the foodie

At the risk of sounding cheesy, pizza, you make us melt.

So here’s to you, ruler of the pie, majesty of mozzarella, savior of the sauces, prince of pepperoni. You’re a dairy-dressed dream, a vision topped with veggies. Pizza and the doctor-recommended amount of enzymes—together always a delight.

How do you top your perfect pie? Are you pro-pineapple? Let us know!


here’s some pictures from last night and today! i stayed up late last night for homework and i’m doing the same again tonight! i have an art history exam tomorrow and i’m not ready at all, but i’m not stressing! i’m just gonna read the book, my notes, and my flashcards and take it as it comes! also today i went to chipotle with my boy! but newsflash the queso isn’t good :(