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Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Seven: Free Day
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5.7.16+6:19pm // fake-cursive font practice! // hello there! @todoulist and some others were asking about the cursive font people love to write on their notes and journals, so i made a reference page for you to practice with! hope this is helpful! zoom-in for better quality!


The wait is finally over!! I am so proud to present the final multicam edit of Turnabout Musical LIVE!, originally performed December 18th, 2016 by Nostalgification.

A big thanks to our editor @bonesmakenoise for her hard work on this huge project. She picked all the best angles to give you the best possible viewing experience, and her credits sequence (see it at 3:29:00) is one of my favorite things ever. 

Thanks as well to @prozdvoices for the perfect opening narration and @ingthing for the Objectionable! font! 

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Supercat+53 and Supercat+60

Supercat + 60. “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…” (more Danvers sisters than Supercat, but I tried my best) 

The only thing worse than realizing that her sister had a crush on her boss, was realizing that it was almost certainly reciprocated. She’d done everything she could not to notice, but it was almost unavoidable. Cat Grant had been gone for nearly two months now, but the texts and late night phone calls were routine, by this point. And Cat had started it all, according to Kara, who’d been too terrified of rejection to even send a near-required professional email the day after Cat had left.

The ridiculous dreamy-eyed, glowy look Kara got whenever a new text popped up on her phone was starting to make Alex nauseous. The real kick in the shins was that the look didn’t stick around. Kara wasn’t floating on air all the time, ecstatic about her crush, talking about it all the time, and eating way too much candy. The minute the call ended, the second Kara sat down the phone, the look was gone. In its place was one of absolute dejection. Kara’s usual tenuous relationship with gravity seemed to be gone, as well, her entire body dragging itself through the rest of the night as if she couldn’t get her feet to properly lift off the floor.

Which meant, as usual, that Alex would have to do something about it. The subtle pushing had done almost nothing this time. All she’d had to do in the past was vaguely mention Kara’s crush in passing, hint that she supported it, and Kara had managed to handle the rest fairly well. This time she’d all but flat out told Kara to ask the other woman out and every word of it seemed to go in one of Kara’s ears and out the other.

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ok ok ok so i dug through my ask box i’m sorry i’ll answer stuff eventually to find this because!!!!! 

since i was thinking no powers for this au i haven’t figured out everything but i have figured out adrien’s music channel in great detail. faaaaaar too much detail

this got like so so so long so under the cut we go!!!!

  • ok so when he’s like eleven he finds an old video camera lying around his house
  • he kind of wants to test it out but feels super awkward talking in front of the camera (getting photographed is one thing, vlogging is another) so instead he records himself practicing a piano piece
  • but since he doesn’t have a tripod, he just sets the camera on the side of the piano and records his hands
  • he records a few of these and then decides he should put them somewhere so he can track his progress
    • aka look back and cringe
  • he uploads them to youtube with nothing but the piece name in the description
  • the channel name is probably some super cheesy music pun
  • anyway he does this for a while and he gains some traction, mostly because a lot of the pieces he practices are pretty famous
  • by thirteen (when he’s actually allowed to have a youtube) he’s got a small but decent following but doesn’t think much of it
  • when he’s fourteen, he posts his first original piece
    • he doesn’t think it’s very good, but if this is a channel tracking his progress it needs to be up
    • people love it and it catches him a bit off guard 
  • not long later, he posts a piano cover of a popular song
    • he doesn’t think he’s much of a singer, especially not when it comes to english, but he does his best
    • this is the video that really blows up 
      • he still doesn’t understand why
  • now that he’s got a steadily growing audience, people start to want to see his face

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hello!!!!! i was wondering what your favorite fonts to use are?? i love your blog it's so cute and nice and thank you for sharing all your neat stuff! <3

OMG THIS IS A FUN ASK BC I HAVE SO MUCH it depends on the project im using it for but most of the time i use the following ヾ(´・ω・`)

  • Montserrat: HUHU i love this for like everything basically all time fav (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
  • Moon: perfect for a body font!! or like small texts!
  • Arctic: LOVE THIS for titles!!
  • Bromello: tho i rarely use this I like seeing it around! bc its fancy but not too curly n curvy for a script font!
  • Hal: for Those Super Intense Titles for your projects when u want some kaPOW effect (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
  • Paduka Script: TBH i love this calligraphy font bc i cant do lettering like this dfkjdgfgdf so shIZ i love this (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
  • Typo Geo Slab: its like arctic but with more variation HIHI

thanks for the ask bb!! have a nice day n take care!! (✿◠‿◠)


Favorite youtubers in no particular order

4/?: The Third Pew

“Someone from my school tweeted or something and said: ‘Nathan is so annoying now. He’s obsessed with being black.’ I’m like.. Thank you! Thank you for noticing, man. After 18 years of obsessing about being what I’m not, I’m finally obsessing about being who i am and that is so important to me.”

