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Honestly, with all these Undertale au’s and au crossovers within which you might say Sans is… at war with himself, huehuehue, I’m already looking forward to a scene like…


CHICAGO ~ Lincoln Center 2016

Firstly, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who cheered the theater down, who came to the fan brunch, and who helped me get through the party after I hurt myself… I sprained my ankle at the second show and thereafter was not nearly as mobile and social as I’d hoped to be. Sorry if missed you!

Despite the unwanted trip to urgent care, it was still one of the best weeks of my life. Months of planning and stress and nerves paid off in six incredible shows and a precious precious handful of fan moments I’d have previously thought impossible. Once upon a time I saw Chicago in Japan in 2014 and reviewed it soooo I’ll kind of build on that. Day by day report follows!

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Haunted or hoax? More like a fucking joke amirite Can't believe I gave my money to this shit

well now you know better for next time. :)