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Hello! I was reading the part of War and Peace that Great Comet was based on and decided to make a list of all the phrases/sentences in the novel that I found while listening along to the cast recording while reading that are either directly put into the lyrics of the musical, or are heavily referenced with a few changes. I have separated these findings by song, not in the order of which they appear in the novel. For some of the lines that are less directly from the novel I have put the lyrics that are connected to them in parentheses and italics next to the book quotes. It’s really really really fun to see which lyrics have a match so I hope you enjoy!

Also sorry for any formatting issues: in some songs there are huge chunks that are almost directly lifted from the book so some placement of bullet points might be wonky. And if you know of any that I missed, please reblog and add! 

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dating bo burnham would include:

request: can you do a bo imagine just emphasizing the beautiful parts of a relationship and how much he loves her? - annon

warnings: literally none, it’s just cute af

A/N: some1 requested the good shit, so i’m here to provide [also sorry if this wasn’t the format you were aiming for, i was just feeling this layout y'know??]

(i found this gif on google, so credit to the maker !)

  • not playing though, we all know bo would literally be the sweetest let’s not play around
  • i mean look at his lil face
  • you guys would have the most lazy days ever
  • at least 3 days out of the week would be designated lazy days
  • sleepy bed head bo
  • lots and lots of cuddles and head kisses !!
  • you getting majorly frustrated because bo thinks it’s funny to hide shit on the top shelves
  • “you’re cute when you’re angry babe”
  • “i’m literally gonna beat your ass bo”
  • but it’s all cool cause your relationship would be so b e a u t i f u l and caring !!
  • waking up one morning and smelling a strong scent of burning
  • you jump out of bed and scramble to the kitchen, managing to stub your toe in the process
  • seeing bo standing there trying to guide the smoke from the bacon to the window
  • “jesus christ bo”
  • “i was trying to be romantic”
  • you grinning from ear to ear because wow you are so in love with this boy !! (even though he nearly burnt your apartment down)
  • him always wanting the best for you
  • giving him hugs from behind and smooshing your cheek against his back
  • you having to go on your tip toes to kiss him
  • he would love to cup your face when you kissed, trying to pull you closer
  • at his shows he would always make lots of jokes about you, but not before asking you if you were okay with it

(both these gifs are by @boyfriendmichael !)

  • you’d never admit it to him, but you found a lot of them quite funny
  • you always going to see his shows when you can, because you want to support him 100%
  • dancing to the beauty and the beast soundtrack in your room together
  • you always wanting to sit down when you talk to him so you can actually see his face
  • the way his face scrunches up when he laughs
  • all together it’d just be an uber sweet, caring and positive relationship
  • i’m not crying, you’re crying

Okay so I’m writing this on mobile right now so i apologize if the formatting is jacked up and wow the fucking anon got deleted because I’m an idiot but here this is and you know who you are

Also this turned out longer than expected so I hope it’s good

33. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.“

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impossiblepossibledisasters  asked:

Hi love. Congratulations on another milestone. People are discovering what a precious gem you are. I don't normally request anything ever but can I request 101 with Im Jaebum as an angsty*cough cough* smut, ehem...Here's to more and more people finding a girl who loves Park Chanyeol and Jung Hoseok with everything she is. And whose writing will being you to your knees. Love you Kat ♥♥♥♥

jfasjfalkfjl there is some smut here but like its mostly angst? i cant set up good smangst in a drabble format someone teach omg I LOVE YOU!

Prompt: 101: You don’t hate me, quit lying to yourself. 
Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (oc; female)
Summary: After your breakup with Jaebum, you run into him at a bar and realize that old habits die hard. 
Genre: angst; some light smut
Rating: R
Warnings: explicit language; mentions of breathplay; dirty talk; sexual situations
Word Count: 1,725

Originally posted by queenwithcollars

The day he left was the day, for you, the world died. Or perhaps, it did not die rather, it simply withered. Time passing around you made you understand that you were aging, becoming consumed by the weight of existence, but your mind found it terribly difficult to care about such a thing when your world was already filled with ghosts. In the kitchen, he lingered, smiling wide and laughing as he made pancakes - badly, and burning them into malformed shapes. In the shower, you could smell him, feel his fingers as they moved through your hair and his skin as he pressed his chest against your back.