Perfectionism is a vice that many students, especially “gifted” ones, struggle with. If left unchecked, it can lead to anxiety, procrastination, and lower academic performance. This post will hopefully inspire you to stop fearing failure and embrace the fact that making errors is an essential part of the learning process.


Striving for improvement is a great thing, but it can turn into perfectionism if taken overboard. Knowing that you are capable of great things and pushing yourself to meet your full potential is healthy and encouraged. Feeling inadequate and trying to meet a goal to validate yourself is perfectionism, which is both stressful and unhealthy.

You may have perfectionistic tendencies if you meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • You spend extremely long amounts of time on tasks (ex: you spent two hours on an assignment your classmates spent thirty minutes on).
  • You feel anxious, upset, or angry while trying to meet your own standards.
  • You dwell on mistakes (even small ones) for a long time.
  • You refuse to delegate tasks to others (ex: you do most/all of a group project by yourself).
  • You often agonize over minute details (ex: you read over a message several times before sending it to check for typos).
  • Your friends and/or family regularly tell you your standards are too high.
  • Your successes never seem to be enough; you always think you could have done more (ex: you aimed for a 90% on your test and earned a 95%, you feel happy for a while, but then begin to feel bad for not getting a 100%).
  • You have an all-or-nothing mindset. You feel like anything less than perfection is failure, or being anything less than the best is worthless.
  • Your motivation comes more from the fear of failure than the pursuit of success.


Don’t take it personally. As my English teacher used to tell us, “I grade the writing, not the writer.” A judgement on your work is not a judgement on yourself. It’s easier said than done, I know, but remember that grades are not a reflection of your intelligence, self-worth, or potential. All they measure is how the work you produced compared to the grading criteria. Read the scores/comments you get, resolve not to make the same mistakes again, then apply what you’ve learned next time.

Zoom out. When you find yourself dwelling on one failure, step back to look at the bigger picture. Will this still matter tomorrow? Next week? Next year? In ten years? Chances are the answer is no. You’ll have so many more opportunities to succeed, because you are the one who determines your future success and happiness– not the test you failed, not the teacher who gave you a low score, not the old, grumpy admissions officer who rejected you.

Be your own best friend. We tend to be much harsher on ourselves than on others. Instead of criticizing yourself, think about what you would say to a close friend if he/she were in your shoes. You would never look down on your friend for missing the winning goal in her soccer game; you would instead congratulate her for her effort, sportsmanship, improvement, team spirit, and bravery in taking risks. So treat yourself the same way.

Surround yourself with positivity. If the people you hang out with are constantly agonizing about missed test questions, comparing themselves to others, and making you feel bad about yourself, it’s going to be a lot harder to end your own perfectionism. Don’t read magazines that make you insecure about your body. Unfollow social media friends who only post to show off their “perfect” life. Distance yourself from people who are negative and draining, and spend more time with friends who are encouraging and uplifting.

Set boundaries. In my post about getting better sleep, I mentioned that I set a rule for myself to always, always go to bed by 11 pm, even if I have incomplete schoolwork. This boundary ensures I’m getting adequate sleep and taking care of my health, and it also pressures me to finish my assignments in a reasonable amount of time. I won’t be tempted to spend an hour making the color and font on my Powerpoint slides perfect if I know I have other tasks that need to be finished before 11. This technique works for studying in general, not just your sleep schedule. Schedule a reasonable amount of time to complete something, stick to it, and learn to settle for “good enough” instead of “perfect”.

Find others’ mistakes…and realize they don’t matter. The next time you’re nervous about messing up during a class presentation, think about the way your favorite teacher teaches. I can guarantee that he stumbles, stutters, and loses his train of thought at least once during every class. But those slip-ups don’t prevent you from learning from him, right? Yes, your teacher could spend more time making his delivery absolutely flawless (just as you could spend hours and hours making your presentation perfect), but he doesn’t (and you shouldn’t), because minor mistakes don’t prevent his lesson (and your presentation) from being valuable and informative.

