the font shop

The way FR art shops work is so vastly different from Gaia art shops I can never get used to how bad the system is.

fr shops operate on first come first served basis. which means if you’re not on FR all the time it’s hard as shit to get a slot. not only that, people just reserve slots with no refs whatsoever so the first 3 people or so gets to reserve slots while anyone who isn’t on fr 24/7 has 0 chance of catching open slot.

This is a pain in the ass for me both as a customer AND an artist. People are so used to this shit system they don’t even read the rules I put up and follow my system, which is “post ref, post offer, I will choose at the end of the 24hour period.” They just come in and “can I grab a slot?” ABSOLUTELY NOT. I don’t allow slot reservations because:
a. it’s unfair for everyone else who isn’t on FR 24/7
b. I don’t even know what you want me to draw. I don’t want to guarantee anything until what you offer is worth what you’re getting me to draw.

I honestly wish FR art shops would adopt the pick and choose method instead of the first come first serve because:
a. artists get to choose the offer that is best to them.
b. artists don’t have to feel obligated to fulfill reserved slots if the reference is shit or if the offer is bad. when people reserve slots, they just reserve with no info. you don’t know what they want from you until its too late to change your mind.
c. customers have a wider time range to get orders in and everyone has an fair chance of getting picked.
d. artists KNOW beforehand what they gotta draw, which means better time allocation.
e. again, artists shouldn’t have to draw shit they don’t wanna draw. When people reserve slot, there is an implicit agreement that artists should dish out whatever is given to them even if refs are shit. That shouldn’t be the case.

I have no idea why people don’t adopt the selection method more often. Every shop I see, the first 2 people always gets slot and 900 people coming after always end up missing slot even if they’re 2 second late. And it’s always the same people getting slot, too, because they the same ppl ALWAYS on fr.

No diss to artists using the first come first serve method but it’s shit and I don’t know why you use it. It doesn’t benefit anyone except the person who is always online that catches slot all the time. As an artist, it’s not beneficial for you, and neither is it for 99% of the customers.

Anyone who has ever had a shop on Gaia will tell you that art shops there never use first come first served because of how easy it is to abuse the system. So a word of advice to new artists and old alike, don’t use that system. It’s easy as shit for people to take advantage of you and you lose out on better offers when you just grab the first person that comes into your thread.

Seriously tho. I get FR is a new site but y'all gotta catch up with the times. you don’t have to go through this experimental phase because bigger and older forums like Gaia has already gone through and agreed that first come first serve is a shit system for shops, so the sooner you drop that system, the better it is for you as an artist and for us as customers.

First character profile up for Idolish7! Our top batter, Izumi Iori! (CV: Masuda Toshiki)

“Haa. You’re really an idiot, and clumsy, and cut- ahem”

Voice Samples: 

Yes yes, “Nanase-san is amazing~ So cool~”

If I say that, will you be satisfied?

If so, will you wipe that stupid smile off your face!

Wha- What are you saying, I don’t really understand… 

I’m not interested in fluffy things! 

Besides that, can we talk about something more useful like the schedule?


Age: 17

Height: 174cm

Birthday: 25 January

Likes: Cool and sharp things

Dislikes: Small things, and cute things


Mitsuki’s younger brother and has a cool personality.

Carries a superior air but has proper manners, although he posses a poison tongue.

His parents run a cake shop called “fonte chocolat”, and the interior is decorate cutely, which influences him to like cute things in the end.  (*TOP SECRET INFORMATION)

Likes to have things well-planned and executed orderly, which is why if anything goes wrong, he cannot deal with it.

10.5.15 //  {1/100 days of productivity} reviewing my Business Law PowerPoint before class this morning. I’ve got my favorite coffee and a good perspective. Now this is contentment. Also, here’s today’s encouraging verse:
“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.“ John 14:27 NIV

The Usual? || Veridiansoulwrites

≡ - •  - ✞ - • - ≡

As always Allen woke up early, first prepping ingredients for his baked goods in the kitchen and then moving to clean the dining area just to make sure he didn’t miss anything the evening before. He set up his charming tables made of a light weight, but dark wood that offset the pastels of his bakery, and complimented the crisp honey brown of uttered pastries baked just right. The baker swept in font of his shop, went back in and set some breads and bagels in a warm display before officially opening his shop.

Customers slowly began to trickle in and then of course the morning rush came and the baker was scurrying about. As always the rush came and went with an unusual quickness, and Allen began to clean up his shop a bit. A few minutes into sweeping and the bell on his door rang. Almost silver eyes looked up and Allen smiled when he saw his guest– a regular.

Ahh good morning, Lavi. Allen mused, wiping his hands on his aprons before trotting around to meet the redhead at the counter. You going with your usual today? Or you wanna throw me a curve ball and order something else?” He laughed a little but took a pen out of his small almost-bun and picked up his order pad. Well–??