the former general man


General Jinn is dispatched to join the 212th Attack Battalion and Cody watches General Kenobi interact with his former master, the man who skirted death at the hands of a Sith. He cannot seem to find a suitable definition for their relationship.

Cody knows there is something between his generals, but he cannot manage to describe it. The 212th is the only battalion with two commanding generals. He is definitely not complaining—he has heard rumors about General Krell—but it strikes him as odd. However, General Jinn’s physical limitations could warrant the necessity of a second general considering he rarely joins them on ground assaults. He is fairly adept at flying, but Cody has heard both he and General Kenobi curse the activity.

General Kenobi. He was Jinn’s Padawan almost fifteen years ago, and sometimes still tags along after him like he is not a fully-fledged Jedi Master himself. When Jinn was first set to arrive, Kenobi had been tense and chaotic. The rest of the men were confused, but did not ask questions because they had long ago learned that the Jedi were unpredictable and often gave no answers. Cody had been there when Kenobi met Jinn in the hangar and rushed to his side as he climbed from his fighter—only to be smacked away and threatened with a long wooden cane. He still swears he saw tears welling up in Kenobi’s eyes, but then he was hugging Jinn tight around the chest and Cody could no longer see his face.

Some of the men gossip that they are lovers, and that only further aids the rumor that the Master and Padawan relationship is not as pure as the Jedi want them to believe. Kenobi catches wind of the last piece of information and strikes it down immediately. They get a tense lecture about respecting other cultures and not making up information about things they do not understand. Cody promises him it will not happen again.

Cody does not dismiss the idea of them being lovers completely, but it seems unlikely. He has not seen anything remotely close to physical affection between them since Jinn arrived, but they are Jedi. It would look unprofessional to display that in front of the troops, and Jedi are incredible at hiding. The way they interact leads Cody to believe the relationship is less sexual than some of the men have implied.

The first time they are called on the carpet by Jinn is a learning experience for them all. Kenobi had been injured badly in their latest ground assault and it is obvious to them all now that Jinn is nothing if not protective of him. They are already worried for their general but, by the time Jinn is done with them, also thoroughly chastened by the mistakes they made that caused the injuries in the first place.

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Thaddeus Ross was a former lieutenant general and current secretary of state and your telling me that in the three years the avengers were all together looking for the sceptre not once did Ross meet with them? Video conference? Leave vague emails? When the accords come up and people are like “the accords are shady because Ross is involved” I’m like??? The secretary of state is basically the us equivalent of a minister of foreign affairs?? He literally has to be involved. It’s his job. “But Ross had ulterior motives!” Your damn right he does. But he has to manipulate at least 117 countries, with the understanding that a large part of why the accords exist is because most of those countries don’t trust the us, where the avengers are based. The best position for him would be the liaison between the avengers and the un, but you think the un wouldn’t jump at the chance to change that if the avengers said boo?