The same goes for just about everything else, and mistakes both big and small. All the TV shows you watch have goofs, plot holes, and/or gaps in editing, but that doesn’t stop you from loving them. All of your friends have received grades they weren’t happy with, but that doesn’t stop them from being good, intelligent, talented people. All famous actors have been in a box office bomb, all business gurus have had companies fail, all Olympians have lost important competitions. None of those people have let their failures stop them from getting up and trying again. And neither should you.

Thanks for reading! If you have questions, feedback, or post requests, feel free to drop me an ask.

+Click here for the rest of my original reference posts!

Sophia :)

“Man, I used to be such a good student, what happened?”-masterpost

Hullo, and welcome!

I have wandered the earth…

…found the secret elixir that makes a once-good student good again…

..tested it for one semester…

…refined it…

…and am now here to present it to you!

This’ll be a long one. See, I think many of us don’t (yet) need help with beautiful fonts, the perfect writing tools, or organizational details. Many of us aren’t anywhere near the level of worrying about these things. 
Many of us have knots in their brains that prevent them from just studying in general. I hope to open some of the big knots, so that you can finally make use of the wealth of studyblrs about specific techniques and approaches out there and can have fun studying again :)

This’ll be a five-part series.
In every post I’ll focus on one particular question/problem and I’ll answer it with an analogy and a solution.
Maybe not all of them will work for you.
Hell, maybe none of them will.
I just know that they worked wonders for me and I suspect they’ll work for other “natural learners”, as well. I’d love to hear your feedback on this, though, so I’ll open my ask box while this series is on-going!

Knot 1: I’m not going in the right direction and/or I’m not going fast enough! (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a direction

Solution: Slow down to speed up

Knot 2: Why is it so hard to start studying all of a sudden? Pt. 1 (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a weapon

Solution: Tolerate to conquer yourself

Knot 3:  There are so many things I want to do, I don’t want to sacrifice my whole life just for this one thing and to-do lists and fixed routines scare me! (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a friend

Solution: Yearn for friendship - not worship, not debasement

Knot 4: Why is it so hard to start studying all of a sudden? Pt. 2, a.k.a. What’s the deal with procrastination?

Analogy: Student as a seperate being

Solution: Layer yourself to merge yourself

Knot 5: Everything I do seems so pointless!

Analogy: Student as part of the whole world

Solution: Engage to empower

So, what you need is to 

S (low down)

T (olerate)

Y (earn for friendship)

L (ayer yourself)

E (ngage)

…to study in style :D 

(….eyyyy? :D This worked out so much more perfectly than I expected!)

So, look forward to seeing at least one of these a week!
I hope you’re all great and I wish you a wonderful new year :)

My Favorite FREE Apps! Very minimal and sleek designs! I use all of these apps on my Iphone, so some of them may not be available on android. Enjoy! If anyone has any apps they can suggest to me feel free to send me a message!(:

#1 // 24 Me 

Calendar / Todo List. Super easy to use with a very clean design. NO SIGN UP NECESSARY!! Im so sick of calendar apps that act more like a social media platform! 

#2 // Phonto

Photography / Typography. I used this app to make the banner above! Great for editing photos and placing text over images/backgrounds! Wide Variety of fonts and shapes! Honestly perfect for posts/blog headers!

#3 // MinimaList

List / Study Timer. Minimal and clean look. Perfect, simple to use study timer that yells at you to put your phone down! Keeps me on task and keeps track of everything I need to get done!

#4 // WeatherJams

Music. Don’t know what Pandora or Spotify playlist to choose? This app lets you listen to music based off the weather! Pick a temperature or type precipitation and it will create a playlist based off of it! Super clean, cute design and very simple to use!

#5 // Padlock

Security / Passwords. Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat….the list of social media accounts goes on and on! Keep track of your passwords with this functional app that allows you to write all your passwords in one spot! Very secure, a password must be entered to access the app! (lol just make sure you remember it.)

#6 // Pop the Lock

Game. Phenomenally simple game, all you have to do is tap the screen! If I’m stressed or anxious this is the perfect app to take my mind off of things. Very addictive though, be careful! 

#7 // iHydrate or My Water

Fitness / Water intake tracker. Both great apps for someone (like me) who does not drink enough water throughout the day! Set a goal and enter what you drink throughout the day! “My Water” has a much more sleek design, however “iHydrate” has many more free options!


Well I tried, , , Alternate covers for The Sea of Monsters | tlt

“Families are messy. Immortal families are eternally messy. Sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we’re related for better or for worse…and try to keep the maiming and killing to a minimum.”