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There is Power in Threes (Part 1/3+1)

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I present the unbeta’d chapter one of that Labyrinth/Star Wars crossover you all wanted me to write. I can’t promise chapter 2 for a few weeks, as I’ve exams I really ought to be studying for. But I hope you enjoy the first bit. (Continues under a cut as its a tad longer than I like posting otherwise.)

Obi-Wan is nine - three by three - the first time he meets the Goblin King. A full moon shines alone in the eternally lit skies of Coruscant. The initiates had been studying Darthominian folk customs that afternoon in their class on the cultures of other Force users. Bruck had broken a precious artifact in the teacher’s absence, then proceeded to blame it on Obi-Wan. The teacher had not believed his denial. “With behaviour like this, maybe the Goblins should take you,” the Master taking the class had declared. Half jest to reassure him, but that meant they were half sincere at the seriousness of the crime.

“Hey, Oafy-wan.” Bruck had called that night, safe in their dorm. “Maybe tonight Goblins will take you away. You’d fit right in with them.”

Obi-Wan had clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and forced himself to not retaliate. He had already been refused that night’s sweet, and forced to clean the common area. All for something he had not done.

That night cold and alone, Obi-Wan gazed longing out the window at the moon, hugging himself close. “You know what I wish?” He asked the stars he couldn’t see. “I wish, I wish the Goblin King would take me away to the Goblin Kingdom. At least there I’d know I was wanted.”

Deep at the heart of the Room of a Thousand Fountains, an old water clock completed its final cycle for the day. When the final chime fell silent, the only things in the bed by the window are a small round crystal - clear and pure as a drop of moonlight - and a single stray feather.

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Glorfindel’s own distraction eventually resulted in his death, though he figures he would not have had it any other way.

Everything is so beautiful.

The forest, the trees, the lake…things he’d never seen while in Gondolin, things he hadn’t seen for ages. He finds himself absolutely awestruck.  This…this is what he’d been missing, this is what Turgon had kept them from.

This was the evil that their king had threatened them with death over?

Glorfindel is almost heartbroken.  His time in Gondolin and his blind trust of a foolish King had cost him this, this freedom, this beauty. And suddenly he understands why Aredhel wanted to leave.

He wonders sadly what will become of him if the battle is won.

Will the sunset behind the trees, and the rivers flowing through the forest, and the branches of the oaks scraping the sky be a distant memory? Will he be forced to integrate back into Gondolin society—figurative chains and brainwashing included?

Could he live like that? Had he lived like that?

And in that moment, Glorfindel realizes that he hadn’t been living at all.

Escape would see him a dead man, and the closest he would get to his freedom would be the jagged rocks at the bottom of the mountain. But would death be a bad thing? Already, he’d concluded that in Gondolin, he hadn’t been living. What difference would execution make?

And then the Balrog grabs his hair and pulls, pulls hard.

Distracted, his momentum and energy has been drained, and he falls freely with little struggle.

And he finds himself not caring, not one bit. He sees the sunset as he falls, the rays of misty light shining through the trees. Hears the wind rustling through the branches like whispers of ancient spirits, and feels the gentle breeze on his body, cooling him as the Balrog’s fire consumes him.

He is dead and free all at once.

And for that small moment in which he plummeted through the air, Glorfindel had lived.

As a homage to his freedom, the forest grows flowers on his grave, covering his rocky grave.

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What if Xehanorts standing in front of Terra, Rikku, Ventus, Mickey, Axel, Sora, and Kairi all like, “Oh look whose standing before me, my old soul cases, my failure of an apprentice, a mouse who thinks himself a king, a foolish worthless talentless boy, an a little princess who thinks she’s a knight.  What do you think you can do?”

Then Aqua comes tearing out of the Realm of Darkness screaming for his blood and then he gets scared, because Aqua’s a fucking nightmare and going to wreak him

Twenty One Pilots YouTube Masterpost

I felt like there needed to be a Twenty One Pilots masterpost of all of their original stuff. I don’t have everything, but I got as much as I could!


