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so a while back I mentioned that I was offered a position as galapagos tortoise trainer and I finally got some pictures! this is my girl Moe and I love her dearly

what we do is a lot of voluntary and natural behaviors with positive reinforcement. no punishment ever. we also never withhold food. all the food reinforcers we use are extra treats that they get for training.

the third picture is a “lift” behavior where we tap their foot, and once they lift and allow us to hold, we reinforce. this is a great behavior for getting a good look at the tortoise’s legs since you can’t lift the whole tortoise to get a better look at their feet.

The Losers Club: At The Mall (Modern AU)

-They all get their food from the food court and run around to find the best table (fighting over the best spot) while Bill trails behind them walking slowly and carefully with the large tray of food.

- Richie rides around on one of those animal scooters and Eddie tries to stop him but ends up having to chase after him.

-Stan sooo wants to go in Bath & Body Works but is too embarrassed. Bev see this and ushers him inside because ‘She wants to go in’.

-Bill loves to go to the Tea place and has all the Losers try the tea. Richie spits it out, Eddie wants to like it because he knows it’s good for you but he hates the taste. Stan loves it too.

- Richie gets in trouble for walking up the down escalator and proceeds to make fun of the security guard behind his back. The Losers try not to laugh.

-Stan always pretends like he’s gonna jump off the ledge.

-they all get real food from the food court but Richie gets soft pretzels.

-Stan loves White Barn and goes in to smell the candles but it bothers him if he doesn’t smell like the whole shelf. So he’s in there for like thirty minutes.

-They get frozen yogurt for dessert and Eddie gets plain vanilla but Richie gets every possible topping.

-Mike falls asleep in a really comfortable chair in one of the furniture stores so Richie takes the whip cream off his frozen yogurt and puts it all over his palm and tickles Mike’s nose.

-Mike slaps Richie instead.

-Bill shops at like Jcpenny and the Gap and they tease him for being boring.

-Bev loves Spencer’s, and Hot Rags and searches time and time again for good band t-shirts.

-Ben buys a giant stuffed bear from a toy store. (For himself)

-Bill comforts a sad lost little boy and helps him find his mother, holding his hand the whole time.

No Hate But

I don’t get scenarios where the idol says/does those damn hurtful things and the reader/oc goes back to them. 

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Like if it was me I’d be like ‘No honey. I’m not allowing myself to be treated like a waste of space again.’

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Like I am a queen and I deserve to be treated like a queen. Everyone is their own queen/king/royalty in their right and they deserve it.

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But for real tho. I like happy endings and I end up liking them with a part of me anyway. Just throwing this out there for anyone who needed to be reminded they’re fucking awesome :D


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So one of my associates doesn’t like Todomomo because Todo’s so messed up and Momo doesn’t have time for it. I disagree. But it’s his opinion. Still, is there a good way to refute this, hopefully with canon evidence?

thanks for the ask; It’s really odd to me that someone would think that Momo has “no time” to care for others (not just todo)…first of all, she’d be the type of person to put others before herself. 

You can see from the manga how caring she is; for instance she invited classmates over to her house to tutor them on the subjects that they weren’t best at. In the light novel and in the anime, you can see that she even sets up food and everything for her guests. Momo is one of the most accommodating people shown thus far in the series. Momo tells the trio (while directly looking at todo) that she was worried for them when they encountered Stain; Momo apologized to todo after he failed his temporary licensing exam, feeling bad that he didn’t achieve what everyone else did (lols she didn’t for baku tho); Momo went with the others to rescue baku BECAUSE she was compelled to ensure their safety and make sure they avoid combat.

If your friend means todo’s family situation = todo’s messed up, then I think Momo will do everything she can to help if they were to be a couple. 

Even in the drama cd where Horikoshi wrote the plot for….todo tells momo bits of his sad family past and afterwards he goes “why am I telling somebody else this…” and Momo says (after the fireworks lols) that she isn’t just ‘someone else’, she’s his comrade so he should depend/trust her too. 

If they were to be together, then for him, Momo would def ‘have time’

@selephi @itsmilamon @vixenofthemist did I miss anything?

