the food was amazing as well

Crispy Cauliflower & Cheese Bites

1.Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius / 400 degrees Fahrenheit
2.Roughly chop the cauliflower and add into a food processor to chop it into a finer crumb. If you don’t have a food processor, don’t worry – you can chop it by hand, it just takes a little longer.
3.Grate the cheese and add it to a large mixing bowl with the cauliflower, egg and black pepper. Mix everything well until it starts to feel a little more like a mixture.
4.Lightly grease a muffin tray with some vegetable oil and spoon in around 1 and a half tablespoons of the mixture into each hole. Add the tray into the oven and cook for 15 minutes.
5. Resist the temptation to eat immediately. Cool for a few minutes and enjoy.
They are amazing dipped in a chopped chives, crumbled bacon and sour cream mix.

quick and easy scented dough recipe

so easy in fact, you only need two ingredients: scented lotion and cornstarch

You just mix them together (i’m not gonna specify any measurements bc every lotion is different, but you should have more cornstarch, at least 2:1) and you get a soft dough that feels exactly like playdough but smells great!

And if you want to add some color, it takes food coloring very well

That said, it’s not without drawbacks. It dries out very quickly  so when you’re done playing with it you either need to store it in an airtight container or throw it away. 

Still, it’s quick, simple, and fun and it smells amazing. 


Sub-Zero making tea for Scorpion is my favorite thing from the entire story mode of Mortal Kombat X to be completely honest.

Reasons To Date Dean

Face times together  

When he wants to snuggle

And snuggles turn into well… this

Him singing to you 

Late night phone calls 

Him being a dork and a cutie

Him snapping you 

Dean making you take pictures of him

Jam sessions together

When you cook him food, him devouring all of it and being a happy little Deanie

Adventures and dates together

Him getting all shy

Car rides together… just being able to watch this in the car… Jesus take the wheel.. please

His weird little pose he always does

Him being FOINE


how did talking about Dean in the car turn into this @clubeskimo i dont know if this killed you or not but… 

*these gifs and pictures are not mine credit goes out to the original gif makers as well as stills*

*except the snapchat’s i made those hehe ^^*

#look how happy he is #his face just lights up when he looks at lukas #and a giant grin just spreads across his face #this is amazing if you consider the line “well at least he’s going out now” #which definitely means that he’s been locked up in his room #just missing his mom #only coming out for school, food and lukas #philip shea deserves to smile like that #especially after all he’s been through #philip shea should never be sad again #i would die to keep that smile on his face

Gertrude B. Elion (1918-1999) was one of the recipients of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Throughout her career she developed a variety of new drugs, including the AIDS treatment AZT, as well as azathioprine, the first immunosuppressive drug.

Because of gender bias, she found it very difficult to obtain work despite two degrees in chemistry, and began as a food quality supervisor for supermarkets. Eventually she obtained a research position with a pharmaceutical company in New York, and went on to collaborate with the National Cancer Institute and the World Health Organization.

More Teacher!Kent AU

NHL Fine



At the stove, Kent’s refilling the guac when a warm hand touches his hip, and a big nose presses into the side of his neck.  “Best thing in kitchen, cute guy making food.”

“Excuse me,” Kent says, huffing, “but I have a boyfriend.”

Alexei laughs.  “Oh yes?  Is he good boyfriend?  If not, I’m steal you.”  His warm lips press against Kent’s pulse.

Kent smiles, continuing on his task.  “Eh.  He’s not bad.”

“Not bad?” Alexei asks.

Kent’s grin widens.  “I mean, he’s pretty hot.  At least, that’s what they tell me.  He’s got amazing abs, and his hockey-butt is one for the ages.  I mean, not as good as Zimmermann’s…”

“What?” Alexei squawks.

“Or well…so I’ve heard,” Kent says with a giggle.

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Preference #6: Nights In

Ray Palmer (DC), Harrison Wells (DC), Cisco Ramon (DC), Erik Lehnsherr (Marvel), Logan Howlett (Marvel), Steve Rogers (Marvel), Dean Winchester (Supernatural), Sam Winchester (Supernatural), Castiel (Supernatural)

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BTS Reaction To Their GF Not Eating And Passing Out

(( I do not own any gifs unless otherwise indicated ))

Requested by anon

Jin: *Sit’s her down and makes her eat food* Jagi I don’t care if you aren’t hungry I will not have you pass out again!