Music Videos



Before TOP

Rock Sound

twenty one pilots Channel

The Live Room


Full Concerts
Twenty One Pilots Unofficial Tracks - YouTube

Blurry Line – Tyler Joseph

Dollhouse – Tyler Joseph ( Feat. Jocef Michael)

Kitchen Sink – Tyler Joseph (Feat. Zack Joseph)

Always – Tyler Joseph (At his church)

O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Tyler Joseph (At his church)

Blasphemy – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Drown – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Hole In The Ground – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Save– Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Taken By Sleep – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

I Want to Know – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Just Like Yesterday – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Prove Me Wrong – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Realize That It’s Gone – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Tonight – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Falling Too – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Whisper – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Where Did We Go Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Chords – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intened {Not Found})

I’m A Goner – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Hear Me Now – Tyler Joseph (No Phun Intended)

Dead Come Alive – Whittaker (Feat. Tyler Joseph)

The Producer – Whittaker (Feat. Tyler Joseph)

Rulers of Revers – Whittaker (Feat. Tyler Joseph)

Lord of Glory – Whittaker (Feat. Tyler Joseph)

Twenty – Nine – Whittaker (Feat. Tyler Joseph)

God Save The Foolish Kings – House of Heroes (Josh Dun fills in for drummer and sings)

If (Official Flevo Festival Video) – House of Heroes (Josh Dun fills in for drummer)


For everyone asking where i got the video of josh dun singing… this is the music video for house of heroes’ “god save the foolish kings” . Where bandanna josh is sing back up vocals. 

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King Boo: “Mario! Dictate this email to Luigi!”

King Boo: *ahem*


King Boo: “That’s probably sufficient for now. Did you get all that?”

Mario: “Don’t-a worry, I got it.”

every video i know of with josh dun singing

Ruby live at New Albany High School (a lot of people have already seen this one i think)

God Save The Foolish Kings by House of Heroes

these two live vids of If by House of Heroes

also the time Tyler covered Get Lucky and Safe and Sound and got the crew to do backup vocals

wish I had more, but if you look around for House of Heroes vids you might find something

One Night

Imagine catching Thranduil’s eye when the Company is captured. He offers to release everyone if you’ll spend one night with him, infuriating Thorin who has fallen for you.

“Get your filthy hands off of me,” You spat at the elf, “I told you I can walk on my own.”

You fought against the elf’s strong grasp as he dragged you forward. He had finally grown tired of you causing trouble in the cells as you had not stopped talking since your arrival. Finally, you were brought upon a tense scene between Thorin and the elven king Thranduil; the two of them seemed angrier than even you.

“What is this?” Thranduil turned from his glare aimed towards the dwarven king, “Why have you brought her?”

“Because she has demanded to see you for the last hour,” The elf pushed you forward, “Unlike her companions, she hasn’t seen fit to be quiet.”

“Why?” He turned to you and you steeled your expression.

“Well, it may have something to do with being stuck in a cell,” You replied dryly and Thorin gave you a look of warning.

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lolitajakez IT HAS ARRIVED!

The breeze was light today. The first day of summer. You were sitting out by the river, enjoying the warmth of the sun against your skin. Eyes automatically closing as the blissful peace enveloped you. The sound of the water was soothing, it rippled slightly and you sighed in contentment. With no duties for the day you had opted for a light silken dress and arrange your hair in an up-do, an uncommon style among elves. “(Y/n)” legolas’ voice called and you hummed in response. “I’m by the river” he stepped out from the trees and smiled when he saw you. Since you had been involved in more work at Mirkwood, you friendship with Legolas bloomed. You had the misfortune of having no siblings, biologically anyway, you considered Legolas your brother and he considered you his sister. “Do you not have work to tend to?” He asked taking a seat beside you. “Not today, do you not also?” He raised an eyebrow and shot you a mischievous look. “My father won’t know” at the mention of his father you felt heat rise to your cheeks. Ever since your first encounter with King Thranduil you blushed whenever he was mentioned and was even worse when you were around him. Upon arriving in mirkwood it was customary to see the king, you weren’t nervous at all, in fact you were full of confidence…until you actually saw him.

