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Question about a hypothetical situation. Like in my AU, Anakin has Force training and the Jedi has no idea about his Force sensitivity. Since using Force is passive, it is like an extra sense. How people around him will think about him? Just consider him as a super perceptive person?

Based on what we’ve seen across canon, it seems like untrained Force sensitivity can manifest in a couple of ways depending on the person. As a child, Anakin had a real knack for sensing shatter points. He had an instinctive eye for identifying people, moments, and targets which would prove crucial to himself and his goals. Examples include: his instant interest in Padmé; his knack for sensing broken things; knowing when/where to shoot during the Battle of Naboo. He also had Jedi-fast reflexes when racing because he was able to intuit where the other racers would be around him. Other young untrained Force sensitives also showed abilities including: sensing other’s ill-intent (Ahsoka); general bad feelings about shitty situations (Leia, Luke); being drawn to important people (Ezra); identifying shatter points (Luke, Rey); sensing danger to loved-ones (Leia); anticipating danger (Ezra); able to sense other’s emotions (baby Pipe); and probably a few more examples I’m missing.

In canon, Anakin isn’t shown as having an instinctive grasp of other people’s emotions the same way that, say, Ezra does. People would probably interpret Anakin’s instinctive Force skillset (shatter points & reflexes) as him being incredibly lucky. On an interesting note, I actually think that Jar-Jar’s ‘clumsiness’ is actually a product of his own untrained Force-sensitivity. After all, how many times does Jar-Jar’s ability to fall in his face at the right time in just the right way end up saving the day? Untrained Force-sensitives with a knack for shatter points can be either incredibly lucky or incredibly unlucky. 

  • luke skywalker [to rey]: who are you?
  • han solo [to rey]: what's your name?
  • maz kanata: who's the girl?
  • kylo ren: what girl?!
  • "omfg rey kenobi is so far-fetched and dumb"
  • obi-wan kenobi: REY?

Anakin…exists relative to the state of the galaxy. He is not Luke, he is not the youth of western literature on a journey; that is Luke’s role. Anakin’s role is that of the demi-god of Greek and Roman origin. When Anakin rises, the galaxy rises with him, when Anakin is in turmoil, the galaxy is in turmoil, when Anakin falls, so falls the galaxy. Anakin is intrinsic to the galaxy because Anakin, like so many other mythological demi-gods, is an avatar for the gods or, in the case of Star Wars, the Force. Regardless of any one person’s views on the Force (which are extremely disparate and widely varied, so we won’t broach that subject here), this fact is indisputable. Anakin, as the Chosen One who will “bring balance to the Force”, is its avatar. When Anakin is claimed by the Dark, the Jedi Order’s zenith is reached, the Balance is tipped, and the Order descends into darkness with Anakin, just as his return also signals theirs. 

The title ‘Return of the Jedi’ doesn’t just reference Luke becoming a Jedi, but Anakin’s return to the Light, and with it, the ability for the Jedi Order to once more flourish. In this he is much like Beowulf, when the Geatish hero sacrifices himself to defeat the dragon at the end of the epic poem. Failure would spell ultimate destruction for Beowulf’s people and country, just as, had Anakin failed to destroy the Emperor, the Jedi and the galaxy would truly have been wiped out. Anakin himself has to die, however, because he is what tips the scales. Once he dies and becomes one with the Force, only then is balance restored.


‘STAR WARS: The Creation of a Modern Myth: Cultural Influence, Fan Response and the Impact of Literary Archetypes on Saga Perception’ 

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This right here is absolutely fundamental to understanding the entire purpose of the Skywalker saga, as Lucas so painstakingly told it. The destruction of the old Jedi Order that had ‘lost its way’ and forgotten its true role in the galaxy, and the founding of the New, heralded by Anakin’s return to the Light, and Luke’s essential role in reminding him—and us all—of what it means to be a True Jedi.