the forest

hetare-hetalia  asked:

🎀 and 🦄? If you have time!

Don’t worry, I’ve got time. Thanks for sending this in! 

🎀- What is your favorite Tumblr account?

Ahh, that’s hard to answer because I like many. Certainly, yours is one of them! First of all, I definitely have to mention @aph-snowball, @aph-belarusia, and @kailuabunny. They’re all friends with quality blogs! I would also like to mention @aphnew-zealand, @courfelicious, @icicle223, @bubbleteahime, and @lawlietinblue.

  @annotated-hetalia is doing some good work by explaining the references in Hetalia, which I really appreciate. I need to catch up on World Stars… The mission of @hetalia-compliments is one that I approve of. 

@dpcphotography has some amazing photography, and @chibird’s posts are always cute and give motivation or solid advice. Overall, I wholly recommend each of the blogs I mentioned!

🦄- What’s your dream job?

I think I would like to be a naturopathic physician. They basically combine natural healing methods with modern science to provide healthcare, which is something that really appeals to me. I also wouldn’t mind being a pediatrician.