“Ada there’s so many steps” you whispered and you father laughed. “He’s a king, his home must be grand!” You walked up slowly, staring at everything in awe. “Thranduil it is a great honour!” Your father bowed and you did the same, as you resumed your posture you were finally able to see the great elven king. And that’s when it all went wrong. Your jaw dropped and no words would come from your lips. You felt childish despite the fact that you were almost a woman grown. “(Y/n)?” Your father nudged you and you panicked. “A GREAT HONOUR” your hand clasped over your mouth at the outburst and Thranduil stared down at you from his throne, his eyes assessing you. Immediately you wished to have wore a much more suitable dress. The one you had on was white, no shoulders but daggered sleeves. Pearls were sewn around the waist and white gems decorated the bodice. A thin silver crown was placed atop of your head to signify your class. “I-I’m sorry my King I didn’t mean to…I’ve never looked upon such…I mean I’ve never…” You started to panic again and your father placed his hands on your shoulders. “Forgive my daughter your grace, she is weary and restless” Thranduil had a small smile on his lips. He knows I was stumbled by his beauty! You thought, self-consciously biting your lip and avoiding eye contact. “I understand, the journey must’ve been a long a perilous one. Welcome to my kingdom! Your presence is appreciated and I hope you can settle easy.” His words were courteous and your stomach twisted in knots as he spoke. His voice an absolute pleasure to hear and his face a delight to look upon. His long slender legs were crossed and you found your eyes roving about his body and then once again to his eyes. He caught your gaze and you almost squealed. You never even realised that his son was standing beside him until he introduced him and you immediately flushed. Ever since then you were always flustered around Thranduil.

“Are you blushing?” Legolas asked and you looked away. “Of course not! It’s the warmth of the sun.” Legolas laughed. “Your skin is fair so I know when you blush and when your face is hot.” You waved him off and pointed to the river. “I want to go in! Let’s go in!” Legolas sighed. “I would love to but I do have pressing issues that require my concern.” You pouted. “I thought your father wouldn’t find out” he laughed “I have a duty as a prince” he kissed the top of your head and you smiled. “I know that you fool, go. I’ll be here.” He left silently and you stood up, stretching your body before slowly strolling to the river. It was early afternoon and the morning sun had warmed the water, you stepped into it and giggled. Why did you feel so childish doing something this simple? As you waded further out your dress clung to you skin and you held your arms up in the air and laughed, you started to splash a round and fall back, allowing your body to float down the river a little and then you swam back up. As you waded back out of the water you squealed. Thranduil was on his elk waiting on the bank, his head tilted with a quizzical expression on his face. “M-my King!” He quickly flicked his eyes over you before gesturing that you can continue to walk out. “Having fun?” He asked as you squeezed water from your dress. “Actually I was, it’s rare to do things like that” he gracefully slid of his elk and pointed to your hair. “A new arrangement?”
“It’s a warm day” you knew your cheeks must’ve been burning because your heart was hammering so fast in chest you genuinely feared it might break your ribs. Thranduil’s own silver hair was down as usual, splayed perfectly over his shoulders. You clasped your hands together and avoided his gaze. “What can possibly be fun about being in a river?” You smirked “you sound like someone who doesn’t go in a river” he raised an eyebrow. “I’m looking for Legolas” you pointed in the direction the he had gone. “He said he had issues that needed his concern” Thranduil’s eyes almost sparkled. “Excellent so he’s listening to my instruction and went! I assume he was here with you?” You nodded and he looked away. “What is the nature of your relationship with my son?” Once again you found yourself gawking. Thranduil was now standing in front of you and you quickly ran your tongue over your lower lip. “P-purely brother and s-sister my king!” You went to step away from his but you lost your footing, instinctively you lurched forward to steady yourself but Thranduil was the only thing there and was completely taken by surprise as you grabbed at him; so as you fell back in the river…the elven King followed suit.