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Me at Wolfcon 3!


Soo… after the “Howl At The Moon” in Paris, this was my second Teen Wolf convention ever. But it was very interesting to see the differences.

I think it was very very well organized. I remember in Paris, when the autographs began, everyone was rushing to the tables to get theirs. But at Wolfcon, it was very good that all activities (autographs, meeting rooms, photo ops) were on a different level of the building, so they could easily control the access by the elevator. This way it was much more relaxed and it was never too crowded. This was great during the autographs, I remember in Paris it was incredibly loud and you really had to shout at the guests - at Wolfcon you could talk normally to them.

The staff was extremely helpful, well informed and always friendly and I was so happy that they were interested in my comic stuff too, I really felt welcome and I’m just so thankful for their kind words and this great time! And there were so many helpers! You never had to look long for one, every few meters you could find someone to ask for help. Also a big plus: They all were speaking English very good, so everything was so easy and uncomplicated. So I really couldn’t tell what to improve here.

I’ve read the report from someone who complained about the staff and had bad experiences with the organization. I can’t and won’t judge it, I was not part of this. But my personal experience was very different and 100% positive. Part of the problem was that if you had the autographs at the beginning of the first day it wasn’t easily possible to let your photos get signed if you had them later or at the second day. I don’t know how to solve this problem though without blowing up the whole schedule. But I considered the price of the photos for the autographs very fair. They were so large, A4 and for this format, the price was quite good.

I also have to add that the hotel was very good as well! The location was good, I liked the fact that the activities were on a different level and there were special, cheaper dishes for the convention attendants. Best french fries ever!

So yes, I really can’t think of anything to criticize. Maybe that it took a bit too long in the morning for the convention to start but well, this depends on the actors too and the traffic, so…

The best thing for sure was the Saturday evening activity. Actors coming by to your table and spending some time for private talks with only a few people, this was dope!

Ian Bohen

This time I had a meeting room with Ian and I loved it. First off, I was happy that he remembered my name and what I was doing. Ian is a very funny guy and you could see that he had fun meeting the fans too. I have to say from convention to convention, I like him more and more. I asked him if he had some influence on the character development of Peter: “zero”. And he admitted that he disliked some of the stuff that was written for Peter in Season 4. And damn, he is really competitive but this pushed his team during the Saturday evening activity forward. Loved it!

Ryan Kelley

You really can see how much fun Ryan has attending conventions. Always in a good mood, friendly and open to fans and not shy at all, you just have to like him. I made a special book with only my portraits and the hearts for signing and he repeatedly said he loved the pic of angry hellhound Parrish and that he would love to repost it. He even remembered that he already got a business card with my info on it. During the party, we talked about life in LA and how different the life of an actor is with months of not having any job and then earning a lot when you got roles. Wouldn’t be something for me, I prefer having a monthly salary ;)

Casey Deidrick

Awwww I liked him so much. He hasn’t any star attitude at all, he’s so down to earth and incredibly friendly and lovely to all fans. He’s just the guy I would instantly invite to my board gaming group and play Catan and other games for hours. He also seems to be good friends with the other actors like Ryan and Froy, the chemistry between him and the others on stage was great. Too bad he seems to be just in some episodes though.

