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day 59 of 100 days of productivity
it’s been a long day & i’m so tired but i still have so much to do !!! (this photo is from yesterday) & i have a test everyday this week (end me) also (big surprise all round) i got a top grade a in my english language & a b in english lit (peak)
however i did get promoted at ccf ahhh i’m so happy & then my crush was like ahh yee congrats mate and i was gloWIng


Has anyone used the app called Flash Academy? (this is not a sponsored post but they did gift me a premium account for the sake of reviewing the video). I’ve never learnt Spanish but I decided to give it a try - its quite different from other languages I’ve tried (mostly Asian ones). If you’re interested, I reviewed the app on my channel! :D

About Yoi ep 1 (while knowing what happened at ep 10,11,12)

EDIT: Added more things thanks to the last eps! 

All of this has spoilers so read with caution.

Hello everyone! Let’s talk about the chronological events of Yuri on Ice because we now know that Viktor was in love with Yuuri since the GPF gala everything in the anime has a new way to be seen. All of this is what information the episode one has given to us.

First, the order of dates in the chart are based on the actual figure skate season (of this season irl in specific) and dates told inside the anime. This in order to have a better idea on when each event is happening.

Thanks to Yuuri’s very brief and concise explanation of things we get what happened in his skate season till March (the day he got back to Hasetsu).

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anonymous asked:

This is a legitimate question; What are some reputable and trusted news sources that you'd recommend? Just looking to broaden my horizons on where to look for daily news. Also, who exactly are the "fake news" outlets that our president keeps referring to?

The “fake news” is any place that criticizes President Trump or reports on anything that he feels paints him in a negative light, any outlet that doesn’t agree with his ignorant viewpoints, and basically every media source the challenges him on anything. Trump’s branding of investigative journalism that has the temerity to investigate him as “fake news” is plain and simple propaganda and just one of the many ways that the President of the United States continues to perpetuate the cult of personality that elected him to the most powerful position in the world.

As for reputable and trustworthy news sources, I believe that the best way to gain a balanced understanding of what is going on is by checking many different outlets, even those that clearly have more of an ideological or editorial slant. My personal preferences for keeping updated on the news online (which is how I consume the news instead of through television) are CNN and Fox News (again…to balance the ideological biases that those two outlets have), the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Politico, Axios, Foreign Policy, and a handful of magazines, most frequently the Atlantic Monthly and the New Yorker

However, I always start and end my days my reading the daily e-mail newsletters with aggregated news highlights from Axios (Mike Allen is my must-read every day), Politico’s Playbook (created by Allen before he started Axios but taken over without much of a drop-off by Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, and Daniel Lippman), Politico’s California Playbook (by Carla Marinucci), Foreign Policy’s Editor’s Picks, Flash Points, and SitRep newsletters, the Washington Post’s Daily 202, and Gabe Fleisher’s excellent Wake Up To Politics newsletter. I also read longtime Vatican insider John L. Allen, Jr.’s Crux newsletter each day because I like to know what Pope Francis is up to. I have subscriptions to each of these newsletters (and they are all free), so they are normally in my e-mail inbox as soon as I wake up each morning.

My best suggestion is to read as much as you can, and keep it as balanced as possible. If you’re going to read the Huffington Post, make sure you read the Drudge Report, too, because it’s important to see how the exact same topics are tackled differently by outlets with definite biases. It also helps you find some middle ground on the topics, which is usually where the truth resides.

doc: i have an idea for you to write! “bakugou undresses kirishima”!

me: ok let’s do this

me, 1.2k words later: bakugou puts clothes on kirishima

me: what the fuck

now on ao3

2,3k words, bnha, very pg, nothing too complicated or shippy, maybe i should’ve written a pwp instead

In retrospective, relying on healing powers of the school nurse was pretty damn stupid when Kirishima broke his arm.

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Megatron/Fort Max valve spelunking special edition~

EYYYY. I got the thumbs up to post this! This was a comissioned fic for the lovely cosmicdanger . They wanted Megatron/Fort Max valve spelunking and some nice tlc for poor Max!~ This was quite fun to write. ;D

Uh, uh. Tagging you guys, but not sure if you’re interested! BUT WHY not ;D

ceryskitty, adhesivesandscrap, larbestaaargh :DDDD

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Hotel Bathrobes

Jiyong loved the stage, more than anything. He loved the sound of the crowd screaming along to his lyrics, he loved how the lights burned into his skin, an artificial sun warming him from the inside out, and he loved that he never felt alone in front of the fifty, sixty thousand people surrounding him. What he didn’t like was when the last note of the band reverberated through the stadium and he called out his hoarse goodbyes, voice stinging not only because of the strain over the last three hours but also from that stirring in his chest, the dread of the oncoming quiet.

Good things never lasted.