You resurfaced moments later, you looked around for Thranduil but he hadn’t resurfaced yet. You felt hands hold your waist and you screamed in shock as Thranduil hoisted himself up from under the water. You spun around and looked at him, water was dripping of him from everywhere, his hair was plastered to his face and you couldn’t read his expression. “I-” you were cut off by his booming laughter. The initial shock of hearing him laugh almost made you fall again but you joined in with the laughter pretty quick. “I haven’t heard you laugh before your grace”
“I don’t normally have reason to. Please you don’t have to use those formalities around me.” You remembered how his hands has felt on your waist moments again and once again you found yourself blushing. “Why do you always do that?” He asked, both of you still standing in the water. “Do what?” His hand reached out to cup your face. “Turn red whenever you look at me or speak to me?” You stuttered over your words and then blurted out a stupid answer “because I feel giddy around you! A good giddy, I don’t know I just feel like whatever I so I make a fool out of myself and I don’t want to do that I’m front of you!” A smile was still on his lips. “Nothing is more foolish than a King who can’t catch a woman and instead falls in the river with her. Come, I’ll take you back” you followed him out the water and watched as he pulled himself up onto the elk before reaching down to held your up. Carefully you slipped your hand in his and the feeling was enough to make you weak at the knees. He pulled you up and you immediately slid your arms around his waist, surprised at how high his elk actually was. “Hold on.” He instructed and lead the way back.

Later on after you had departs ways from Thranduil you ended up sulking. Not being around him made you sad but being around him made you edgy. By evening fall Legolas had returned and you waited for him in his chambers. As you did most nights. It was the first place he went to when he returned. “Ah (y/n) you’re here good!”
“I’m always here, I’m here more often than my own room” he chuckled “that’s because you talk to me all night” you smiled and leaned up to rest your forehead on his. “Welcome back” he smiled briefly before stepping away and them sitting by the window. Legs curled underneath him. “I saw my father before I came here.”
“Oh?” Your voice was too high pitched and Legolas caught on. “He was telling me how you had been in the river and ended up pulling him in”
“I TRIPPED!” He looked at you as though you were lying but then sighed. “I’ve noticed how you are when my father is around, or even when he’s mentioned…” You tensed and then bristled at the fact he was trying to insinuate something. “What does that m-”
“Do you like my father?” He asked blatantly and you paused. Of course you should’ve immediately denied it and begged that he never bring this topic up again but instead you bowed your head. “Is this an answer?” He asked and you sighed. “I may have…some feelings for him…I don’t know” legolas laughed and beckoned you over to join him by the window. You sat opposite and he held his hand out. You grasped it tightly. “You’re not mad? Or upset?!”
“Why on earth would I be?! I’ve him smile more since you’ve arrived and I’ve noticed you’ve become more…settled!”
“Are you suggesting that your father has feelings for me?” He squeezed your hand “let’s just say no matter what happens, I refuse to call you mother” the concept if having legolas as your son made you both erupt with laughter, however the idea of being with Thranduil made your heart swell. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked and you looked out the window. “It would’ve been strange to bring up! Hi legolas I think I have feelings for your dad?!” He snorted and you giggled. “It’s okay that you do, I’ll just have to make sure he treats you perfectly!” You blushed. “You sound so sure that he has feeling for me?”
“…like I said I’m not calling you mother.”

the signs as unexpected (hEART WRENCHING) solos from other band members

ryan ross in karma police: capricorn, aries, libra, gemini

josh dun in god save the foolish kings: taurus, leo, cancer, aquarius

pete’s emo fucking poetry(it counts) at the end of get busy living: pieces, virgo, scorpio, sagittarius

half-blood-princess282  asked:

Can you do an X reader with Newt, when reader just had a baby and it's all like fluff and stuff? Please? Thank you! ~Amelia

AN: This was fun to write, it’s not that long, tho. I still hope you like it anyway. Thank you for that! I couldn’t decide weather it’s a boy or a girl so I left that open, also the name. You can decide.
Sorry for any mistakes and have a wonderful day! 😊💛


Originally posted by newt-and-pickett

It was the most exhausting day you ever had, but also the most wonderful and unforgettable one you ever had. You and Newt are both parents now. You still can’t believe it and neither does Newt.

The day you got into labour Newt was in his case, busy feeding his creatures when you called out for him. You never saw him like this before. You could see that he was afraid, happy, excited, nervous and worried all at the same time. He was running through the flat, getting this and searching for that and made sure you’d be alright. It was cute, though. You were excited and afraid of giving birth as well, but you had the feeling Newt was even more. Of course you tried to calm him down, but it was nearly impossible.

