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cole sprouse really out here serving LOOKS 

first we got the young james potter 

next is pride and predjudice lookin headass 

lastly we got the beauty and the beast “no one gets those beauts like gaston” look

damn younger me was rooting for the wrong sprouse 


i can never really it trust when someone that good-looking is into me. do you know what i mean? i just don’t get it. like, if they’re mediocre-looking, i can sort of appreciate why their standards are so low. when they’re that pretty, i’m just like, what are you hiding? you know?

The marauders obviously did some fucked up things to Snape, but can I remind everyone that canonically, James and Severus were rivals. Not just a bully and his victim, as far too many people seem to think.

cheekboneslester’s 1k follow forever :’))

Yo my dudes!! This is my snazzy 1k follow forever :’)) i just wanted to thank a lot of people (not just the people listed below) for helping me out because I got deleted about two months ago and already got a lot of my followers back since I got deleted at 1.5k! i hit 1k like two weeks ago but i kept forgetting to do this sORRY,, thanks all, have a great day/night idek wherever you are :’)) (also sorry there’s no header im lazy let me live)

if you’re bolded then that means i think you’re pretty snazzy and ily, and if you’re italicized then that means we’re p tight and ily a lot and if i put !!! by your name then that means you’re a very special part of my life and ily v v much and stuff :)) this took me two and a half hours and i gave myself finger cramps :’))


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What started as a joke on another platform escalated into this. I thought I’d share here. Because I have no shame.

To celebrate hitting 1000 followers I thought I’d chuck together a follow forever. This is the first one I have done so, sorry if it’s not formatted properly. Also, if I missed you I apologise, my brain’s forever broken and this was actually harder than I thought to put together… But thank you very much for following me, I appreciate you all 💕

💥 Seb Stan Sin Squad 💥

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first follow forever!

heeeey guys! in celebration of kang hyunggu’s aka kino’s birthday and me reaching 600+ followers in a month, i’m doing a smol follow forever for all of my lovely mutuals ^^

(im rly sorry abt that header i cant do edits or graphics lmaoo i can only meme i deadass made this on snapchat rip T_T) 

i did a follow forever on my main kpop blog, @jeondarling, a year ago, and in it i included a small story on how i got into kpop haha so i thought itd be a good idea to include a small one here too! 

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