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Hi, how's life?

Agh, you must have sent this after I got off last night :/

Oh well. Life’s pretty good I guess. I’m currently writing an essay about the insane amount of stress high school students are put under on a daily basis (no joke, that’s actually what it’s about). I turned a penny gold today in chemistry. That was pretty cool. My parents are out of town so I can pretty much do what I want. Life’s pretty great. Although I do have a headache. Probably lack of sleep, lack of food, lack of water. I should probably go eat dinner. *shrug*.

Anyway I’m rambling so how about you? Anything interesting?

Yuuri moved to Russia with Viktor. That means we have a small eternity in the timeline to imagine the kind of domestic bliss going on over there.

+ Viktor dragging Yuuri ALL OVER St. Petersburg as soon as Yuuri is no longer jetlagged, showing him everything

+ Viktor sitting in bed with a laptop while Yuuri slept, trying to see if there were any Japanese restaurant with high ratings around because he knew it’s a guarantee that Yuuri will miss home

+ petty arguments over whose turn it is to wash the dishes

+ always shopping extra for groceries because despite all of his complaining Yurio never fails to show up at their place for dinner at least three times a week after moving his home rink to St. Petersburg

+ “I survived in Detroit for five years, Vitya, I’m okay without Japanese food,” Yuuri says in amusement as Viktor dragged him out to eat. But he’s touched anyway and hey, food’s actually pretty damn good!!!

+ Yuuri actually using the kitchen appliances in Viktor’s old apartment

+ Yuuri becoming the neighborhood mystery and every granny and Viktor’s neighbors are Determined to catch him in conversation at least once a day, and Yuuri is terrified because his Russian is broken at best

+ “Alexei (the local butcher) congratulates on ‘finally finding the one after seven tries’,” Yuuri says one day as he returns to Viktor’s apartment with their grocery. “You sure are determined, Vitya.”

+ “I have to be a role model for Alexei, because he gave up after two,” Viktor replies grandly and comes over to give Yuuri a full body hug and a giant sloppy kiss on his cheek and a “Welcome home.”

+ YUURI LEARNING RUSSIAN (Viktor is Delighted)

+ Yurio is horrified when Yuuri repeated some of the things Viktor told him in bed and didn’t tell him what they meant. Yurio signed Yuuri up for a language learning class the day after and Yuuri is too mortified to protest.

+ Yakov invites Yuuri out for a drink and a talk. Yuuri seriously wondering if he should get a will put together in case Viktor’s old coach delivers the shovel talk but just stops at the “shovel” part

+ “Don’t worry, Yakov won’t hurt a fly,” Viktor tells him with barely contained mirth when Yuuri tells him this. After a moment, he also adds, “Besides, his legs are short. You should be able to outrun him.”

+ “Just watch out for the little pistol he has in his coat pocket,” adds Yurio, who is a complete shit

+ Yuuri calling Yurio “Yurachtka” instead of “Yurio”, figuring it’s a tad more friendly. Yurio pretends to blow a gasket over it but is secretly pleased; only his immediate family ever called him that, and Otabek was too formal for it

+ suspiciously, at least half of the fridge is full of things Yurio like to eat. There is a guest room that also has too many animal print stuff in it to belong to either Yuuri or Viktor. Nobody remarks on this

+ Lilia terrifies Yuuri, but they quickly form an amicable (“amicable”) student-teacher relationship after Lilia commands Yuuri to show up at her studio and dance for her. That was how she ended up getting introduced to Minako as well, who is ecstatic

+ the younger kids under Yakov flocking to Yuuri because he’s as talented as Yurio but is so much nicer. Viktor stands on the side of the rink being absolutely Smug

+ MILA AND YUURI FINALLY MEET, hitting it off right away after half a bottle of vodka. Mila has 50+ embarrassing pictures of Viktor and Yurio collected on her phone over the year. Yuuri is in awe

+ anyway I love this

I was thinking about Tony Stark and how he would have spent his birthday alone due to the events of Civil War. Over the years, he’s had his team/family there and they’ve always surprised him with a small get-together because despite throwing extravagant parties, Tony isn’t really into partying as much as he used to. 

