the forecast for today is ice

Modern!Robb Stark

It was an early Tuesday morning as you rushed into work through the brisk air, the wind lightly blowing your hair in every direction, the keys seemingly not wanting to fit into the lock, making you chuckle as it practically represented the way that you were feeling about arriving at work for 7 in the morning, but when you work in the only café situated near the historical landmark that is Warkworth Castle, you didn’t have a choice. Everyday was a busy day, tourists both local and not often ventured to the castle as a way of connecting with the past and in some ways, attempting to avoid the future.

Which you guess in many ways, is what you were doing. 

Avoiding your future. 

University was long done, you didn’t really want to move back home with your parents and well, there had to be some kind of adventure waiting for you here… It was a medieval castle after all.. whilst the last gallant knights of olde had died centuries ago, there had to be someone, somewhere who could show up, cause some trouble (of the best kind) and bring some life back into you and this castle.

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Yuri!!! on Weather Forecast

Because why the fuck not and because @milla-babicheva and nellosel and I are fucking idiots who cannot restrain themselves and make @kiazareni walk back with a pizza into a burning house 

so just imagine

  • Yuuri watching tv everyday because Vikor is the weather reporter / or the other way around
  • Viktor as a world renowned weather reporter because well, everybody watches but nobody remembers what he forecasts because he’s too pretty (and they don’t even live in the same place but who cares)
  • both of them as weather reporters and they watch each other 
  • Yuuri never being confident enough in showing things (on the map)
  • Viktor as the after the morning news weather reporter and Yuuri as the afternoon one 
  • “thunderstruck by inspiration”
  • Viktor is late one day because Makka got sick
    Yuuri jumps in to take his shift and Viktor sees him report and falls in love (and gets drenched on the way home because he, too, forgot to listen
  • one of them as the news reporter and the other as the weather reporter and they flirt every single day (before they get together Yuuri blushes a lot, after they get together the tables somewhat… turn)
  • “what should I wear today, if I wanted to take you out on a date, Yuuri” 
  • “there’s nothing to worry about Viktor, we have a hot night in foresight”  
  • that Hungarian drunk report 
  • poledancing on the pole separating parts of the studio 
  • one day at the end of their shift everybody is bored af and they play “report the news drunk but no one can know that you are” challenge
  • but Yuuri has never done that before and the production manager (Yakov) flips his shit 
  • Viktor on the other hand is confident af until he falls facefirst to the floor tripping over the little fence before the green screen 
  • “today it’s… raining men, thank you, goodbye”
  • LIVE singing with their ties on their head
  • “who put the script of the Bee movie on the teleprompter”
  • sometimes when they hit the button the slideshow brings a picture NOT of a weather map (Viktor’s last reasons for a hangover, The Banquet pictures, you name it) 
  • New Years Eve gag reel entailing ALL of Viktor’s fuckups, freudian slips, awkward looks
  • some time into their relationship he tells Yuuri they were all because of him
Maizawa drabble prompt 8 Ice cream/Summer

Unbearably hot, the fan is whirling loudly on it’s highest setting to combat the weather. Hizashi groaned draping himself over the couch in shorts and a crop top, his hair pulled into a sloppy top bun to keep it from heating his already sweating skin. Shouta has his hair up in a ponytail and has dressed down to a black tank top and khaki shorts instead of his normal uniform he never seems to be without.

Hizashi watches his boyfriend’s back as the man continues to tidy up before reaching into the freezer for something. He ponders how the laziest of them both has the energy to even function in this sweltering heat. A heat that’s threatening to melt Hizashi’s face off at any moment. The blond readjusts himself on the couch again when Shouta finally finishes and walks over to him with something in his hands. Hizashi immediately perks up when he see’s what the item is, he’d recognize that carton tub anywhere and if the smirk on Shouta’s face was anything to say about it, then it was his favorite flavor too. 

Shouta holds out a spoon which Hizashi happily takes with a quick thanks, wasting no time in taking the first spoonful of the ice cream and eating it. His eyes close as he savors the flavors, a creamy caramel and swirled fudge broken up by a crunch of chocolate covered waffle bits. He let’s out a wanton sigh as he melts back against the couch taking another scoop.  

Shouta smiled, watching his boyfriend enjoying the cold treat he had bought secretly yesterday knowing full well that it would be needed for today. He was the only one who paid any attention to the news in their apartment and he was glad he’d caught the last minute forecast yesterday before he went shopping. Hizashi had never dealt well with the warm weathers and Shouta thought what better way to cheer him up than to get him something the both of them could enjoy on a day such as today. Shouta scooped his own spoon into the ice cream taking a small bite. It was a bit to sweet for his taste buds, but he could get over it purely for the fact that he knew this specific flavor was Hizashi’s favorite.

They sit in a sweltering steady peace, sharing the carton of ice cream between them.

Prompt 8 Ice cream/Summer

Fun fact” I got Ice cream after I finished this because it made me want some.


I can’t believe it’s over…. 

I had so much fun participating in my first ever couples week and I can’t believe I hadn’t tried to do one of these before.
I just want to say thank you to all of those who enjoyed my art/writing/pictures and a thank you to all the artists, writers, and the host of the Maizawa week for the fun and all the amazing things you’ve all created!!! I enjoyed logging on to see how others took the prompts given and made them into original and amazing works whether it be drawing or stories they all were beautiful!

Waiting Out the Storm

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Fresh flakes of crisp white snow busily hustled through the air, creating a thick storm of cold and ice.

You sat inside your cozy house, watching the weather tale place outside. Your hand mindlessly went for your cup of hot cocoa as you brought it to your lips and took a sip.

Today was New Years Eve. Parties were going on all across the country and you were stuck in your house on account of a snow storm.

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So for those that don’t understand why #closeFCPS is trending in the US/trended Worldwide today:

My beloved school district, one of the best in the state (yass), decided not to close/delay school even though we got more snow than what was anticipated (forecasted at less than 1 in, we got 4-6 depending on the place). People have been getting in accidents, and buses have been crashing. One crash led to 18 kids being sent to the hospital. VDOT hadn’t sent plows or salters at all so the roads were covered in snow/ice, and the unintelligent fuckwads that run our county couldn’t realize that keeping schools open wouldn’t be safe due to this.. People are practically rioting on Twitter, and this is all we got. 


Supposedly they’re closing schools tomorrow (and they better). Tons of us in schools left early today anyways.