The drill was cemented into his brain and it was only a matter of moving through the motions for Jiyong now. There would be pats on the back and handshakes, lots of “good work everyone!” being passed around, staff ushering them to the dressing room, a quick swipe of makeup remover, and finally back into the clothes he’d changed out of that afternoon. Into the car and…..silence. Jiyong’s ears would ring with it, the ghost of the concert still lingering on his shoulder. Sometimes he’d put his earphones in to fill in what was lost, but most of the time he’d just sit quietly, stifling yawns, and watch the world pass by on the other side of the car window. At least the scenery provided a distraction until he got to the hotel. 

It had almost been better when they were younger, Jiyong often thought, back when they had to share rooms. He’d usually be stuck with Seungri who would babble on about the night as they both got ready for bed, and even once they were in bed. Jiyong had fallen asleep many a time to Seungri’s excited chatter. Now it was different, sometimes he didn’t even see the others after they left the venue. Despite his reputation, Jiyong was never one to go out afterward and party unless it was a promotional event. Instead he spent the night in his hotel room, taking a long shower in water a bit too hot as he scrubbed at the remnants of makeup, sweat, and post concert adrenaline, only to emerge with skin tinged slightly pink and feeling a lot less like a celebrity than he had earlier. 

With a hotel bathrobe wrapped around him, absorbing the cold drips from his wet hair, he’d flick through the channels on the TV, watching, but not really absorbing it; his mind wandering elsewhere as foreign news flashed at him in the dim light. Things he didn’t have time to think about during the day would pop up, worries and fears that Jiyong would never like to admit. And loneliness.

The bed sheets were never as soft as his own and the room always had a chill, yet he had no one to complain to other than himself, which he’d come to learn was not always the best company. So he would lay there, pulling the lavender scented terry cloth robe tighter around his shoulders and swish his feet to loosen the bedding, before waiting for sleep to take him and the cycle to repeat itself.

For years, that cycle was all he knew. Until someone threw it out of orbit.

She would be at his concerts now, usually sitting far up in the stands near the spot lights, as if her own light was the one shining on him. Jiyong certainly felt brighter when she was around. And then she would be backstage just as the concert finished, with open arms and a grin that made his heart thud harder in his chest than the bass ever could. Hand in hand they would sit in the car, sometimes her head on his shoulder or his on her’s, although only when she knew he was really tired; “too sweaty” she would joke.

Always with the patience of a saint, she would wait for him to clean up in their hotel room, humming his songs while she neatly folded his clothes and made them both tea to relax with. Sometimes they sat up into the night in front of the window, talking about everything and nothing at all, as they sipped from their steaming mugs. Sometimes the tea was left abandoned altogether as he fell into her arms, their matching bathrobes tossed without a care, the feel of her skin beneath his hands more calming than any herbal brew.

And sometimes, Jiyong thought, hotel rooms weren’t so lonely anymore.

notanightlight  asked:

If you're still doing prompts, how about some more Winteriron? Bucky decides that he should focus on new goals as he recovers from the winter soldier program. So, since he has a weakness for cute things and Tony is arguably the cutest of things, he decides he's going to protect Tony. I just want to see Bucky trying to stealthily mother hen Tony and getting more obvious about it! Love your stories as always!

You can read more of my works here!

“They’re telling me to set goals,” Bucky mutters, and Steve has to suppress a flinch of surprise. Wouldn’t want to swerve off of the road, after all. Bucky never talks about his therapy appointments. Usually Steve can get an idea of how well they went (or didn’t) by how Bucky’s acting but this- this is Bucky opening himself up, talking about his recovery process, and Steve fights to act casual.


He feels Bucky’s gaze on the side of his head - apparently he wasn’t very successful - before the man goes back to watching the strange-but-familiar New York City streets passing by (agonizingly slowly, in this traffic). “Yeah. Like, steps. In my…recovery.”

“That’s great, Buck!” Steve enthuses. He doesn’t want to push his luck too far, but… “Can you tell me what the first one is?”

“Yeah.” Still, nearly a minute passes in silence as Bucky fiddles with the hem of his sweatshirt and Steve keeps his eyes determinedly trained on the road before the man speaks up again. “I’m s’pposed to spend time with… Other people. Besides you. The rest of the Avengers, maybe.”

Once again, Steve has to struggle to contain his glee. He’d tried to get Bucky to interact with the others in the past, pulling him out of their shared floor to movie nights and their occasional group meal, but Bucky had been so obviously uncomfortable despite everyone’s best efforts to include him that Steve hadn’t tried again. “Well I think we have tentative plans to watch E.T. tonight. You can join us.”

He hears Bucky take a deep breath. “Yeah. Okay.”

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Foreign Planet-;

Blurr flashed his datapad at the guard at the door, moving by him with ease. He caught up with LC quickly enough, hooking his arm around his again. His claws pat against the armor. “Don’t worry. We’re in. Now they can’t kick us out.” At least, that’s what Blurr was assuming. If they were kicked out, Blurr was sure he could persuade them to back off.

He motioned to a seat and dragged LC along with him. “You can drop the act now. We’re good. Let’s see what they have to eat here. Because, let me tell you…” He watched an organic wander by in front of him.

“These slaggers look like they taste disgusting.”