the fmly

  • Coast
  • Emily Reo
  • Olive Juice

On a Brooklyn rooftop far from her city of angels, Emily Reo shuffled in front of an audience, wires and synth-boards in tow.The devices she set up herself overwhelmed her small frame, and the vast space allotted to her show threatened to swallow her whole. Then she began.

In the microphone, her voice became an accordion, as if each valve of her lungs took on its own note and harmonized with the others. With rising swells of sound akin to dopamine waves of ecstasy, she expanded and multiplied before the once jittery and now stunned silent crowd. Even in the artificiality of synthesizers and vocal effects, she conjured up a landscape bursting with organic life, comparable perhaps to the way Animal Collective drowns their listeners in watery sound and how Beach House lulls even the wildest beast of a listener into docility.

She cast a spell of intense peace over the rooftop that echoed even after she left, like a white witch with a drum machine instead of a wand. It’s only natural that she is part of The FMLY, a self-described “socially-conscious community” of artists, musicians, and writers based predominantly in Los Angeles which has reached around the world, and works for harmonious living through exploration and critical thought. Here’s one of our favorite Emily Reo tracks, “Coast,” off her Olive Juice EP, right on time for the one-year anniversary of it’s release. Listen and melt away.