Froy Gutierrez

Ohhh Froy. This never ending energy of his! He was so excited to be at the con, it was his first one. Whoever he met got a huge smile, a super cute “Hiiiiii!!!” and a tight hug from him. He was so excited to meet his fans, to get to know them and you could feel it was 100% authentic, he loved being here, enjoyed the atmosphere and wanted to give the best for the fans. He was there with his parents who accompanied him to the photo shoots and the meeting room but definitely not in a controlling way, I think they just were interested what was going on and wanted to support him. The meeting room with him was quite special. I was the first or second one to ask a question and a friend of mine really wanted to know what mental issues Nolan (his character) suffers from. Froy said it’s depression, social anxiety, and paranoia. I asked if he tried to prepare himself for these mental issues and he then said that he suffered from depression as well and knows how this feels. Then a girl raised her hand and asked how he managed to get over his depression… she wanted to say more but she started to tear up. Froy immediately jumped up from his seat and went down on his knees in front of her and gave her the most amazing hug ever, hold her in his arms for a long, long time, comforting her. It was so touching, half of the other people in the meeting room got emotional too and everybody really wanted to give them some time. For the next minutes, we talked about depression and Froy and other fans talking about their ways to get along with it. I think this shows how loving and caring Froy is to his fans and as I said, this feels very real and authentic.

(picture see above)

Carver Twins

In Paris, I didn’t get to interact with them because there were so many guests and it was so crowded that I decided to focus on the other guests. But this time, I had autographs with Max and Charlie and got to know them at the party. And I understand now why they’re invited so often by conventions. They were both so excited about my comics, Charlie even took a photo of it and wanted to get a book. During the evening party, Max and I were talking about our ages - him being 10 years older than most of the fans and me being 10 years older than him. But yeah, they’re so natural and uncomplicated, it was just great to have them around.


Hell yeah, Gid. He is so special and incredible. Charismatic as hell with a great presence and in such a good shape, even Ian was jealous! Of course, after having met the Theo half of Theo&Deuc I was very excited to meet Deuc now! Apart from the opening panels, the first time I’ve really met him was during the group photo but since there isn’t much time to talk, we just shook hands and exchanged some smiles. This changed of course during the meeting room which came a bit later. Gid stood up again after he sat down to shake my hand and thanked me personally for my work, he introduced me to the others. Gid is such an entertainer, he can do amazing things with his voice and has such a sense of humor and a keen sense of funny situations. He told us about the scene in which Deuc was sitting in the chimera den, talking to Theo (the one with Scott’s eyes on his claws) and how he couldn’t see anything because of the lenses he had to wear. He was repeatedly looking directly into the camera, something that was not wanted of course - but he was practically blind.

And finally, during the autographs, Gid signed my very personal Theo & Deuc book. With the signatures of Cody AND Gideon it’s finally complete now and I couldn’t be happier about it. Gid also has drawn a little comic Gideon into my fan book and it doesn’t look so different from my comic Deuc!

I also had the pleasure to be in team Gideon during the evening activity! Huge shoutout to team Gid! We were good AND civilized ;) We did perform very well, of course, thanks to Gid who managed to draw a Berserker (!) in a way that we could guess it within 20 seconds! We also got the point for “Time of Death” during Charade. And if Gid wouldn’t have messed up “Beacon Hills High School” by using the word “school” during a round of ‘Taboo’, we maybe would have won! But hey, at least we got 'Oni’ right. Thank you so much Wolfcon for making all this possible!

Finally, after my solo photo shoots with Gid, it was time to say goodbye for now. Again, Gideon was so sweet and thankful and so was I!

After all, I was very happy to have met Gid, like Ian said about him: his quick thinking is amazing and so is his charisma and humor. Hope to see him again anytime soon!

In general, Wolfcon felt somehow private and cozy compared to Paris. Both conventions were very good but different in atmosphere. In Amsterdam, you got more into personal touch with the actors which is a biiiig plus and everything felt more like a big family. I think this is because of the crew and of course Patricia, Franklin and Annette! If there’s a Wolfcon 4, I’ll be there!


doodles for @hurryupfic‘s noir au ;0; allen + co dont look very vintage but i think lena, link + tokusa were a bit more successful??? also the day i stop drawing AU thirds with beauty marks is the day i die. 

  pardon the horrendous formatting omg i didnt want this to be a long post ;; + tokusa is a floating torso because i could not in good conscience subject him to high-waisted pants. not yet.

