the forbidden isle


Another period fic :)

Reader: 16+

A/N: SO I was supposed to upload this days and days ago, But school and work wouldn’t let me. This one isn’t as good as the first one, But I tried! I have one more coming so please wait a bit!

Dean walked around the small store, Looking for a certain isle. Sam had left early to interrogate the possible victims, Leaving him to babysit you; It doesn’t help that you’re currently on your period and having mood swings.

“There it is..” He mumbles, Looking at the forbidden isle.

The women’s isle.

It didn’t make it better that the condoms and the baby stuff were side by side. Sneaking a condom in the basket, He looks over the pads and tampons.

There were different colors, Different sizes, Day pads, and even night pads! His brows furrowed, Looking over all of the pads.

“Fuck it. I’m just getting them all” He looked side to side before grabbing one of each package, walking back to the entrance get a cart. He passed through all the remaining ailes, Getting chips and donuts before making his way to the cashier.

He was getting stares from random shoppers, Some even snickering of his poor knowledge in women necessaries.

The cashier stared at him, Hoping he was joking. When he raised an eyebrow, She quickly got to work. Dean averted eye contact the whole time she scanned his items, Getting one of the fake credit cards from his wallet and swiping. He exited the store quickly, Not wanting anymore stares.

“I’m going to fucking kill her. I will. I’ll hide the body and burn it.” He mumbled to himself while slamming the bags onto the back seat, Things clattering all over the seat.

He angrily turned on and revved up Baby, Leaving the parking lot and made his way to the motel.


He turned off baby, Slamming the door closed and opening the back door getting all of the bags. He stomps to the door; Slamming his feet on the door, The first thing he sees is Sam’s face. Sam stares at him, Moving aside; His eyebrow raised.


He passes by him, Slamming the bags on your bed and feet.

“I will not do this again. I don’t care how much you beg. I will literally let you bleed out” Getting the chips from one bag, He plops on the bed, Ignoring you.

You began searching through the bags, Eyes widening.

“Dean.. You did not. Get me. OLD LADY DIAPERS!?” You throw the box at his face, Annoyed as hell.

“Hey! You didn’t specify which one so I got all of them.” He munched away, Ignoring you once more.

“Dean seriously? All of them?” Sam pinches his nose, Sighing heavily.

“Then you get them next time. You do not know the embarrassment I went through.”

“Here are your condoms you nasty” You throw them as his bed, Standing up with a pack of pads and tampons.

“You’re welcome by the way!”

Flipping him off, You slam the bathroom door shut.


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drew’s disney’s descendants auNefaria, daughter of Maleficent

During the uniting of the Nine Kingdoms as Auradon, Queen Aurora and Prince Phillip of Fairedge held highly opposing views to magic than the other rulers of the kingdoms. Fairedge had banned magic long ago and wanted the other kingdoms to do the same before they bent the knee to High King Adam, and to a lesser extent King Naveen and Queen Tiana of Maldonia agreed. Eventually a negotiation was made wherein all users of magic must register. Anyone who did not comply or committed a Level Three offense either before or after the establishment of the decree would be sent to live on the Isle of the Lost, an island off the shore of the Nine Kingdoms that would be isolated by a magical barrier. Magic would be strictly forbidden on the Isle, and inhabitants would be watched day and night by guardians both magical and mundane.

The first few months were difficult. Over eight hundred angry inhabitants were gathered onto the island over the course of a week, and it was a frenzy for dominance and territory. Fights broke out everywhere, blood shed from both the criminals and the guards, until the death of Willie the Giant finally subsided the battles. A hierarchy established itself on the island and at its head was Maleficent, a dark fairy with a wicked mind and intense power. She quickly established her status as the leader of the island and an early feud with Jafar of Agrabah ended with his place solidly set as her number two. She gathered around her a crowd of followers, including a violent fashionista from the Tenth Kingdom, a pirate captain from Neverland, and a sea-witch from Atlantica among others. But it was the discovery of a lost queen in hiding and her arrival on the island that gave Maleficent a new idea: Queen Grimhilde brought with her a baby girl, less than a month old. This brought new life to the criminals’ plans to escape the island, and within the year they each had a child of their own, a breathing back-up plan, one that could be groomed and raised and never go wrong.

Nefaria has embraced her heritage more than any of her peers. She could fully transform into her dragon form by the age of seven and she’s done little to reform the reputation of the Isle of the Lost up to this point. She thrives in the chaos of the island and despite her striking beauty, she can easily disappear into a crowd. She is the only inhabitant of the Isle of the Lost with the ability to break through the magical barrier, although no one can figure out why, not even Maleficent herself. Only her mother’s trusted allies and Nefaria’s own circle of friends know about this ability and she uses it to her advantage, bringing back comforts from the mainland that are not supplied in the monthly shipments of necessities that are brought to the island. One such trip involved a break-in at the castle at Rosencourt and Nefaria found herself face-to-face with then-Prince Beau. Though Nefaria did not steal the stem of the Enchanted Rose she came for, she did spend the night in the company of Beau, and left a strong impression on him – for better or for worse…

[by droo216, written in partnership with succubuscheerleader]