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I think it’s funny when people say the RebelCaptain romance was forced because Jyn and Cassian did not kiss nor did they have any ‘romantic’ scenes (though I’d argue abt a lot of scenes showing they have romantic interest in one another) and if you recognize a strong romantic connection between two characters without there being any obvious or blatant queues ‘forcing’ them together and almost no physical contact than it proves that it wasn’t forced. A forced romance is when two characters with no chemistry are written to kiss and romantically interact, not the other way around


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Almost Gone - Rey One Shot

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Request: How about one where Rey thinks the reader was killed by Kylo Ren and the first order only to show up on the resistance base wounded

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Poe was gripping Rey’s shoulder lightly.  His own eyes held unshed tears, the words he had just spoken were still ringing in her ears.

“Y/N didn’t make it back, I’m sorry.

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With Claire, I feel part of her ability to forge ahead and be strong and make the best of any situation is an ability to compartmentalize. For her to be able to put her love for Jamie and that experience in a box — she didn’t have the ability to talk about it, to share it with anybody. It was a side of her that, in many ways, she shelved, and then threw herself full force into her career and raising her daughter. And that comes with a price.

I was interested in finding how that affects her, and what is it to have been such a passionate woman in terms of romance and sexuality, and to have shelve that side of yourself for 20 years. The looseness that I feel that she has when she’s back with Jamie, and that that kind of elemental side of her, when you see her out in the wild and she just fits in that countryside, and you can feel that she’s part of the earth in that way, I wanted to sort of [tamp down] that side of her. There’s a stillness, and she’s much more closed off than we’ve maybe seen her before.

#17 - Kylo Ren Drabble

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Prompt: “Can I touch you?” 

Your body was shaking as you stepped into the room with Kylo Ren.  Sure, you knew him well enough to know about his tantrums, and you were often called to calm him down, but every single time you entered the room with the raging man, you knew it could very well be your last.  He could turn and strike you down in an instant, before he even realizes it was you.

His screams echoed around the room, feeling as if they were making the room itself shiver and quake.  Sparks and pieces of metal flew through the air, narrowly missing your face as his light saber torn apart the expensive equipment, something Hux would surely be furious about later.

“Kylo,” you spoke, trying to keep your voice firm and level.  He turned suddenly, blade crackling through the air, casting an eerie red glow onto the floor and walls.  He looked for a moment as if he were going to strike before the saber deactivated.  He took three broad steps in your direction so that he was standing directly in front of you.  For a moment the room was encased in a tense silence.  You reached up towards mask, hesitating to remove it.

Kylo nodded his head briskly and you quickly tapped the release.  His mask hissed for a moment and you lifted it from his head, releasing his wild ebony locks.  You set the mask on a nearby table and looked him in the eye.  They were tinged red and unshed tears glistened as they threatened to fall.

“Can I touch you?” You asked softly, voice barely a whisper.  He nodded again and you reached up, letting your fingers run up his jawline to hold his face gently in your hands.  He closed his eyes, savoring the touch of your skin against his.  To Kylo, your touch was the only thing that could save him from himself.

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Hux kissing headcanons?

  • Kisses in public are always short and quick.  Pecks to your lips or cheeks.  And only when Hux knows there’s no one around to witness him being “sweet” as he likes to put it.
  • Though he won’t admit it, Hux’s favorite thing to do is kiss you when you’re not expecting it.
  • Hux loves neck kisses.  Those drive him nuts.
  • In private, kisses are typically always slow and sweet.  He loves to let his lips linger against yours and even lets his lips brush against yours for a moment before finally closing the distance.
  • Whenever kisses get heated, he loves to dominate your mouth with his.  And he really enjoys when you cup his face and pull him closer.