the forever they promised

home is where the heart is [ch 13]

home is where the heart is ♣♦ read @ ao3

“…I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Naomi’s look seems enough to flatten steel. “Are you fucking shitting me.”

“Naomi, language!”

“Are you fucking kidding me, Chuuya-san?!”


“Hush, niisan, I need to set this straight.” Naomi marches back to where Chuuya’s rooted in place. “Are you not Dazai-san’s boyfriend?”

Holding on

What are we but lovers caught in a dream;
Entangled in a web of long gone wishes
Where only kisses breathe us alive,
We, trapped in a trance transcending time,
Locked is our distant gaze, craving eternity;
A single touch, what more could we want?

To remain close! – conjoined, is all we want:
Ethereal existence as in a dream,
Energy fusing in eternity,
We, longing to be but the sum of our wishes;
Sand never ruled by the hourglass of time,
Never falling, yet evolving, growing; alive.

I promise, our passion will forever remain alive,
This attraction fulfills the whole of our want;
We get lost in each other; in time! –
Skin to skin feels like a dream,
Let us stay drunk on love, high on our wishes;
Tightly clutched together for a sheer eternity.

This is destiny; our mortal grasp at eternity,
White sparkles inciting a flame forever alive,
Devouring us; stripping us of all wishes
Until we are consummated, free from want,
Absorbing the illusion of that lucid dream
Where your last kiss stops all time.

(Our moments will fade to memories in time.)

Us, promising and even expecting eternity;
Fools believe in such an idyllic dream! –
This last chance to keep you alive
Slowly slips away, wrenching my every want,
I see, only the heavens can grant wishes.

Bereft of hope, I whisper sweet death wishes,
Unable, no, reluctant to bide out my time
Now each waking day ends in the want
To gently slip into oneiric eternity,
The only place where I find you, still alive.

Alas, it is always just a dream.

Written by @denmysterywoman,
and @definegodliness

Confession: I’m forever heartbroken Mhairi didn’t survive the Joining. She was such a promising companion! I got attached immediately, she was so passionate and cute and kind. I wish there was a mod to make sure she survives, but almost no one creates mods for DAO anymore. Or at least a mod to skip the intro of Awakening, so I don’t have to watch her be killed by her biggest dream. Poor, sweet Mhairi!

cap source: rdp

(mod note: people are still making dao mods! lots of them. also, we recommend the add mhairi mod. you can’t skip the cutscene, but you can get her back.) 

It’s ya boi Benz, back on his Azmuth forsaken alien boi blog! Since these go around faster than fancy promos (and this muse is such a shit post, it’s hard to make fancy promos for him asdkjashd), like/reblog (preferably) if you’d be interested in roleplaying with an Independent, Selective, and Private Ben Tennyson! I’m Omniverse centric, but that’s just preference, and I still take UAF and OS into account! I’m chill with all Ben 10 since this show is my forever jam ♥

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to be continued, stay tooned to see what “poseidons kiss” is (or you could like google it, but where’s the fun in that??)…. part 1\2

this took forever, and i’m not even done yet

Edit: Here is part 2, the boat pun was not intended

I’ve been inspired lately by pixel RPG games along with watching the new walking dead trailer (more than once), getting extremely pumped about it, so this was born

it isn’t supposed to be good, I just wanted to do something fun aha

and fun it was not

props to pixel artists, I don’t know how you guys do this stuff


Widowmaker’s Under the Mistletoe Highlight Intro plus Junkrat’s Heroic Highlight Intro

aka I learned how to make gifs