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Yo friendly Friday started early I've got a thought to share with ya Being friends with Wilford and you have to go to some sort of fancy event with him so you throw on a nice dress that you found from like a thrift store (save up that money duder) and Wilford absolutely flIPS BECAUSE "THAT IS N O T YOUR COLOR AND NO FRIEND OF MINE WILL LOOK ANYTHING LESS THAN SPECTACULAR" que a massive (expensive) shopping trip that he pays for despite any protest(btw I'm just gonna be 👻 Anon if it's not taken)

(No one has really claimed emojis yet, so it’s all good ^^)

You really should have expected Wilford to go “Mustached FairyGod Father” on you. But his heart is in the right place, and you’re getting some good food out of it too. There’ll be a time and place to repay his kindness.

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hi yes any and all aizawa headcanons (but especially any domestic/dadzawa)

Heck yeah I have plenty for that lovable trash bag caterpillar.


- He’s really good at cooking dinner foods. Anything else you have to find someone else for.

- He pretends to not care, but he sometimes cares way too much. He wants this class to stay as safe as possible.

- He has to accompany Mic when grocery shopping because Mic is terrible at grocery shopping and will only buy shrimp chips.

- He volunteers at the local cat shelter in his free time along with Shinsou.

- He mentors Shinsou after school and thinks of him as one of his own students.

- He’s got a different sleeping bag for every day of the week and special ones for holidays.

- He often gets cold feet, so Mic bought him cat meme socks that he wears all the time. (I linked some cat meme socks if anyone wants any.)

- Despite being very strict, he actually is a Secret Memer™ and occasionally spams the teacher group chat with memes.

- He got Rick Rolled by All Might once and screamed in the middle of a pop quiz out of sheer frustration.

- His apartment isn’t as messy as his hair or his life.

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Fuck. I messaged you and now my heart is racing. ~Corner Nonnie

YAY!!! Don’t worry, I don’t bite! Unless you’re good. If you aren’t food, you should be fine.

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what is a "safe food"?

I would say cucumbers. They’re so insanely low calorie, so hydrating, full of good shit for you, if you’re starving and just dying for a full stomach eat as much cucumber as you can

Hijirikawa Masato - Cooking Style [Apron R]

Host: Do you normally cook?

I’m pretty good at cooking. I usually wear a Kappōgi​* when I do.

I enjoy coming up with menus when I’m not working, and how to incorporate seasonal foods as well. Cooking can be quite deep.

When STARISH first started, Ichinose and I were the ones in charge of cooking.

Today I prepared dishes to our members tastes, but it would be interesting to have to attempt a “Party Menu.” I would like to try it next time.

I’m going to be making my specialty, a Japanese-style dish. Please enjoy.

*Kappōgi: what he is wearing. Accoring to, it is “a type of gown-like apron, originating in Japan. First designed to protect kimono, it has baggy sleeves terminating just after the elbow, and is as long as the wearer’s knees. Its strings are tied around the shoulders, like a bib. It is particularly used when cooking and cleaning.“

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You're the blog(s) we never knew we needed. I was skeptical when my cousin excitedly began telling me about a blog that puts Hetalia caps next to food but oh my goodness it is like the highest form of art. Also, your art student AU gives me life

aw shucks mate,, im glad you like both my blogs!! 

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I sometimes daydream about little things that give me lots of hope as a lesbian. Like: me and my (future) girlfriend sitting in our new backyard putting flowers in the ground while laughing , then a year later we sit at the same spot in the sun and enjoy looking at the flowers while holding each others hands and eating good food 😭✨ a girl can dream

aaaa the dream!!!! This is so so lovely, thanks for sharing your daydreams with us, we all wish you the best, and I truly hope you can live out this lovely fantasy some day!

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Would you do Harper and living room?

How does the character spend weekends?

If she isn’t chilling on the couch watching something with Cullen, she is hanging out with Cass and Steph

What kind of movies does the character watch?

Horror movies. But not the good kind, the really bad B-Movies that are so bad they are good

What do they do with friends?

Usually it involves food because of Steph, but when she is hanging out with her friends, it’s usually at the movies or walking around a park. Nothing super expensive or fancy just casual hanging out.

What’s their favourite pasttime?

Fixing broken things. She likes how she doesn’t really have to think, she can focus on the task. It doesn’t require too much brain power and from years of doing it, it relaxes her

What’s their favourite TV show/Film?

TV Show - The Walking Dead

Film - The Evil Dead (original 80′s one)

post-emoji movie Trauma

WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because it’s leaking out my ears after typing this.

This is the first movie ever I’ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, I’m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.

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