As soon as you two arrived in the hospital. Your contractions got worse and worse. But the thought of having a baby outweighs the pain you had back then. Newt was at your side, holding your hand the whole time, although he was far from calm and even cried when he laid eyes on his child for the first time, he tried to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
The birth turned out very well and you and your child are healthy. When you held your baby in your arms, you cried tears of joy as well. From the corner of your eyes, though, you could see a relieved and very proud father/husband smiling at the two of you. However, you still can’t believe that you’re a mother now. The sound of that is so unfamiliar to you, but of course you love it.

Back home now, you’re holding your little one in your arms. Newt next to you. Still with a very bright smile on his face.
“Do you think I’ll be a good mother?” You suddenly ask Newt, your voice gets a bit worried now.
“Of course. Y/N. You’ll be or better you already are the best and also most beautiful mother and, of course wife too, there is, Y/N, don’t worry. We both (meaning the child with that) can speak of luck to have you.” He smiles at you, while wiping a strand of hair out of your face. Then he looks back at the baby and says. “Your mummy, is the best. You can count yourself lucky, little one and I’ll always take care of the both of you. Nothing will ever happen to you or your mummy.I promise.”
You smile at him. Tears in your eyes now.
“Thank you, Newt.”
He smiles and gives you and the child a kiss on the cheek.
Newt gets up crom the sofa and after a few minutes later comes back with an old book, covered in dust. ‘The tales of beedle the bard’.
He begins to read. “Babbitty Rabbitty and her cackling stump. - A long time ago, in a far-off land, there lived a foolish king who decided that he alone should have the power of magic… .”
You love it when he’s reading. His voice makes you feel so comfortable and calm. You looked up at him, tears filling your eyes again. With your head on his shoulder, a big smile in your face, the crackle of the oven, which makes Newts eyes shine as he continues reading,  and your child in your arms you listen to his soft and gentle voice.

Kingdom of Crows: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 - FINAL

When Kageyama was nine years old, Hinata had tried to kill him.

At the time, Hinata had, firstly, not recognized him, and secondly, only noticed the insignia of the royal family sewn onto his clothes. The latter was a death wish, when worn in the underground labyrinth of ill repute that existed below the shining realm of Corvus above, the despicable city of thieves, the Kingdom of Crows.

But Kageyama hadn’t known that, at his tender age. He knew nothing of the world at large, only knew that somewhere, in this dark and twisty maze of gutters and alleys and shadowed doorways, was a friend.

Imagine his surprise, then, when he’d ended up flat on his back with two daggers crossing blades under his chin, held by a tiny boy, the very one he’d been seeking.

Hinata was not a prince of this hidden city, yet, not even a sly gleam in the eye of the current lord all thieves bowed their heads to. He was smaller than most of the already malnourished inhabitants in the underground, and he wasn’t nearly as cunning nor as clever as the rest of them.

But he was brave. He had heart. And he was very, very quick on his feet.

He had been nearly about to slit Kageyama’s throat, maybe the first time blood had ever wet those tiny hands, the fire in his eyes burning bright. Kageyama would never forget that flame. He would carry it with him, to remind him of the souls of the people, what he could become to them if he failed.

It was the kind of fury that is born not only from personal offense, but out of ideals, out of oppression and hunger and fear. All directed toward a symbol, a far off idea rather than a man, the throne.

Death to kings, and all they have begotten.

“Sh-Shouyou?” Kageyama had stuttered, not even sure this wild-eyed creature was the boy he’d met a year ago, but then Hinata had dropped his weapons.

“Tobio?” he’d whispered. “Why are you wearing… that?”

And it was, perhaps, here—that their long journey had truly begun.

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You checked that the rain hadn’t leaked into the house, since you were still not quite used to proper windows again. As you watched the droplets collect on the glass, you looked out over the empty streets. Dale was quiet today - the late winter downpour had kept everyone inside, out of the chilly air. Only a few poor souls were left to walk about in the cold, and you hoped that they were heading home to sit before a warm fire.

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