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#SherlockLives: The Resurrection

The day is April 23rd, 2017.  It’s an ordinary Sunday afternoon in London.

The crowd bustles, trains whirr, birds chirp.

Life in the city is business as usual.

Three teenage girls take photographs outside 187 North Gower Street, soaking in the ambiance of the Sherlock set.  They step into Speedy’s for a cup of coffee.

The women lament over the loss of their favorite show. On March 8th, the BBC announced Sherlock would not be returning for a fifth series, and cowriters Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss were quick to assure their fans that it was time to lay the beloved program to rest.

But what the women saw next changed their lives forever.

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Sick (Piercer!Jungkook)

Plot: #82: “I was in the neighbourhood.” with piercer!Jungkook

Word Count: 830 

A/N: so the original piercer!kook post is right here you can read it if you want a little more details and more about what he’s like as a piercer and all of that fun stuff (I also just wanna send out my condolences to Tae and his family, I know that his grandma must have been so amazing and I’m really really sorry that he has to go through this at all let alone at such a young age and I really truly hope that he and his family are doing okay but rest in peace Grandma Kim, you helped raised the amazing man that Taehyung is and I know that myself and millions of other people are so so grateful that you did bc without you we may not have the Tae that we do today and you will definitely never be forgotten) 

You fully blamed Park Jimin for getting you sick. You had visited your boyfriend, Jungkook, at his piercing and tattoo shop where he and his friends worked. Jimin handled a lot of the tattoos, along with Yoongi while Jungkook and Taehyung tended to handle the piercings. Taehyung had started it all, catching the flu from his brother. He passed it onto Jimin, who then passed it onto both Yoongi and you. Jungkook was the only one that hadn’t gotten sick yet since he’d made everyone else take some time off because he didn’t want them to get any customers sick and he thought it wasn’t very sanitary to have them around the shop. Jungkook had been busier than ever, having to call in a few extra friends that worked in tattoo and piercing shops close by to help him handle all of the customers the other boys would normally take.

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OK so @whitechoko asked about my reasons to ship Haruka/Rin

This turned into a really long post, because when I start to talk about these two losers, it always turns into an essay.I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY. THEY’RE SO SPECIAL TO ME. I’M SO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THEM. THEY’RE AN IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE.

This ship is the otp of all otps I’ve ever otp’d. First time in my whole shipping life my otp fits in EVERY trope I adore. They’re just perfect like that. I don’t ship these two only because of ~rival x rival, sexy glaring, sexual tension, they look hawt together~ reasons. Those things are spicing up things and that’s awesome, but this ship is more than that, at least to me. This ship has EVERYTHING. I can go from “ Aww they’re so cute.” to “ Oh my god help them, they’re idiots.”, from “ Wow what is this shojo?” to “Holy hell that’s hot.” They can make me laugh and cry, give me so many different emotions.

I officially got into this ship from the “Romantic, right?” moment. I thought “Why that cheerful kid from the whole group chose the grumpy kid and teasingly smiling to him said those lines? And why the grumpy kid got embarrassed and blushed? Hey, there is something special going on here and I’m so into that.” And so it began and here I am. I got it bad when I rewatched the series and reread the novels last year. I paid attention to every single detail and symbolism and really fell in love with this wonderful and inspiring relationship even more. Now let’s get to the real point of this post. Why do I love them? What do they have that made me love them so much? I tried to keep this as short as possible (originally this was 7k+ of word vomit). Ok so, things I love about this ship.

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