the food i eat

@twyrine the only traces left of djura’s presence, outside of old yharnam, are found in the occasional dog or bird passing by, wearing a handmade jacket. to defend from the cold and the stigma that comes w/ of their hair falling out

karkat replaces all the silverware in his and daves hive with bamboo cutlery when he realizes that dave will sometimes flinch at ppl getting forks and knives and shit out of the silverware drawer and when dave asks about it karkat is just like “IT’S ECO FRIENDLY, DAVE!” but dave knows the real reason and is actually super relieved to have one less source of anxiety

Bisexual Bob strikes again and causes death Eric R. Bittle

•Ok, but does anyone else get the feeling that when Bitty and Jack go to dinner with Bob and Alicia, Bob just… flirts with Bitty.
•Just trying to do the dad thing and embarrass his child in front of the SO.
•Why drag out the baby pictures that he has inevitably seen when you can just make him blush?
•Alicia is so exasperated by the end of dinner. “Robert. That poor boy is as red as the cherries in his pies! Leave him alone.”
•Bob just grins at Jack and winks. “Didn’t mean to make a grab at your boy, son.”
•And jack just smiles lightly, all while gripping at Bitty’s thigh, because you KNOW that Jack is just… a SMIDGEN possessive.
•After dinner, Jack goes to Bob in private and more or less tells him, “Papa, I love you, but keep your mitts off of my man.”
•Bob is so happy that his teasing led to this that he gets choked up.
•Jack just… awkwardly slides out of his fathers hug and says, “Glad we had this talk.”

•And poor, sweet Bitty is just lying down, because all he wanted was to enjoy and evening eating good food with his boyfriend and his parents, and inSTEAD, gets flirted with by a retired hockey god, because APPARENTLY, this is his life now.