Steve is the one who usually does the planning while Natasha makes sure that it’s all done right. Clint can make a pretty good birthday cake (”with layers!”) while Sam gets busy with the food (he’s The Chef) and everyone else is put on decorating duty. That takes awhile because helium balloons and the team spend the rest of the day cracking up over their high pitched voices. 

This happens while Tony has been dragged away by Pepper (it’s been planned but Pepper actually needs him to come into work). Steve kisses a whining Tony at the elevator and laughs while Tony pouts, Pepper rolling her eyes as her lips hint at a smile. 

Everything is ready when Tony arrives home and he’s not surprised (he HATES surprises and it’s not good for his heart) but is greeted by everyone smiling (Thor has the widest grin) and they all say ‘Happy Birthday!’

“Grandpa!” Clint adds teasingly. 

If anyone asks, no, Tony doesn’t cry and he definitely doesn’t hug them all for at least five minutes. He hugs Steve the longest who holds him close before handing him the sweetest birthday message that just sends Tony over the brink and okay, yes, he’s crying. 

But after the Sokovia Accords and everyone heading their separate ways, Tony finds himself painfully alone again. Pepper is gone, Rhodey is slowly making progress with his recovering and everything seems so out of focus, so unreal. 

Life isn’t what it used to be and he’s expected that but it’s hard to accept it. 

Until Peter Parker comes into his life. 

The boy is a little eager but his mind completely genius and he has a heart of gold. He only wants to do good and protect innocent people with the powers that he has. Tony takes him under his wing and it’s a little odd at first but they settle into a routine, that family affection being born between them. 

When his birthday rolls around, Tony is intent on ignoring it even when Rhodey suggests that they do something special. He decides to spend it in his workshop, working on some new prototypes and whatever his hands can get.

But when he enters, he discovers a small wrapped up present with a card placed on top of it. At first, he’s cautious but when he picks up the card and reads it, this is what it says:

Dear Mr. Stark, 

I know that you didn’t want to do anything for your birthday, you made it really clear yesterday when I asked what you planned on doing! I’m going to respect that but getting you a small present shouldn’t be such a big deal right? If it is, I’ll return it or give it to Happy but it wouldn’t suit him like it would you. 

I found it while walking home the other day and it just screamed ‘Mr. Stark!’ so I had to get it. 

Hope you like it and happy birthday! 


It’s a tie and it’s red with gold outlining and it’s…perfect, more than perfect. 

The next time Peter sees him wearing a suit, the tie is there around his neck looking pressed and wonderful. He doesn’t miss the wide smile that Peter gives and he can’t stop the smile that curves at his lips either. 

“Thanks for the tie…it means a lot.”

“No problem! I’m just glad you like it!” 

At the end of the day, Tony finds himself going through his emails and he stumbles across one that has a random email address. It’s one that he’s ever seen before but disregarding all the warnings going off in his head, he clicks. 

His heart skips a beat and his breath hitches. 

Happy Birthday, Tony. 


Way Too Easy

Written for the prompt: Will you pretend to be my date to my family’s holiday party so they’ll stop harassing me about being single? There’s food in it for you.

Dean agrees to accompany Castiel to the Novak family party as his boyfriend, but finds himself regretting it when he starts to forget that they’re not actually dating. (1.9k)


Dean knew from the way Castiel stomped into their apartment and threw his backpack forcefully on the armchair that he was in a bad mood. His roommate was generally a happy person, but when he got angry it was not a pretty sight. Luckily, Dean and Cas had been roommates for three years now, and Dean had gotten very good at reading his emotions and calming him down when he was angry.

“What’s wrong, Cas?” Dean asked, looking up from his book.

“Nothing,” Cas muttered, tearing his jacket off and throwing it down on top of his backpack.

“Come on Cas; we both know that’s a lie. What happened? Is this about your psychology test?”

