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My favorite kind of LED items are the ones that look beautiful in day light and nighttime, so they transition perfectly! 

I haven’t seen a pansy crown before, and this one is adorable. The lights on it look great too!

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Hi this is your daily reminder that everything you could ever touch is chemicals and that you need to take care when mixing ingredients together so that they don’t react in a way that harms you or your environment

Everything is chemicals. You are chemicals. Your dog is chemicals. Your aunt is chemicals. Your herbs are chemicals. Your phone is chemicals. Your clothing are chemicals. Everything under the sun is chemicals.

You still have to take care when mixing anything together so that they don’t harm you, no matter their source, natural or artificial, from the forest or a lab.

Enviro rant//Hoof disease in Sitka elk is a result of disgusting industrial cow farm practices, fyi

It’s so fucking awesome how our shitty large farming practices that developed with cow farmers in europe and the usa started the bacteria that now causes hoof disease in Sitka elk in the PNW. Washington’s elk herds especially are suffering so much, and wildlife officials are doing nothing to treat them or develop a vaccine, of course. And, in spite of herds being sick and needing help, hunting permits for them are being sold like cheap candy. We barely develop any vaccines for humans, why would we make any for species that actually contribute to this earth and its valuable ecosystems?

Fuck lazy corporate farms and farmers, and fuck -all- government environment regulatory programs. The Forest Service and other government wildlife sectors have small bands of individuals who care and do good, but don’t be fooled overall. The upper management uses the name “Forest Service” as a guise for continued environmental destruction for corporate capitalist interests that is hurting every species. They can get away with this because few people truly understand ecology and the impacts of the Forest Service’s/EPA’s/DOFW’s less than desirable methods and lax standards overall. I’m sure the lack of science education in public schools (and the almost unidirectional focus on computer/mechanical engineering jobs for merchandise production in our society as opposed to earth sciences and medicine)is entirely intentional by the the government – understanding the truth about how the earth works and can thrive if we changed makes everything our government does seem nonsensical and careless. If people don’t understand the science, corrupt leaders can do what they want, and use rhetoric exclusive to the scientific community to confuse the public. These government regulators are still the arms of logging lobbyists and politicians who give no shits about the environment other than draining it dry to benefit them short term.

((I know this personally as well – not only did I study conservation biology, ecology, climate science, and botany while working in a lab with one of the best botanical ecologists in the country for five years – we did several studies for free for the Forest Service regarding invasive species managment. It was our job to show them the best ways to kill invasive species and the best ways to recover native assemblages post destruction. The Forest Service’s methods always involved deadly sprays, some were glyphosate which has been strongly linked to cancer in livestock and humans, while my methods involved hand picked weeding and planting of strong native plants/primary succession species post destruction. Guess which method allows the forest to grow back!!! Mine. The forest grew back with healthy native assemblages and no invasives, as long as all invasive material was removed from the site and humans were not allowed to trample the site. Destruction by humans simply walking around with invasive seeds and spores on their shoes, or dogs, is the number one cause of invasive plants overtaking native ones. My results were the same regardless of the forest area or original plant assemblage, or regardless of the invasive. The Forest Service’s lazy spray method had NOTHING other than weeds growing back on the site. Gross. Also, their standard practice in my state is to leave invasive material on site in huge piles even when they did hand pick some specimen along with spraying various chemicals. This is really dumb, because many of the worst invasives are clonal/can spread by rhizomes and can reproduce from a tiny slice of living material leftover. In the forests my lab and I studied, they had to employ our methods and three Oregon forests are now safely recovering from Brachypodium sylvaticum, Himalayan blackberry, and English ivy, as far as I know. They could have reverted back to old methods with Trump in charge, though.))

They will take and destroy in the name of capitalism until we get to a point where certain ecosystem types, and thus huge arrays of species, will disappear completely without recovering. It’s already happening. If enough remaining forest is destroyed, especially the Amazon, our climate systems will lose their drive (most importantly a huge part of the water cycle will effectively be stopped due to deforestation) and the jet stream will shut down, triggering another ice age. But it’s no big deal, don’t worry about the trees or the animals who live among them~


Animal Rescued From Labs Become Magic Models In Alice - In - Wonderland Photoshoot

  1. Giuseppe Rossi was rescued by the Italian charity together with dozens of other mice after their lab finished testing. If La Collina dei Conigli had not saved them, they would have been put to sleep.
  2. Indiana Jane is so tiny that she fell off a truck full of rabbits destined for the meat market. We guess that her mother and siblings were on that truck too.
  3. This little mouse was destined to become snake food.

  4. Guinea pigs are ready to play.

  5. Pet rabbit Nilo was found abandoned, with rear legs paralyzed. Luckily, appropriate care and rehabilitation allowed him to stand and jump again.

  6. Nissa the pet rabbit was rescued from a bad case of mistreatment. She was safe when she gave birth to mini-me Matteo.

  7. Console Marcello is a New Zealand rabbit used in lab testing, as you can guess from the number tattooed on his ear. He’s still looking for a lovely home.

  8. Her Majesty Neda. She was adopted right after the photo-shoot.

  9. Guinea Pigs are great models – just give them food, and everything will be alright.

  10. Who will paint roses for the Queen?

Mice were the most cooperative models, while guinea pigs were the laziest (they stayed still only with food present). Rats were the most attractive, and rabbits… were the most disapproving. Some of the pictures were used in the charity’s 2015 calendar, which helps raise funds for hundreds and hundreds of rescued animal.

Many of them are still looking for their new homes, so if you live in Italy, you can adopt one.

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Amelia had been walking through the forest, exploring like usual, when she had come across an ancient looking forest, being eaten away by moss, thick in green. The air felt thick here, and the trees looked so old that the wood would perhaps give way at a simple touch. At least, that was how it appeared. There were lots of ponds every. Upon walking through, an old laboratory sat in ruins. The stones old and worn, the metal rusted, both eaten away by moss. Amelia had entered this old abandoned ruin, gazing about in awe. Just what kind of place was this? Why did they abandon this place? Amelia was quite curious… Picking up an old paper that still seemed to survive in an old, musty book, she couldn’t make out most of the words except a few, tilting her head to the side.
“Couldn’t… Stop her. Tried to, but… Mmm…? In over our… Does this say heads? Hungry… No one…. Mistake?” Amelia tried to read it out with a frown, turning the book as if that might help. Gently setting it aside, she continued in further to embrace the mystery. She stepped out into what looked like a room with lots of little ponds… Except they were pink? “How odd. Pink water?” Amelia had asked herself softly, kneeling down to gently dip her fingers in, gasping softly before pulling them out.
“T-that’s not water.”


Misty Forest II by Marius Brede

Rolleiflex 3.5F 75mm f3.5 Planar Kodak Porta 400 Dev & Scan by

Unwanted (part 6)

Summary: The reader is kidnapped by Hydra and finds out that she is Tony Stark’s daughter. She is taken under the wing of the Avengers with Bucky and Steve acting as her protectors. The reader discovers the truth about her family while trying to grieve over the death of her mother, who died during the events in Sokovia. Will she be able to forgive the people responsible for her mother’s death? Will she survive the danger that has fallowed her all her life?

Bucky X Reader X Steve

Words: 1743

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