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#SherlockLives: The Resurrection

The day is April 23rd, 2017.  It’s an ordinary Sunday afternoon in London.

The crowd bustles, trains whirr, birds chirp.

Life in the city is business as usual.

Three teenage girls take photographs outside 187 North Gower Street, soaking in the ambiance of the Sherlock set.  They step into Speedy’s for a cup of coffee.

The women lament over the loss of their favorite show. On March 8th, the BBC announced Sherlock would not be returning for a fifth series, and cowriters Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss were quick to assure their fans that it was time to lay the beloved program to rest.

But what the women saw next changed their lives forever.

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SF9 Reaction to: After They Call You Out, They Spend The Night and In The Morning

Welcome back my lovely people! Before we get to what you came for, I just would like to express my respect and admiration for SF9. Though these reactions are written because I enjoy writing them, I would like to express that as the talented dancers, singers, and rappers they are, they deserve so much love and recognition for all that they have done and how far they have come, both before and after debut. I’m sorry, I’m just feeling really emotional (*the saddest and weirdest face you can imagine*, it’s from some cartoon that line, can’t recall) But in all seriousness, they are talented and deserve a great amount love… Which shall be expressed innocently in these reactions. 

SF9, you’re an amazing group, and I am glad to be a new Fantasy!

If you made it through the spill, thank you so much, and great gratitude to you too. Onto the context of this lovely situation you find yourself in you crazy cats you! Now, it is the morning after they came to you acting all funny, right? You being the lovely person you are, wouldn’t let them just leave! You let them spend the night (C,C&I) and this is how your morning would go. Why? Why? Why are you NOT dating yet??? (Because coincidence shot irony in the tooth, and he used convenience as a convenient splint… and because they said so.) Okay. Ready? GO!!!

Youngbin (The Leader)

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You coincidentally woke up around the same time. After Youngbin had told you the truth behind his visit, you would tell him to just sleep over since it was late, and he did eventually give in. Heck, he had come all the way out there to see you, and he definitely didn’t want to just leave. He went to sleep in the couch, but somehow in the morning, you were both cuddled together. You would be asleep, and his arms would be around you. Some time throughout the span of SLEEP, you had turned to face him. You would wake to see each other’s face, and then chaos would ensue. You wouldn’t know how he got he there, he wouldn’t know how you got there OR how he got there, and this would continue for sometime. Eventually you two would sit at the breakfast table flustered. Neither of you would say anything. “I didn’t mean to… end up there. Honest.” You asked him how he wasn’t even able to remember getting up and coming to the room, and he would retort. “How do you not remember me coming in?!” Then silence would follow, and you both would agree to let it go ( though your hearts say otherwise).  “Fine… Thanks for letting me stay for the night. And for last night…” You would tell him he was welcome, and went out to get breakfast. Breakfast of which he paid for, because he wanted you two to be even. “I owe you one, so I’ll buy you breakfast. Don’t worry about it!” (But in all honesty, at this point isn’t it just an excuse to prolong time together? I would think so.)

Inseong (The Smartest and the Eldest)

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After your stargazing session, you were able to convince him that it was common sense to spend the night at your house since it was nearly 4 in the morning. And despite all his constant protests and how it wasn’t right to spend the night at your house, he did so. And he would be on the couch because. Just because. Of course, he would protest to that. “Why should I sleep on the couch, isn’t it customary to give the guest the bed, and you sleep on the couch?” You two would BICKER and WHINE FOREVER ABOUT THIS! You would both end up falling asleep ARGUING on the couch about who DESERVED THE COUCH! You would wake up the next morning leaning on each others heads, and he would after a cup of water, BEGIN AGAIN! “See?! Had you just let me have the bed, at least one of us would have gotten a good nights sleeps. My neck hurts.” (Understand something. Inseong would do all this bicker and whining and complaining throughout the entire duration of his visit. BUT, it would all be to hide his inner embarrassment. Much like an episode of Special Food 9, the second one, where he claims to be able to cook European Ramen and it goes WRONG.(From V Live)) Needless to say, you would pacify him with breakfast.