“No, Dean, it’s not, it’s–” He broke off then exclaimed, “Why the hell do they care if I’m dating anyone anyway? It’s none of their business and it’s not my fault if I’m not.”

“Whoa, slow down, Cas,” Dean said, brain working to catch up to what Castiel was saying. “Who cares who you’re dating?”

Cas sighed. “My family. I just talked to my parents, and they asked if I would be bringing anyone to our family Christmas party this weekend, as a date, and when I said no, my mom sighed in pity and my dad reminded me that I’m not getting any younger. I’m twenty-one!” Castiel was practically shouting now. “And every time I see Gabriel, he teases me about it, asking if I’m dating anyone or ‘getting any,’ as he says, and I know it’s not meant to be malicious, but it still hurts.”

Cas finally stopped to catch his breath and when he gazed at Dean with his large blue eyes, Dean felt his heart twist.

I would love to go to that party with you as your actual boyfriend, Dean thought, but he couldn’t say that, no matter how much he wanted to. The last thing he wanted to do was complicate or ruin their friendship by misreading the situation.

For a second, Dean thought that Cas must be a mind reader, because his face suddenly brightened and the next words out of his mouth were, “You could be my date!”

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i got @whelvenwings to wear a kebaya and make flower crowns in my village! she also taught me how to cook pasta and it 👏🏻 was 👏🏻 HELLA 👏🏻 DELISH 👏🏻

Barbie: Starlight Adventure

For some reason I wrote down notes while watching one of the latest Barbie movie with Space Elsa and I did not want to throw them away so her we go. :P CONTAINS SPOILERS!!


  • Visually stunning! Galaxy imagery is always pretty, but this movie is really colorful and absolutely beautiful. (* w *)
  • Barbie looks and acts like a 17 year old and that is good (in most of her movies she appears to be in her twenties, especially the older ones). 
  • Barbies´ snort laugh! <3
  • Sal-Lee´s hair! <3<3
  • Scene were a robot steals the prince´s popcorn.
  • Leo´s constant need for food in general is actually really funny. 
  • I may prefer fantasy, but it´s very refreshing to see Barbie in a sci-fi adventure for once.
  • All the teens are super smart and talented in their own way. They can handle technology and spaceships without any problem, which reflects well on our youngest generations that are growing up in the technological age. 
  • Barbie isn’t treated differently based on sexist shit, which has always been a good trait in her movies ((Well, at least most of the time… *cough* Barbie and the Three Musketeers *cough*)). 
  • I like that the king isn’t a bad guy like you first assume.


  • Unnecessary narrator is unnecessary.
  • Barbie is called Barbie in this. This messes up canon lore soon much!!
  • The characters say stuff without any reason. They jump from topic to topic in an unnatural way. And it´s not a character thing, just bad writing.
  • The reuse of the same 3D bases for the main characters is more distracting than ever (CLONES!!). And because of this I head-cannon that Leo is Barbie´s long lost brother. YOU CAN´T STOP ME!!
  • The songs feel really out of place. It´s not that the songs aren’t good, it´s the audio itself. It feels and sounds as if Barbie isnt really singing, that somebody muted her and put on iTunes.
  • Why doesnt the prince have any powers? :,(
  • The sisters´ telepathy skills are introduced, used like once or twice and then are never seen again. Just a waist of script pages.
  • Since there is no villain or antagonist of any kind there isnt anything really standing in Barbie´s way. There isnt even an element of “You must change in order to overcome your own weakness” or anything like that. 
  • The main plot line (save the stars) does not come with any sense of urgency. There is no countdown, and we dont even know what will happen IF the stars die (they litteraly only say the it would be “bad”). And even when the stars DID go out at the end, it did not seem to matter that much. People were just a little sad. 
  • That damn deus ex machine ending twist. It had me literally swearing. It was pretty thou.
  • Barbie is special and that snow-flakyness saves the day. Been there, done that. 

