the for good

  • some tumblr user: I stopped watching Doctor Who because it lacks representation and is not progressive enough.
  • Doctor Who: *casts a woman to play the Master*
  • Doctor Who: *has multiple LGBT+ characters*
  • Doctor Who: *season ten companion is a black lesbian*
  • Doctor Who: *talks about racism, homophobia and even Donald Trump*
  • Doctor Who: *confirms lead character is nonbinary and pansexual*
  • Doctor Who: *casts a woman to play the Doctor*
  • some tumblr user: Actually I stopped watching DW years ago and nothing can make me care about it lol.
  • me: Did you just... move that goalpost all across the universe right to Skaro???

I wish we had a front shot of the sea creature in the shape of water trailer, I want to draw him 😭 

i’m probably the only one but i HATE when nct does fanservice like that whole “do you have a boyfriend ;)” shit like it’s all so FORCED i really don’t like it but since most fans do like fake cuteness and sexiness i guess i’ll never escape from fanservice. seriously if i was at a fansign for example and taeil would go hahahah you’re my girlfriend i’d be like HAHAHA OOOOOOOOKAY I HAVE SOME APPOINTMENTS I HAVE TO GO THANK YOU