The Year in 1979. In later years, “Feels So Good” becomes the subject of a long running gag on the animated TV series “King Of The Hill” with Chuck Mangione appearing as himself, playing snippets of the song in various scenarios. Mangione’s signature brown felt hat worn on the album cover, is donated to the Smithsonian Institute in 2009, along with the original handwritten sheet music for the title track. “Feels So Good” spends two weeks at number two on the Billboard Top 200, spending seven weeks at number one on the Jazz album chart, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Sick (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Word Count: 474

Request/Summary: Alexander is sick and won’t go to bed and FLUFF (I have sucky summary skills. Deal with it.)

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

AU: Hamiltime

Warnings: None… probably…?

A/N- This is probably the shortest thing I’ve ever written. Whatever. 

“Alexander, are you alright?” You asked, noticing your husband hunched over his desk, sweaty and pale.

“I’m fine.” He waved you off.

“Perhaps you should get a good night’s rest.” You proposed, stroking his hair.

“I need to finish this.” He replied, still not looking at you.

“Alex, you’re burning up.” You said, touching his face. He pushed your hand away gently.

“It’ll be gone by morning. You go to bed, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” He squeezed your hand and you left for bed with a sigh. You crawled into bed, familiar with the cold emptiness that welcomed you from the other side.

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General Jinn is dispatched to join the 212th Attack Battalion and Cody watches General Kenobi interact with his former master, the man who skirted death at the hands of a Sith. He cannot seem to find a suitable definition for their relationship.

Cody knows there is something between his generals, but he cannot manage to describe it. The 212th is the only battalion with two commanding generals. He is definitely not complaining—he has heard rumors about General Krell—but it strikes him as odd. However, General Jinn’s physical limitations could warrant the necessity of a second general considering he rarely joins them on ground assaults. He is fairly adept at flying, but Cody has heard both he and General Kenobi curse the activity.

General Kenobi. He was Jinn’s Padawan almost fifteen years ago, and sometimes still tags along after him like he is not a fully-fledged Jedi Master himself. When Jinn was first set to arrive, Kenobi had been tense and chaotic. The rest of the men were confused, but did not ask questions because they had long ago learned that the Jedi were unpredictable and often gave no answers. Cody had been there when Kenobi met Jinn in the hangar and rushed to his side as he climbed from his fighter—only to be smacked away and threatened with a long wooden cane. He still swears he saw tears welling up in Kenobi’s eyes, but then he was hugging Jinn tight around the chest and Cody could no longer see his face.

Some of the men gossip that they are lovers, and that only further aids the rumor that the Master and Padawan relationship is not as pure as the Jedi want them to believe. Kenobi catches wind of the last piece of information and strikes it down immediately. They get a tense lecture about respecting other cultures and not making up information about things they do not understand. Cody promises him it will not happen again.

Cody does not dismiss the idea of them being lovers completely, but it seems unlikely. He has not seen anything remotely close to physical affection between them since Jinn arrived, but they are Jedi. It would look unprofessional to display that in front of the troops, and Jedi are incredible at hiding. The way they interact leads Cody to believe the relationship is less sexual than some of the men have implied.

The first time they are called on the carpet by Jinn is a learning experience for them all. Kenobi had been injured badly in their latest ground assault and it is obvious to them all now that Jinn is nothing if not protective of him. They are already worried for their general but, by the time Jinn is done with them, also thoroughly chastened by the mistakes they made that caused the injuries in the first place.

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phantom letters

PROMPT : does a fic count-

A/N : hoo boy so after a hella long writers block, this fic , which was written by my lovely friend piehead / tony , it inspired me to write a continuation of the one-shot! please read trading mistakes first, otherwise you will not understand what’s going on! (adding on that this is a male reader fic!) this maay be a series!

WARNINGS : lots of death ments, violence ment, blood ment

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Hak’s Dilemma, Part 1 / 2 or Why I think Hak’s gonna have a lot more lonely nights

Like most Hak x Yona fans, I spend a lot of time yelling fruitlessly at the screen in “Will they or Won’t they?” hell. Mostly I end up wishing Yona would be just a tad less “leader of the revolution” and a tad more “Oh Hak, you’re my respite/love/hunka hunka burnin’ love!”. The comedic ‘misunderstandings’ between them are hilarious (and Jae-ha’s Shipper on Deck / A Rival Appears! status is even funnier).

But vol. 12 has had a lot of Hak POV (and a great backstory 2-parter, which I’ll go into in part 2), which has made me reconsider the obstacles to their romance from Hak’s side.

First, in their old life, he clearly had made up his mind to be the supportive “best friend” and lend his considerable strength to a theoretical Yona & Soo-won reign. So he has to sort of massively switch-gears mentally and emotionally, which is no less hard for him than it is for Yona. And we know what a hard time Yona has just avoiding bursting into tears when someone mentions that Hairclip of Horror.

Second, Hak is both a man and a soldier (or former-General, if you prefer). As a man, Yona’s his one-and-only love, who he’d literally take an arrow for, or follow willingly into death if the worst happened. Everything in his makeup says to spirit her away somewhere safe and protect her from harm.

But as a soldier, he’s entranced by Yona’s burgeoning skills as a military leader. She has legit reasons for what she does, and certainly she doesn’t kill people unnecessarily. But as leader of the dragons (and inheritor of dragon power?), she shares some of their bloodlust. Plus, their situation and travels are building up in Yona a certain ruthless practicality. Some folks would (should?!) find this a bit sad or scary, but Hak just thinks it’s charismatic & sexy. Some part of him wants to see Yona get out of dangerous situations, just to see that side of her in action.

Finally, is what I call the Kyouko problem (from another great series with a broken-personality OTP, Skip Beat). Yona is broken emotionally from what Soo-won did, no question about it. Under normal circumstances, it would be hard enough for Hak to get her to change from seeing him as a BFF/brother-figure to potential husband. Given the fact that her previous & only experience with romantic love ended with a sword thrust (which isn’t a metaphor here, but y'know it could be…), she’s probably never 100% going to trust another person in that same way.

Hak would very obviously like to use the whole “good romance is the cure for bad romance” approach, but Yona is not going for it (or at least not yet - I have hope!). Since he’s her BFF in addition to being her suitor, he’s doing the truly manly thing by just backing off and giving her time to heal. It’s both funny and sad to watch his struggle - he needs to heal too, after all.

Part of me thinks that somebody like Hak, who also had such a tight, complicated relationship with Soo-won, *can’t* be the one to help Yona through this. When she sees Hak, or thinks of him, she’s got to also be thinking of Soo-won - they were inseparable. Same goes for Hak when he sees Yona - the ultimate protection for her will be / might be to confront & kill Soo-won. But that opens a whole other can of crazy, to be discussed in Part 2.

(Lovely images from the folks at Titania Scanslations - keep up the great work guys!)

(If you liked this, have a look at Hak’s Dilemma, Part 2 / 2 or Why I think Hak can’t kill Soo-won.)