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Hi, are you still doing the heartbreak prompts, if so could you do "i think i love you" with ignis please?

So the idea I got for this was a little different than what I was expecting to write, but I enjoyed the different formatting.  Hope you enjoy dear nonnie!

tagging a few frans as well: @d3f4ult8 @ultimoogle @paopuicecream @chocobabyporcelain

My Dearest y/n, 

I do hope that this letter finds you in good health.  Gladiolus told me just the other day that you were getting married within the coming month and that he would be attending.  Other other lads seem keen on attending your special day as well.  Noct made it quite clear that I should make sure nothing was scheduled for the day.  I do so congratulate you on the good news.  I did indeed receive the invitation that you sent me, and I truly am sorry that I had to decline.  Some things are just a tad too difficult still, it seems.  My troubles have nothing to do with you so please do not lose sleep over my troubles.

Actually that is not true.  You do very much have to do with the troubling thoughts that plague me day and night.  Upon receiving your invitation and hearing about your upcoming wedding I have been thinking about the many missed opportunities that I let pass me by while we were all traveling together.  

You had done so much to ease my mind during our journey, and there were many times where you put my cooking to near shame.  I do not say that lightly as I am sure you know.  Ah how that had been truly a fantastic night, the night that we had our cooking competition.  It surely eased the tension that had been growing amongst the group of us as the journey wore on longer.  You also did an absolutely splendid job at easing my nerves whenever I became somewhat unhinged after particularly taxing quests of ours.  I am quite certain the lads were as thankful as I was at your overflowing calm many times.  I truly should have said how thankful I was for your presence more often, and though it may be a little late…thank you.

Some of the thoughts that plague me at night have to do with the feelings that I tried to bury so far inside myself.  I certainly seemed to have succeeded, yes?  You were none the wiser about how often I dreamed of coming back from that tiresome journey and find a nice apartment to share with one another.  You certainly never caught onto how often I dreamed about starting a family and that you were the face to constantly make guest appearances in those pipe dreams.  

At least I do hope you had not caught on for the idea that you knew and said nothing pains me a great deal.

The thing that I am most upset by, however, is the fact that I could never put my duty aside.  You had mentioned it once, in passing, that at some point I would come to find that I could not continue to revolve my life around Noct and the job that was entrusted to me at birth.  Though I let the comment roll over my shoulders, it seems the memory never quite left the corners of my mind.  I understand what it was you meant now.  And it is because I understand that I shall – likely the rest of my life – curse myself for never telling you the one thing that my subconscious constantly whispered in my ear: I think I love you.

I realize that it is too late to do much about this debacle as you, as I stated earlier, are on your way to starting a new chapter of your life with another.  Nevertheless, I felt I owed an explanation for why I have tried my utter best to remove myself from your life and cannot attend your wedding.  I am sure you will look magnificent on your special day, and I wish you and the love of your life all the best.

The Highest Regards,

Ignis Scientia


about 10km into the west coast trail from the north end is an easy-to-miss side trail that after 20 minutes of bushwhacking leads you to this beach. turn the corner around the south point at low tide (photo #1) takes you to a couple hundred metres of rock formations complete with gorgeous tide pools. the day we hiked here there were 5-6 grey whales feeding 50 meters from the shore. while we ate lunch a giant black bear came and had a snack on the beach. i shot this on an olympus stylus infinity (point-and-shoot) so i couldn’t get good photos, but i did get some of the good people i spent this day with. the last photo is of me having a shower by my friend Val W.

