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Just a few reminders cuz i’m sick of all of the unnecessary hate

Reminder #1: Wicca is so much more than the Three-Fold-Law and the Wiccan Rede.

Reminder #2: These “rules” are not set in stone. You can have a different interpretation. 

Reminder #3: These rules are not even rules. They’re more like advises and they don’t have to be about punishment.

Reminder #4: You are not going to some sort of Witch Hell if you are Wiccan (or a witch of another religion) and you curse. If you follow the Wiccan Rede or the Three-Fold-Law or both and you curse, all it means is that you’ll have to deal with the consequences of that. Whatever that means. 

Reminder #5: Wicca was never about telling other people what to do. Don’t we hate when Christians do that? Let’s stop telling other witches what to do with their practice. It’s none of your business. 

Reminder #6: Wicca is so much more than what you read on tumblr. Let’s stop hating on Wiccans because of the mistakes of people on this website who are just starting out and decided to post about it. 


LEGO NINJAGO 21st Century Ninja by The Fold  


First off, if you’re a teenage fanjago, listen up. Shi7’s about to get real.

Showing off your Ninjago pride is tricky if you’re older than ten and don’t know a particularly well-stocked Walmart. Sure, there’s keychains out there, but those just aren’t enough. Unless you’re an awesome T-shirt artist, you’ll probably have trouble finding the perfect shirt. 

Here’s a list of my ideas for the perfect teen Ninjago shirt. If you like them, please reblog/like. If I get one hundred notes on this, I’ll email these ideas to LEGO. Here goes:

~A simple maroon one with purple text reading “ONLY ONE CAN REMAIN” on the front, with the Anacondrai tattoo on the back

~One that looks like Garmadon’s shirt on the front and back, including the peeled back corner with the tattoo peeking out

~Same as above, but with Clouse/Chen/etc’s shirt print

~Replicas of every ninja gi EVER

~Lloyd’s shirt from RoTS. Yas.

~Serpentine torso prints.

~Shirts with awesome Ninjago quotes on them

~One with the lyrics to “The Weekend Whip” shaped like a ninja silhouette in various colors

BONUS IDEAS: Exact replicas of Lloyd’s cape (RoTS) and Pythor’s belt (ToE). 

Sooo… here’s some news.

Turns out is that guy who played Iron Man in all the Marvel movies is a big fan of the 14/ Fold universe. So much so that his people had a few talks with me, and with Warner Bros Television. And, well…

It looks like they’re shooting a pilot in a few months.

That’s kind of cool, right?