Yoongi: How do I say this Jagi? You are so beautiful and amazing and please don’t starve yourself… *Understands the struggle*

Hoseok: *He honestly thought she had died and couldn’t handle the thought that she was so unhappy* Don’t let her be dead please doctor do something!

Namjoon: Jagi… You either don’t eat to lose weight or you eat and we can “Exercise” to lose weight *Sexy monster tries to persuade her*

Jimin: *Knows the struggle all to well and a couple days after she passes out she finds him crying because he didn’t want her to feel the same struggle*

Taehyung: Jagi did you eat today? *Asks every two hours and makes her send photo’s to make she’s eating*

Jungkook: Jagi you are so perfect… please never think otherwise *Cuddles her and point out all his favorite parts of her body*


The night before her birthday she packed an overnight back and headed to Salim’s. He was already preparing dinner when she arrived.

“Hi,” she greeted him, leaning over his shoulder as he chopped onions and kissing him on the cheek. “What’re you making?”

Salim instantly dropped the knife onto the cutting board and spun around grab Ryleigh and pulled her in to kiss her. When he finally leaned back he was grinning at the look of surprise on her face.

“Hi,” he smiled back. “I realised this morning that I have no idea what your favourite food is so I’m making you my speciality, lamb.”

“Ooh sound delicious,” she returned his smile. “And spaghetti.”

“Huh?” Salim frowned.

“Spaghetti,” Ryleigh laughed. “Spaghetti is my favourite.”

“Oh! Well then I’ll make you spaghetti for lunch tomorrow,” he nodded decisively. “Tonight you’ll have to make do with lamb.”

“I’m sure the lamb will be amazing,” she shook her head in amusement. “And you don’t have to make spaghetti tomorrow, it’s not a big deal.”

“Nonsense it’s your birthday weekend,” he stepped back, grasping her fingers and bending forward in an extravagant bow to kiss the back of her hand. “For the next few days I am you loyal servant, milady!”

Non scale victories

My skin looks amazing.
I have more energy and more stamina.
I’m sleeping really well.
I don’t crave ice cream or chocolate as often as I used to.

Yeah like, maybe I got a gut, maybe my hips knock things over when I’m walking, maybe I get a double chin when my head isn’t raised, maybe I get cellulite on my arms and my bum, maybe I have chubby cheeks, maybe I have stretch marks running up my thighs… but I can reach 12 inches past my toes, I eat nutrient rich meals every day, my immune system is super strong, my sugar and cholesterol levels are so low my doctor recommended I eat more sugar and cholesterol-rich foods, i stretch every morning and my job requires me to run around on my feet all day… so what I’m saying is your body type isn’t necessarily indicative of the choices you make or your body’s health. I’m chubby but every time I have blood tests taken, my doctors are amazed at how well I take care of my body (with probably the minor exception of my liver 😅), so don’t let anyone guilt you about your health if you have a big body. ❤️ Eat right, treat yourself occasionally, and tell everyone to mind their damn business. Worry about the health and happiness of your body, don’t worry about the calories or the number on the scale. 😘🥗🥂And remember that whether or not you’re big or little, healthy or unhealthy, you deserve respect and you have value!

  • yuri on ice animator 1: dude thats really gay
  • yuri on ice animator 2: i know dude
  • yuri on ice animator 1: but do u know what we can do
  • yuri on ice animator 2: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Imagine BVB Interviewing you
  • Andy: So what do you do when you're bored, like hobbies?
  • You: Well I like doing *insert your favorite thing you like to do* It's amazing!
  • CC: Cool! What's your favorite food?
  • You: Oh! My favorite food is *insert favorite food*
  • Ashley: What do you do when you're all alone~ ;)
  • You: Well! When I'm alone! I like to plot ways to kidnap my favorite bands such as you guys!!
  • BVB: ....... what?
  • You: ... what?
SHINee’s Reaction to you Being able to Cook/Bake well

   Request:  Hi, can I get a SHINee reaction where their girlfriend can cook really amazing food and desserts and they taste her stuff for the first time. I have a passion for cooking and baking so I wanted this one to be relatable lol. Thank you!! - Anon

Minho: As soon as you bake or cook for him once that’s it it’s over. He starts constantly asking you to make things for him, using aegyo to do it.

“Jagiya… Will you bake some cookies for me?”

Originally posted by mintokkies

Taemin: When you make him brownies one day he is blown away at how good they are and won’t stop gushing about it.

“I think I love you even more now… Please bake me some more.”