Danganronpa musical songs:

“I just murdered my crush”

“I’m a boy and the internet doesn’t get it”

“I’m going to burn in hell and enjoy it”

“My family is suffering and they don’t deserve it”

“surprise motherfuckers”

“The guy in the hoodie is actually a load of shit”

“I like american pop artists, sex, food, and my mom”

“Video games are evil”

“illness is pretty bad”

“Robots technically aren’t even alive so i didn’t murder right”

“This is bullcrap if i’ve ever seen it”

“We can’t think of a good plot in only 12 episodes so we’re gonna go with brainwashing”

“i almost killed the detective. but then i died myself.”

“I tried to help out and i just fucked it all up”

“I’m gay and I’m trying to repent for my sins”

i cut up some baby carrots and look into a nonexistent camera. “they’ll soak up all the flavor from the beef, you see,” i say. this may be true. it may be a blatant lie. i don’t know, i know nothing about baby carrots or beef. who let me in a kitchen. someone stop me. someone take away the food network

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can I have a headcannon for the main three when they are cooking with their s/o? thank you


-Always starts food fights


-He’s actually a pretty bad cook, so watch out

-Wants to make cakes with s/o more than anything


-The best cook out of the three, it’s surreal

-Is really careful when cooking with s/o not to burn the food

-The food itself looks beautiful

-Will blush if s/o compliments him on his skills


-He’s pretty average at cooking

-But he can make very, very good Piroshki

-And he’ll make a lot of them for s/o

-Especially if they’re katsudon piroshki

Experimenting using Jack fruit as a meat replacement (as advised by vegan work mum).

It… Is actually pretty good. When fried the jack fruits fibrous nature give a pretty ‘meaty’ texture. It takes the taste of the sauce and has no fruity taste to it at all.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t know it was a fruit replacement - and I could probably be convinced it was a slightly tough meat (but it’s my first go, without cooking tips - I can probably do better with some trial and error)

The Signs as School Subjects

Aries: P.E. because they literally thrive off competition like what

Taurus: English because both are pretty chilled back unless you start throwing books around/at them

Gemini: Maths why is every single gemini good at maths ????? how ???? teach me your ways !!??

Cancer: Biology because cute plants and stuff yeah

Leo: Drama because literally every single Leo I’ve ever met is into musical theatre ????????? why ?????????

Virgo: History because they’re always telling you to learn from past mistakes yes okay i get it murdering people is morally wrong

Libra: Food because then they can use the actual scales to balance things aw cute omg

Scorpio: Chemistry because you think you’re doing fine with Chem or Scorpio and have everything under control and then they violently explode and suddenly your life is a mess hahhahahhaa :(

Sagittarius: Geography so they can learn about the world and know where to travel away from this mess of a country lmao bye 

Capricorn: German because both use long complicated words that I can’t say or understand for shit

Aquarius: Music because they’re just on completely different level from you like they read circles with tails according to position on lines and that’s magical


Cooking (The Kingsglaive)

I don’t see a lot of stuff for them so I thought I’d do a little something for our beloved Kingsglaive :)

Not particularly good at cooking, but passable enough to look after himself. Doesn’t mind cooking for others, but prefers to avoid it. He doesn’t want to have to deal with a dead body if he screws something up. 

LOVES cooking. And he’s actually pretty good at it too. He’s a bit of a mama bear when it comes to the younger Glaive members so he tends to make snacks for them when he has the time. 

Very hit or miss. Somedays she can make the most appetising food ever and everyone wants to try, much to her chagrin. Other days people hog the bathroom because “Dear God Crowe what did you throw in there?” One has to wonder though if she does this on purpose; as revenge for not letting her eat in peace. Nyx has made a betting game based on whether the people who eat her food fall sick or not.

Not a big fan of cooking. He tends to make silly mistakes and ends up hurting himself or someone else when he does. If he ever feels curious enough to give cooking another chance (while in the main kitchen of the Glaives) an impending sense of doom washes over everyone. And then Nyx is running to the kitchen with a fire extinguisher because Pelna may be tech savvy but he literally just tried to boil an egg and now the alarms are going off.

My mom reacts to the men of MK X


Mom: Wow….I don’t know he’s kind of sexy but…weird looking. I love his eyes though!


