the for good


peridot, the best roommate and friend ever B^)

Oh man i completely forgot about how before I moved out of my old house, I drew this and hid it high up in a closet for the new tenants to find. I wonder if they’ve seen it yet

I was ordering some chicken nuggets today and when I was done I said “that will be all” and instead of the cashier saying ‘thank you, that’ll be $30 in the next window please” he just goes “uh” and hangs up. 

So I’m just laying on my bed right now playing around with my phone camera and I realized that I am so pretty. Im not cocky at all so bare with me.
All my life people have told me I had an ugly face and it hurt me because I never thought I was ugly. I used to get called ugly so much when I was in middle school that I convinced myself that I was and started to call myself that. Middle school was just awful, there was so much bad that happened in those 3 years and I’m glad it’s over.
I understand that not everyone is going to think I’m pretty and that’s ok. You’re not gonna find everyone you see to be attractive, that’s normal. I still get called ugly online. But as long as I think I’m pretty, that’s all that matters to my confidence. And all it took was for me to look at myself with a face mask in spots on my face and a bonnet on my head to realize it.