リヴァイ班日誌 ~兵長の恋を応援する34日間~ by カイロ
Levi Squad Journal ~34 Days of Cheering on Corporal’s Love~

Here’s another novel translation. It’s as the title implies, 34 days of the Levi Squad helping Corporal with his love life. One of the best on pixiv and one of my favorite authors!

◆Levi Squad Journal Day 1
:Leader: Erd
:Weather: Sunny
General training, meeting

:Report Contents:
Today our squad has been assigned a new recruit. It’s Eren Jeager, the one who holds the ability to transform into a titan. A record for Eren who has many expectations and worries has been deemed necessary so Erd Jin, Gunta Schultz, Oluo Bozado, and Petra Ral have been given the duty to record in a journal on a daily basis by rotation from here on out. Anything noticed about Eren or any particular actions taken by him should be recorded in this report contents section.
Once written, have it checked by Corporal Levi and the other squad members.
This is fine, right?

:Check Field:
【Levi】 No problem. Change “report contents” to “today’s Eren”.
【Erd】 Roger.
【Gunta】 Roger.
【Oluo】 Roger.
【Petra】 Roger.

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Futile Disdain | Junhoe

I saw this AU idea somewhere, and I just sort of wrote it in the spur of the moment without thinking much about it. Sorry for not updating in forever, I’ll get back to my Bobby fic as soon as I figure out how to continue it, then I’ll write other scenarios for the other members as welll.

Originally posted by hanbinn

       You couldn’t stand Junhoe.

          And yes, it was sort of over a fairly dumb reason, but still, you couldn’t stand him. You couldn’t.


          Well, he was in three of your classes, and you saw him four times a day because he also happened to be in your lunch. Junhoe knew very well who you were, and you knew very well who he was, and the two of you were acquaintances, nothing more, nothing less.

          He seems harmless, right?

          Well, wrong. The dumb reason hasn’t been revealed yet.

          Alright, so, here’s what it was. Every day, precisely thirty seconds after the lunch bell rang, you’d walk to your locker and quickly grab a few bills and your books for the next period, then you’d go to the cafeteria. You’d wave, say quiet hello’s to people in the hallways, and you’d eventually make it into the noisy cafeteria, where the long line of teenagers was already in formation.

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trulyxsinyovng  :) I don’t ever wanna see you say Tumblr Granny…

I’ve been here since the beginning too!

trulyxsinyovng           :) I don’t ever wanna see you say Tumblr Granny…

Back when it was just -anon

// ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Then we can be Tumblr grannys together haha. Oh boy do I miss the old days when things were simple and no one cared about formatting (like half of the time I can’t even read people’s replies bc it’s so small like I already need glasses). Can’t we just go back to the days where we had fun and cared more about having fun together than having the fanciest font/theme/icons?

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i suck at landscaping omg and it seems so hard ;_; any tips?

So this is going to be really long because I’ve actually wanted to type up a guide of my own like this for a while now, so get ready for melon-chair’s unofficial guide to low-stress landscaping!!

  • The first golden rule (as you’d probably guess): Don’t stress out about it! Animal Crossing tries its best to make itself a little stress-free happy zone for you, and even though it’s a bit misguided in how hands-off it makes you be sometimes, it really shines whenever you get to just chill out and enjoy your village, and in turn, you’ll be at your most creative when you’re enjoying your time in game. Don’t view landscaping as a chore, view it as another fun thing to do!
  • The second golden rule: Design your town organically! I’ve seen guides that encourage you to just chop down every tree in your town as soon as possible so you have a clean slate to plan and that is absolutely outlandish to me, because I’m most inspired by little things that happen naturally. If you like a way a cluster of trees looks, try to figure out why, and either use that same formation elsewhere or expand on that little grove to really emphasize it! If villagers start planting flowers somewhere, let them have at it for a few days and see if they come up with any good designs you might not have thought of. There is no such thing as the “perfect” town, so take everything one day at a time and do what seems fun and pretty at the time! you can always change it, and you may end up coming up with something that’s even better than what you were hoping for!