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Onew: When he finds out you can cook well he is ecstatic and loves every time you make him something.

“Does that mean I’ll get lots of sweets from now on?”

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Jonghyun: Is super happy you can bake and cook, but knows he’s going to gain so much weight because of it.

“There go my abs…”

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Key: I nothing, but happy that you can cook and bake and is always asking you to make him stuff

“Jagiya this is amazing, please bake more for me!”

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Living with Holtzmann

A/N: Here’s living with Holtz! Let me know if you have any suggestions xx

Warnings: None

Word count: 366

·         All the clothes sharing

·         You literally just have one massive wardrobe

·         A wall of ties and headscarves

·         Moving in because Holtz kept forgetting to eat and sleep

·         Her setting you on fire within the first day

·         Banning her from the kitchen after she set the microwave on fire

·         Falling over some form of tool or invention every five minutes

·         Her having mass amounts of snack foods in every room

·         Shopping with her being the most impossible task

·         Trying to tell her pop tarts and cold pizza aren’t actual forms of breakfast

·         She doesn’t listen and gets you into the habit as well

·         Having to have wooden floors because the carpet was burnt to pieces

·         The most immense book collection ever

·         You two have what looks like a small library

·         As well as books you have an amazing music collection

·         So many records, cassettes and CD’s everywhere

·         All the polaroid’s

·         You two would take so many pictures on a slightly modified polaroid camera

·         Your neighbours hate you so much

·         Once Holtzmann accidently spilt some chemicals which caused the whole building to evacuate

·         One day you come home from work to find Holtzmann with a cat

·         She found it behind an Italian restaurant eating all the leftover food ( ;) ) while dumpster diving

·         You end up keeping it

·         Patty often has to cat sit while Holtzmann is making something with nuclear qualities

·         Your apartment becoming the ultimate crash zone for the ghostbusters after a bust

·         You end up having clothes for all the girls and occasionally Kevin

·         You make blanket and pillow forts so often there’s now a permanent one because ‘The sofa is boring’ according to Holtz

·         Your bedroom being the messiest but prettiest place in the universe

·         Fairy lights everywhere

·         Old film posters on every wall

·         Probably burn marks too

·         Let’s not lie, Holtz probably has those glow in the dark stars on her ceiling

·         There’s always music playing, it’s never quiet

·         So many scented candles

·         They have to be scented because the place smells like a factory

·         A massive stack of obscure board games

·         Holtz would get so into them and be so competitive

·         Literally the most fun household you could ever come accross

Imagine the RFA as a cooking competition

(aka I’ve watched too much Masterchef)

  • Rika’s Food Association
  • V, Rika and Jumin are the judges
  • V having the superior palette because of his lack of sight
  • Usually when they doubt, V gets the final decision
  • Jumin is extremely critical though actually a softie
  • Rika is kind but suddenly be harsh out of nowhere
  • V is well liked among everyone
  • Yoosung, Zen, 707, Jaehee, MC, Saeran, Echo Girl and Sarah Choi are among the contestants.
  • Yoosung as the young medical student who wants to become a chef
  • Constantly trying to impress Rika
  • Usually plays it safe but sometimes conjures amazing savory dishes
  • Doesn’t like V at all, thinks his friendly act is fake
  • 707, self-proclaimed memelord, wants to run a foodtruck
  • Constantly uses molecular cooking, combining odd foods
  • Makes dishes that look like they came from the future
  • Weird yet delicious, constantly confusing everyone
  • Always rushing for time at the end yet manages to make it
  • Zen, model who wants to own a restaurant
  • The cameras love him and he loves them back
  • Lots of classic dishes that are well-executed
  • Jumin criticizes him harder than the others
  • Zen argues back constantly
  • Their bickering gives the show high ratings
  • Jaehee, high earning assistant who wants to give it all up to run a bakery
  • Always clean and on time, never had to rush to make it
  • Follows the rules sometimes a bit too much, rarely goes outside the box
  • Invention tests are her weakness
  • Saeran, the grumpy twin of 707, wants to be a pastry chef
  • Absolute god at making anything sweet
  • His toffee and candy canes are to die for
  • When paired with Jaehee, everyone gives up
  • They don’t pair him up with Jaehee after that one episode
  • MC, the mysterious latecomer that everyone likes
  • Amazing in team challenges
  • Everyone wants to know her better
  • Echo Girl and Sarah Choi annoy the crap out of everybody
  • Their dishes suck but they stay in for a while because reality tv