Mom: Looks like a woman with a beard…dude needs to man up.


Mom: There’s an actual black man is this? Wow I hope he’s not dead. He’s pretty good lookin, I’m lovin the beard and the metal arms too.


Mom: Eh…he’s hot…but he’s not. If that makes sense.


Mom: Oh look it’s Daredevil!


Mom: This man is in dire need of some lotion…and some food.

Kano (Revolution)


Regular Kano

Mom: Okay…what the hell happened?

Klassic Kano


Erron Black

Mom: HA! Maybe it’s Mabelline!


Mom: Aww he looks like a sad little schoolgirl. Who punched his nuts?

Kotal Kahn 

Mom: Why is he blue and naked? 

Kotal Kahn (Alternate costume)

Mom: That is NOT the same guy! That man is pasty as hell! 

Quan Chi

Mom: ….Victoria what the hell is that?


Mom: What the fuck is that!? Some of these men look really strange…

Rip to one of my ultimate favourite characters of all time. I’ve grown up with these characters (it’s been 7 years bruh) and it always breaks my heart a bit when they die. I remember season 1 episode 1 when I first saw Glenn and I immediately liked him (especially when they would make him do all the dangerous stuff and he’d freak out😂). As the seasons went on he still remained one of my favourite characters and seeing his character development (along with all the other characters) made him feel like an actual person I knew (ok that sounds stupid but that’s how I felt). I knew the day when Negan would kill him would come as that was a very important part in the comics and I really didn’t want it to happen. But it did and I cried for about 4 days and ate 10 pounds of junk food because of how attached I got to Glenn. Sorry this is pretty long and serious I just wanted to say a proper good bye to an amazing and loved character. Goodbye Glenn and thank you Steven for making this amazing character come to life ❤️
Ps I ugly cried while I typed this

Ilvermorny Headcanons

•ok, so whenever the presidential election rolls around all hell breaks loose. i mean these kids know their damn politics and especially the horned serpents (canadian students are bewildered at our elections)

•the school even has their own mini election like a lot of no-maj schools

•the fact that no-maj discrimination didn’t carry over from europe is actually amazing though because all the purebloods are really open to no-majs and really interested in their lives and vica versa

•friendships that involve one person from each house are actually the best because they balance each other out perfectly

•pukwudgies just know where the kitchen is and how to get into it. it’s pretty much protocol to know where the kitchens are if you’re a pukwudgie

•and they’re always willing to take anyone who’s upset, no matter what house, there because everyone knows that food is the best remedy. they’re known for being healers. not necessarily the doctors kind but also but the bomb ass ‘i know exactly how to cheer you up’ friend

•pukwudgies are great at comforting

•horned serpent and wampus are good at giving advice

•although it’s against the rules, on the 4th of july EVERY student is outside after curfew partying. the teachers don’t even care bc they’re partying with them

•a ton of magic fireworks. A. TON.

•the annual 4th of july football tournament (thunderbirds are the reigning champs even though everyone always bets on wampus) they also play quidditch

•they also play a ginormous game of infection, and everyone has the time of their lives.

•it goes on for hoursssss.

•thunderbirds tend to hide in trees or somewhere really creative.

•horned serpents have got the whole thing planned out with bribes for people not to tag them and know exactly how to throw people off their trail.

•pukwudgies aimlessly wander around the grounds but are super careful and somehow never get caught… (how ft??)

•wampus students treat it like mission impossible i am not kidding. they’re checking around corners, they’ve got spies on the inside, some kids have invisibility cloaks (against the rules!!), small telescope they stole from the astronomy class to see where the infected are, dressed in all black even though it’s day time, and they all stick together in like groups of 12-15. the groups have a mix of gender and year and everyone gets along so damn well (mostly. there’s always at least ONE group that despises each other). they do this because if you were trying to infect someone and you see a group of 12-15 kids who are labelled as ‘warriors’ charging at you and screaming, you’re gonna do the smart thing and run the hell away. however if the infectors get a group together to go after the wampus kids, they run. like fast as lightening and screaming at the top of their lungs in fear (they claim it’s excitement. it could be both). the older students throw younger/shorter ones over their shoulder because “no one gets left behind!!!”