Much, much more past the read-more that I don’t want clogging people’s dashes, so if those two principles interest you, keep reading for some elaboration (and some ~super secrets~ at the end)!

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Anxiety - Luke Hemmings

Requested by anon :) I hope it’s okay :)

A/N: I tried researching a little into anxiety and depression and stuff because I can honestly say I’ve never suffered from anything like that so I’m sorry if my take on these are a little wrong but here we go. And I typed it all on my phone so it’s not exactly formatted well but okay.

Spending a whole day at the amusement park was the furthest from my idea of fun, but all I wanted was to spend time with Luke and if he wanted to go to an amusement park, then that’s where we were going. I had a lot of good days recently and I thought I’d really be okay. Luke hadn’t known of my anxiety and I never intended on telling him. I always planned on being better before he ever found out I had a problem.

The crowds of the amusement park were really getting my heart racing and I slowly took deep breaths in and out as I followed Luke and the guys around the park. Luke held my hand, and I continually squeezed it to make sure he was still there. Occasionally he’d look over and ask if I was okay. “I’m fine.” I confirmed. Luke nodded and smiled at me.

“Let’s go on the roller coaster!” Calum shouted and the three took of running with Luke and I trailing behind. We all got in line and waited for it to diminish slowly. My heart was pounding a million miles a minute, waiting to get on this roller coaster. Finally, we were the next ones to board, and against my better judgement, I climbed into the car next to Luke. We were in a car near the front, which only added to my anxiety.

I let out a shaky breath as the worker checked out safety belts and lowered the bar. Luke snaked his arm around my shoulders and rubbed my back. “It’ll be fun, babe! You’ll be okay!” If only I was just nervous about it, I was a complete mess.

The click of the wheels against the track started and we slowly made our way up the first hill. Tears started streaming down my face almost immediately and I let out a cry of fear.

“Babe?” Luke asked. “Are you okay?” My breathing was ragged and my chest was heaving. I shouldn’t have gotten on this roller coaster, my brain kept telling me. We were moving too fast and the wind was blowing too hard for me to hear whatever else Luke was saying to me. All I knew was that I was numb to everything around me and that this wasn’t a place I ever wanted to be again.

As the roller coaster slowed to a complete stop, Luke unbuckled our safety belt and lifted me out of the roller coaster car and started pushing his way through the exiting crowd. Michael, Calum, and Ashton were following behind when they saw the tears running down my face. Luke looked back at them, telling them to leave and they did.

His lips were next to my ear, whispering calming words, telling me everything was all right and that he loved me.

Finally, we were seated at one of those picnic tables, my head between my knees and Luke was rubbing my back. I was trying to catch my breath and Luke was singing softly so only I could hear it,

When I felt like I could breathe again, I sat up and laid my head against Luke’s chest. “Why didn’t you tell me you had anxiety? I never would’ve let you get on that roller coaster.” Luke said, his fingers drawing soft circles on my back.

“I didn’t want.. To keep you from doing things.” I said between breaths. He softly kissed my temple.

“Honey, I don’t care what I do. I’m supposed to protect you.” Luke whispered. “I’d rather lie around the house with you any day over being with those weirdos.” Luke pointed over to Ashton, Michael, and Calum where Michael had just shoved his ice cream he’d bought in Calum’s face. I giggled lightly.

“You’re too sweet. Where’d I get such a loving boyfriend?” I smiled up at him, my anxiety had already gone down considerably.

Luke laughed. “Let’s just leave them here and go home, what do you think?”

“I think I love you.”

“I love you too.” Luke smiled.



From now till 21st Aug, I’ll be posting SCANDAL’s solo interviews everyday, one member per day! Do look forward to them!

―― Today, it’s a long interview to look back on SCANDAL’s 10 years.

Yes. It’s been long.

