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We did get a few general questions that are not spoilery! Here are the answers.

Actually there is no plot significance at all! Frisk talks in both sentence case, all caps, and in lowercase, depending on the situation. The lowercase “ah!” is supposed to be a bit understated. What a versatile speaking style!

Chara rolls up their sleeves so they don’t get dirty or yanked on.

The solution to the spike puzzle is in the previous room. This is true to the game as well.

Yes, it was intentional. =)

No, Chara is 36 in human years.

Good eye! We completely changed the fire as well as made some adjustments to the overall look. We think it looks cooler this way, and we can work faster this way too! We have actually changed the line art and background style a couple of times to better suit our process. And of course, our art is always improving with practice too!

Actually, this latest fire is the fastest one yet! We went through several iterations of fire before deciding on this energetic stylized version.

I don’t have an answer for you, but I do have this requested coffee art of Chara getting their ass kicked.

It’s actually neither. Chara upgraded from that old blade a long time ago.

speculation compilation #48

You guys sent in a bunch of great theories this week. Here are the speculations and thoughtful musings as of page 38!

Astute observation! If you really want to see Chara with cool magic knives, some check out these rad pieces of fanart: Knaifu Waifu and Don’t Touch the Child!

A fair theory, but it has been shown that Frisk does not want to die.

Aren’t you thinking of Blue magic?

I think this is the first time Gaster has been mentioned in a spec post.