Jaeyoon (The Bright Jokester)

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After you’re cute little moment (CUTE), you would tell him to stay the night, and he did, only he didn’t give you an option about where you sleep. “I’m going to sleep in the bed and you will too.” You would tell him that he should take the couch, or you on the floor, or anything but that idea. “What’s wrong, you told me you trusted me? Are you afraid I’ll do something?” You told him it wasn’t that, but it was embarrassing. And he actually laughed when you said that. “Either we sleep together, or I’ll go home right now at 4 in the morning. Pick a poison.” In the end, you slept together, and he would not hide the satisfaction from you at all. He would be SPORTING it all throughout the early morning, when you woke to *gasp* (shocker) you two cuddling. You were angry at him for doing that, and he would point out you were the one hugging him. “Looks like you are after me too… I don’t know if it was right to have you sleep with me… Maybe you should have slept on the floor… Had I known about your lust.” He would joke as you yelled at him for making it sound weird. He would love spending the morning with you, and eating breakfast, as it seemed all his worries, thanks to you, had melted away.

Dawon( The Acting Joker)

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After Dawon’s little stunt, you were on edge for the entire night. You told him to just stay over, and he turned that against you. “How could you be thinking so wrong? For shame~” He smiled and joked at you. But you were determined to make sure that he stayed with you. He agreed to sleep on the couch and was watching TV, when you kept coming out over and over again to see if he was still there. He snapped, “Go to sleep, I’m not going anywhere SHEESH!!” Soon, he grew tired and went into the room with you and stayed with you. You asked him if he was going to leave again. “No, I won’t leave. Had I known the test would have this kind of effect on you, I wouldn’t have done! As if seeing your face didn’t do a number on me already.” You pulled at his sleeve, and he crawled into the bed with you, and you faced each other. You told him to promise not to leave. “I promise I won’t leave.” You told him to say it again. “I promise I won’t leave.” Again. And again. And again, you had him repeat it. “Enough! I couldn’t leave even if I wanted… You already found a space to big in my heart… Now even if I go far away, I can only find my way back here to you.” But, you didn’t hear that. You were already asleep, and Dawon was fuming mad. But he let it go, after what he put you through just a few hours earlier. You woke the next morning, to him all smiles, staring at you. “Morning! Can you make breakfast?” You hugged him. “Hey! I told you I wouldn’t leave! Trust me at least a little.” You told him you did, but was just happy to see him. And that would make his day.

Zuho (The Charismatic Daydreamer)

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Zuho would wake up before you, and would once again relish in how cute you were when you were asleep. He would get out of bed slowly, and would make you breakfast. You would wake up to the smell of good food, and would find Zuho cooking. You would trudge out, and he would reach out to hug you. “Good morning. Thanks for letting me spend the night. I made you something to eat, since I owed you one. I hope you like it.” As you two would eat the food, he would watch as you scarfed down his food, seeming all to happy. He took away one of your bowls, and you begged for it back. “Hmmm… If you give me a kiss then maybe I’ll give it back…” He poked his cheek, and you kissed him on the cheek without hesitation. You took your bowl, and went on with your meal, leaving Zuho flustered by your boldness.

Rowoon (The Caring and Cheerful)

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Rowoon would shocked to wake up next to you and jump out of bed. He would quickly cover his mouth, and see if he had woken you up. When he saw you hadn’t flinched and were still sleeping peacefully, he would smile and look at you endearingly. “How can you be so cute, even in your sleep?” Another one to make you breakfast, he would finish and come back into the room to wake you up. You would give him a hard time, but would get up to the bribery of food. He would enjoy watching you eat his food, and would thank you for letting him stay the night. “Thank you. I feel much better thanks to you.” You told him that he could come anytime he wanted or anytime he wanted someone to talk to. “You shouldn’t tell me that. Or else, I won’t ever want to leave.” You were shocked by his boldness, and he didn’t seem bashful about his words. No, thanks to the confidence you gave him yesterday, he was feeling more bold than ever. (Let’s see how long it lasts)

Taeyang (The Thoughtful Fashionista)

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You would wake up shocked to find Taeyang sleeping next to you. You wanted to ask him why he was there, but you remembered yesterday, and sighed as you decided that just this once you would let it go. You went out to the kitchen, and made breakfast. But the temptation was all too great for you! You set up the speakers, and blasted Taeyang out of bed. He would wake up startled and scared, before realizing the assault you just committed. You knew as always that this was a declaration of war, and this continued long enough for you guys to forget about breakfast.