―― So 10 years has been long, is it? (laughs)

In terms of bodily sensation, it feels short, but when you look back, it’s been long. We were formed during our emotional teenage period, then going into our 20s, and then the later half of our 20s. First and foremost, to turn this age and still be continuing with the band, it was unimaginable back in those times.

―― When the band was formed and with it moving forward, were you so absorbed that it felt like you were put in a dream-like situation?

That’s right. At the start when I was going to the vocal and dance school, I had zero instrument lessons before, and there weren’t anyone around me that played instruments either. That’s why, when the school teacher told me, 'Try playing a musical instrument’, it didn’t feel like reality. Since I was young, I looked up to the entertainment industry and went to school (for this) too. Just right at that time, I was in the 3rd year of high school, troubled about what I should do afterwards, like should I follow my dreams or further my studies. It wasn’t the singer path that I’d envisioned for myself, but I thought I’d follow my intuition onto this road.

―― During the time when you thought you’ll give instruments and the band a shot, have you already decided upon an instrument as well?

At the start, aside from these 4, I also asked about it with many other people. For me, it was like, 'Won’t you perhaps try the guitar out for a bit?’, so I picked the guitar without hesistation, but there were also others who were on the keyboard too. I firstly went for an instrument that I felt I could play and that I could become good at, was how it then felt.

―― When you started on the guitar, were there any bands that you referred to?

At that time, it was JUDY AND MARY, I suppose. But, when I saw the score, it was really difficult. So afterwards, when the 4 of us were wondering what to try playing, we copied Nakashima Mika’s 'GLAMOROUS SKY’, and Sadistic Mica Band’s 'Time Machine ni Onegai’, as sung by Kimura Kaela.

―― Do you still remember the feeling of when you first entered a studio?

During that time, I didn’t even know the way to use an amp. I would even go, 'Where should this be connected to?!’, in order to have my voice come out from the speakers from the mic. For a 2-hour studio session, we probably spent an hour setting up (laughs). However, it felt like an after-school activity, so it was fun.

―― HARUNA-san is 2 years older than the other 3 (members) right?

MAMI and TOMO are 2 years younger than me, and RINA, 3 years.

―― In your teens, I believe that this age gap would seem huge. Did you feel like you had to pull this along yourself?

I think I felt that I had to get myelf together, since I’m the older sister. But rather than being a self-motivated leader, I probably only know more due to my being older (laughs). There was somewhat such a gap then.

―― There was a moment that lifted the weight off your chest eh (laughs)

RINA was already enrolled in the school, but she only started a little before our formation, on our formation day that is 21st August. The day that we heard, 'A new girl named RINA will be joining in, and you’ll be doing the band together okay’ was the first time we all met in person, and that would be our day of formation.

―― To form a band with members that you’ve just met and whom are touching an instrument for the first time, did you feel uneasy, like how this was all going to turn out?

I knew that we’re all going to be poor, but it wasn’t like I was that unconfident. Surely it’ll be a long way before we get good, but I didn’t either. Since I’ll think, we did it!, so long we could last the way from RINA’s drum counts to the end of a song. Every single day was filled with a sense of fulfillment (laughs). From our formation day on 21st August till our Summer holidays ends, for around 2 weeks, we were constantly undergoing training camps.

―― And then in October 2008, you all debuted with the single release, 'DOLL’. Since your debut, have there been years that you personally felt change, in terms of your mental state?

That’s right…I’ve had quite a period that I was troubled. It was between the 2nd album, 'TEMPTATION BOX’ (2010) and the 3rd album, 'BABY ACTION’ (2011). The things that I weren’t able to grasp in regards to singing have increased. I’ve liked to sing since I was young, and I’ve never had to be troubled over my own singing. Thus, during recording sessions, which I listened in on over and over again, I became even more lost, like, 'How should I sing this even?’ That dragged on for quite a bit.

―― Starting from thinking about “singing”, you pulled ahead with it oming from “technical ability”, rather than coming from the heart then.

