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We would like to thank for all of the support everyone has shown for our new project, Little Goody Two Shoes!

While searching through the German fairy tales and scenery central to LGTS’s atmosphere, everyone began to feel a longing for sausage.
And then something wacky like: “When we could no longer control our hunger, the group began working toward a project that embodies everything Astral Shift´

Weenella is a new game, taking place before the events of both Pocket Mirror and Little Goody Two Shoes.
Help Weenella make her way to the ball, meet Prince Heinz, and realize the truest treasure is the weens we make along the way. We are proud to share with you some of our work so far! 

As a group we have always found the figure of a hotdog in a bun quite mesmerizing. We hope you will find the beauty in hotdogs, just as we have.Please look forward to Weenella ~and the glass croc~ coming in 2069

Project: April Fools — Knife to Meet You

Knife To Meet You

Written by: @mimosaeyes, @667-darkavenue, @megatraven & @soundofez

Beta-ed by: @altoblt5, @mimosaeyes, @667-darkavenue, @megatraven & @soundofez

Summary: College AU and Reverse Crush AU. Ladybug and Chat Noir run a game of Murder in their uni. Marinette plots to take out her target: Adrien Agreste.

They met at midnight on the rooftop of the university dorms.

“You excited?” Chat Noir asked, eyes gleaming in the dark.

“Let’s get this Murder started.”

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anonymous asked:

That Ivanka Trump, powerful Jewish woman headline is making me so anxious right now. Every time I see something emphasizing her or Kushner's Jewishness I get so worried that, well, we all know what's going to happen. Like even if we miraculously get out of this whole Trump mess it's gonna end up being yeah, but look at those Jews that were responsible, you know? It'll be look, stereotype confirmed! I just feel like no matter what, we lose and it SUCKS.

Anon, I want so badly to reply to this with something reassuring, because that’s what I do.

Unfortunately, in this case, I got nothing.

My friend Navah had a great twitter thread on being someone’s “first Orthodox Jew” and the responsibility it carries, in terms of representing the identity to the greater populace. It is terrifying to realize that Ivanka and Jared are going to be a lot of people’s first Orthodox Jews- or first Jews, period. It is not exaggerating to say that Ivanka and Jared are going to color how people in the US view Jews for decades at least- and that’s talking about people who aren’t already the rabid antisemites who flood twitter with the gross caricatures of us.

This was scary even going in to the presidency, but it’s gotten worse as time has passed. Jared is under investigation, and I’ve found myself torn between my desire to see these horrible people get what they deserve, and being terrified that the people being called out are Jews. Being the first scapegoats when things go wrong is not a new thing for us.

I think that Bannon & Co. are DELIGHTING in the idea of being able to blame the problems on a Jew. Here’s my naivete: I thought that Kushner and Ivanka being there might force Trump to moderate at least the antisemitism in his cabinet, because he is a morally bankrupt fool but always projects family first. I recognize I was wrong.

And to be clear, Kushner 100% deserves jail time for being a shitty human being who, as best we understand at the moment, illegally colluded with Russia in the service of a president who doesn’t understand even the most basic levels of how this country works and just wants to boost his own businesses. But that doesn’t make the antisemitism that’s inevitably going to bloom out of it appropriate or acceptable, and that is what makes me concerned about what happens to Kushner even though he deserves to rot.




Musically interesting JAM Project Openings

I love JAM Project and their offerings, but there have been times where some of them initially sounded strange or just different to first time listeners like myself, especially due to the rapidly changing tones and melody. I ended up really enjoying them over repeat listening anyway. The actual scene composition of an anime opening can also enhance the experience, so it’s not the song alone.

Cyborg 009 vs Devilman (2015)

Nine Cyborg Soldiers

This was another of these songs where I really didn’t know with the general tune that they were going with. I still enjoy it a lot also thanks to the gorgeous animation, but I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed when you consider that this OP came out around the same time of One Punch Man’s excellent OP. The ED, Devil Mind on the other hand was fantastic, but that will be for another time.

Garo Hoono no Kokuin (2014)

Divine Flame

Different, but I loved it on the first few listens, but you have to admit that it doesn’t sound as typical as the rest. I already knew what to expect from them, so I think it was easier to really dig this musical offering. The animation is also very interesting, visually.

Nobunaga The Fool (2014)


One comment on this very video says this theme is awful. While admit I didn’t like it on first time and thought it was one of the weaker JAM Project offerings, my opinion of it totally changed after repeat listens.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector (2010)


This was a hard listen for many people watching this show at the time. It’s really like two songs put together, but with repeat listens, I could really get along the tune and consider it one of my all time JAM Project favourites. The animation also oozed of Obari, and he actually directed the show himself. This show also had a nice OP in the last episodes, called Ryusei Lovers but it couldn’t match the vivacity of this one.

Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen (2009)

The Gardian (Intentional misspelling. That’s how they initially wrote it the first time the OP appeared in episode 16, I wished they left it at that)

This should probably not be on the list, because it actually sounds typical JAM, but when I first heard THE GARDIAN, before it was actually released in the show, it was without the OP animation. I couldn’t make any sense of it especially from KANJITE KNIGHT and It didn’t help that I was still new to JAM Project back then, having only watched stuff like New Getter Robo and Koutetsushin Jeeg at the time. When I finally saw the OP, the animation blew me away and I instantly fell in love. I’m not the only one who seem to really like this OP scene composition, considering that a quick search on nicovideo returns many fanmade versions of it.

Last year, the band finally got the recognition it deserved in the English speaking world, thanks to One Punch Man’s popularity. I hope this encourages more Japanese music enthusiasts to look out for both older and upcoming JAMs, and that the search doesn’t end with just one popular series