Hwiyoung (The Emotional Gentleman)

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Rise and shine! It’s cuddle time! This is how you two greeted each other. Hwiyoung would yelp in surprise when he saw you open your eyes (yes he DID watch you sleep for a little while). He would be all pout and whine while you two went out to get breakfast. “You pervert! Hey pervert!” He wouldn’t let it go that you two had been cuddling for who knows how long! He couldn’t accept the fact that he had been unwittingly doing it, or that he had missed out on it.  As you two ate breakfast, it seemed to calm him down enough to the point where he stopped calling you a pervert. “Thanks for letting me stay… But next time… Let’s not be a pervert okay?”

Chani (The Brave Maknae)

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Chani would wake up before you, and would have the audacity to wake you up and ask you for food. “Hey, wake up! Can you make breakfast? I’m hungry.” You would do it, but the entire time Chani would have to listen to your nagging. He would accept it willingly, just patiently waiting and hoping you would burn yourself out. He would thank you for the food and for letting him stay the night, and offer to take you out next time. You asked him where he was even thinking of taking you out to, and he said, “How about a horror movie? We get to see you in your natural habitat.” This would trigger much more nagging.

So, that was a varying in lengths reaction/ scenario. I hope you enjoyed this. 

But I think I should get back to the roots of this blog, and travel to the great jungle and get back to the slogan! Good day and good night my fellow people! I shall see you when I see you! 

Sick (Piercer!Jungkook)

Plot: #82: “I was in the neighbourhood.” with piercer!Jungkook

Word Count: 830 

A/N: so the original piercer!kook post is right here you can read it if you want a little more details and more about what he’s like as a piercer and all of that fun stuff (I also just wanna send out my condolences to Tae and his family, I know that his grandma must have been so amazing and I’m really really sorry that he has to go through this at all let alone at such a young age and I really truly hope that he and his family are doing okay but rest in peace Grandma Kim, you helped raised the amazing man that Taehyung is and I know that myself and millions of other people are so so grateful that you did bc without you we may not have the Tae that we do today and you will definitely never be forgotten) 

You fully blamed Park Jimin for getting you sick. You had visited your boyfriend, Jungkook, at his piercing and tattoo shop where he and his friends worked. Jimin handled a lot of the tattoos, along with Yoongi while Jungkook and Taehyung tended to handle the piercings. Taehyung had started it all, catching the flu from his brother. He passed it onto Jimin, who then passed it onto both Yoongi and you. Jungkook was the only one that hadn’t gotten sick yet since he’d made everyone else take some time off because he didn’t want them to get any customers sick and he thought it wasn’t very sanitary to have them around the shop. Jungkook had been busier than ever, having to call in a few extra friends that worked in tattoo and piercing shops close by to help him handle all of the customers the other boys would normally take.

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BaekChen’s Birthday in TLP Beijing 140921

literally, whose birthday is it anyway? Cute Baek blowing out the candles with Jongdae, ruining his cake, acting like a dutiful MC… I can picture them being each other’s Best Man

24/ reasons why BaekChen are the cutest pair of BFFs

OK so @whitechoko asked about my reasons to ship Haruka/Rin

This turned into a really long post, because when I start to talk about these two losers, it always turns into an essay.I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY. THEY’RE SO SPECIAL TO ME. I’M SO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THEM. THEY’RE AN IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE.

This ship is the otp of all otps I’ve ever otp’d. First time in my whole shipping life my otp fits in EVERY trope I adore. They’re just perfect like that. I don’t ship these two only because of ~rival x rival, sexy glaring, sexual tension, they look hawt together~ reasons. Those things are spicing up things and that’s awesome, but this ship is more than that, at least to me. This ship has EVERYTHING. I can go from “ Aww they’re so cute.” to “ Oh my god help them, they’re idiots.”, from “ Wow what is this shojo?” to “Holy hell that’s hot.” They can make me laugh and cry, give me so many different emotions.

I officially got into this ship from the “Romantic, right?” moment. I thought “Why that cheerful kid from the whole group chose the grumpy kid and teasingly smiling to him said those lines? And why the grumpy kid got embarrassed and blushed? Hey, there is something special going on here and I’m so into that.” And so it began and here I am. I got it bad when I rewatched the series and reread the novels last year. I paid attention to every single detail and symbolism and really fell in love with this wonderful and inspiring relationship even more. Now let’s get to the real point of this post. Why do I love them? What do they have that made me love them so much? I tried to keep this as short as possible (originally this was 7k+ of word vomit). Ok so, things I love about this ship.

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