I was serious about my roots, and I wanted to sing even better, and so I was pulled along with wanting to sing in the correct way. Turns out that it became that I couldn’t sing at all.

―― Did the members realise that?

They did, since my voice wouldn’t come out all. The people who’ve been supporting us since our debut too, I think they knew. For myself, that was embarassing. We kept getting more and more confirmed events, and we were also already in the midst of giving plenty of lives, but I wasn’t able to give my best performance for over 2 or 3 years.

―― In terms of time, that was long.

One of the things that changed me were our first-ever confirmed Budokan performance in March 2012. From around the time when we were rehearsing for that, I had the feeling that my feelings were slowly moving forward. I changed my voice trainer, and I was also glad for that person’s support. I think I really caused trouble for the members and staff too, to the point that I’m really grateful for them not leaving me behind.

―― Well then, how do you see SCANDAL from now on?

No matter how it turns out, we’ll be looking forward to it. I haven’t thought much about how things will be like many years from now on.

―― What is the reason for your continuing till now?

I think it’s because the 4 of us are really looking into the same direction together. We have the courage, and are good at pushing ahead (laughs). We do look back at the moments that felt regrettable or troubling, but we’ve never given up. No one ever says they can’t do it anymore. We’re always satisfied, but never satisfied either I guess. If you can’t get through to the band members, there’ll be uncertainty. They aren’t family or friends. But for 10 years everyday, we’ve been together. Above just being alive, they’re people necessary in life.

―― You’ll all have to go for the Guinness record now (laughs)

I think that the 10 years from now and the past 10 years will be completely different. Even if you think about it logically, these are 10 years that mean great change to a woman. I’ll be 38 on our 20th anniversary, but I can’t imagine that at all. I’ve been hell-bent on running forward since I was in my 10s, and that won’t happen in my 10th year. I think we’ll like to do this at our own pace now. I wonder how it’ll turn out. But, I’ll still like us to remain cool.

Translations & photos by fyscandalband. To purchase, click HERE. As I’ll only translate what piques my interest, this is only a part of the interview and not a full translation. More to come.

hipogram  asked:

Speaking of comics expertise, dude, congrats on being an Ignatz juror this year! What were some positives from the process? Any good takeaways from the experience?


The wildest takeaway is that I could do it all day. I read comics on the subway, carried them in my shoulder bag all day, read webcomics at my desk while eating meals, read anthology short stories in the bathroom. I could just read comics in an amphibious manner all day long, switching from format to format as the rest of the day goes by.

Practical lessons:

-webcomics can feel overwhelming but I just waded in and read them in a “grazing” fashion.
-read webcomics on the iPad, they feel way more comfortable than hunched over a desk computer.
-but also read webcomics on a desk computer while eating lunch/dinner.

-minicomics are easy: it’s always an ok time to read minicomics. Beware reading unknown minicomics on the subway. The person next to you might get a surprise!

-don’t read comic anthologies all at once. Treat them like coffee table books. Read one story and do something else. Use bookmarks in all comics anthologies. Read the stories on order but over a period of time. You do the individual stories no favors by trying to blaze through the entire book in one hungry sitting.

-graphic novels often have chapters but I preferred to read them in one sitting each. Just too many books to stop and start.

-become good at “weighing” books. Not literal “weight,” but learn to estimate a book’s comics density. You can tear through a 200-page graphic novel on a 30-minute train ride. Another 200-page graphic novel might take you 2 hours.

Big lessons:

-There’s a lot of work out there. It’s astonishing.

-A lot of people are working on the same things that you are personally interested in. Multiple people are working on similar projects at the same time. Learn not to see it as a competition or a threat and learn to embrace the fact that people are interested in similar subjects.

-Learn to appreciate the difference between what you, the cartoonist, would do and what this cartoonist who you are reading did do.

-There is value in the stuff that you don’t like.