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Everything gets real past 12am because you’re too tired to keep lying to yourself.
—  you’re still flooding my 12am thoughts like a tidal wave that can’t run low (via @anotordinaryteen)
Stranger Things headcannon where Eleven gets her period for the first time

- while Eleven was in Hawkins Lab, no one bothered to tell her that one day she’d get her period so when she finally gets it she thinks she might be dying

- Eleven is living with Joyce and Will and Jonathan, so her and Mike can go to the Snow Ball without it seeming like they’re siblings (and also because Joyce can’t let her adopted daughter stay anywhere else)

- she loves Joyce but goes to Mike with her problems because he was the first one who promised to always protect her and no one can replace Mike

- of course, she doesn’t understand that Mike is a 12/13 year old boy and “periods are GROSS!”

- but, of course, Mike would never say anything to make Eleven feel hurt or scared or bad about herself, so he does his best when she comes to him

- after El explains the issue, Mike frantically searches through Nancy’s things and uses the very limited knowledge he has on periods to try to find something to help

- finally, he can’t figure out what to do so he begs Nancy for help

- Nancy, of course, comes to the rescue and gives Mike some pads to give to Eleven, who has no clue what to do with them (and neither does Mike)

- Mike panics when El almost pulls another “it’s totally okay to change in front of people” moment and just sends her to Nancy before he gets too freaked out

- Nancy, being the pure soul that she is, explains everything to El and answers all of her seemingly obvious questions (“what’s the thing in between my legs?” “is the stuff coming out of it the same stuff that comes out of my nose?” “does this only happen once or will it happen again?”) without judgement or laughter

- when El gets cramps for the first time, Mike rushes to his sister (again) and begs her for advice on how to help

- per Nancy’s advice, Mike takes his bicycle and rushes to the local grocery store and spends all of his allowance on chocolate, cookies, and of course, eggos (when he makes them for El, he puts on extra syrup and whipped cream)

- when Dustin, Lucas, and Will ask him to play D&D, he tells them that his mom said no when in reality he’s just sitting with El and giving her cuddles with she feels sick and space when she doesn’t want to be touched

- even though “periods are gross!” Mike goes to Nancy and asks her to explain everything so he knows how to help Eleven in the best way possible

- Nancy tells Jonathan and Steve about how sweet her baby brother is being and they basically decide to treat her the same way when she’s on her period

- Eleven and Mike and Nancy all being fucking adorable i mean just imagine