•there is no reigning champion because no house has won the game for more than 2 years straight

•but their 4th of july party has nothing on their canada day party

•even though the majority of the students are american, they go ALL OUT for canada day. everyone there lives canada and the over the top party has been an ongoing joke for YEARS

•they’ve even got kinder eggs •all the portraits are in on the joke and sing O Canada all day

•wampus and pukwudgies actually make the worlds greatest friendships hands down

•cranberry pie. so much cranberry pie. every single day

• instead of head boy and head girl it’s student council and the whole school votes on the president (democracy boom)

•the candidates put up signs all over the school and jinx the competition’s signs

•horned serpents and thunderbirds both have a deep love for reading

•a lot of students spend some of their summer at cape cod

•taco tuesday (thunderbird students absolute favourite)

•april fools is a mess. i mean some students are scared to leave their dorm because the probability of getting run over by a sprinting desk is too high and not worth the risk

•each house has like a million chants that they yell during matches.

•the night before matches is spent teaching the first years the chants. and the older students will honestly stay awake the entire night if that’s how long it takes because learning the chants is like becoming apart of their family and seeing the little kids looks of complete happiness as they realise ‘this is home’ is too great to miss

•horned serpents have the best chants. wampus chants involve A LOT of yelling and leaves them all hoarse. thunderbirds always start a wave during their chants. pukwudgies roast the other team during their rants with their impeccable rhyming skills

•forget all the times i said years instead of grades. they say grade at ilvermorny

•ice hockey is also really big. the major teams that the students supports are the Boston Bruins (ilvermorny homestate they have to support them) and the Montreal Canadians (@ canadian students) and since the teams have a huge rivalry, when hockey rolls around, tension GROWS. students wear all the teams apparel when they play and it’s great!!!!

•canadians and kids from upstate new york being heartbroken about not being able to get their tim hortans

•the library is actually the most amazing place. even if a student hates to read, they love the library. it smells amazing and it’s warm and quiet and it offers a euphoric state for anyone really

•thunderbirds have the forest memorised (they’re not even supposed to be in there but screw it)

•horned serpents are amazing negotiators

•biggest house rivalry is horned serpent and pukwudgie

•i’m sorry but there has to be rap battles. pukwudgies are good because of their ‘impeccable rhyming skill’, but wampus is the absolute best because they are relentless

•everyone loves their dunkin donuts (some kids still miss their tim hortans)

hope you enjoyed this!!! add some more if you want :)

Using 는 것 To Make Your Korean More Natural

Sorry for not updating, I’ve just been really busy with school and I haven’t even been able to study Korean (although it’s only been five days!!) Anyways, on to what I wanted to hurry and talk about.

In Korean you use 는 (present tense), 은 (past tense), or ~(으)ㄹ (future tense) with a verb to describe a noun:

갈 길로 집에 가요. = The road I’ll use to go home.

가다 –> 갈

먹은 음식이 맛있었죠! = The food I ate was good! (or The food was good!)

먹다 –> 먹은

So if you look at Korean literature (whether it be novels, webtoons, the titles of dramas or news articles) you’ll always see this being used. In Korean, it’s so much for natural to say (especially on Instagram):

예쁜 거 같은 나 = (lit. Me who thought I was pretty)

rather than..

난 예쁜 거 같았다. = I thought I was pretty.

This actually helps create longer and more descriptive sentences, which is a plus, of course. So that’s why a K-pop star would probably say something like 한국에 도착한 나 (lit. I, who arrived in Korea. –> better as “I just arrived in Korea”) or 팬들을 사랑하는 나 (lit. I, who love my fans –> better as “I love my fans”).

A lot of my friends tell me when I use this I sound more “Korean” so I think it’s pretty useful! I hope you guys really use this since I think it’s good and byeee!

안뇽 ^ㅇ^!