the flying ace


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oKAY SO theres this fic called The War in our Worlds on ao3 and holy shit is it aMAZING.. so naturally i had to sketch those two nerds

also it has alien!bill and ufologist!dipper thats worth mentioning i think

More Tina Goldstein Headcannon

·         Tina is fascinated with no-mag areoplanes.  During the war she followed all the flying aces, and thought long and hard about learning to fly a no-mag plane.  She followed Amelia Earhart’s career with great interest, and did earn a no-mag pilot’s license in the 30’s.  (The first time Newt took her dragon flying Tina felt free in a way she never knew was possible.  Newt fell a little more in love that day.)

·         Tina is particularly skilled in charms and hexes, and occulemency, of course.  Still it is her deep understanding of the MCUSA’s labyrinthine legal system that first piqued Madam Picquery’s interest. Picquery had started to put paperwork  in motion to have Goldstein attached to her persona lauror detail, but after Tina’s fall from grace she let the matter drop.

·         Tina didn’t get all of her memories back from the failed execution.  The recent thoughts, memories of Credence and Queenie and her time at the Ministry, that all came back within a few hours.  But the older memories, memories of her mother, her childhood, the soft weight of the quilt Bubbe had sewn by candlelight- that had all become very dim and far away.  She kept this to herself, no need to grumble when she’d walked (lept) out alive. But it did make her patronus very weak. Not that it had been very strong to begin with, but now, even summoning a mist was difficult.  All of this is to say, after an attack from a rouge band of dementors left her up-chucking in an alley like an absolute greenhorn Newt felt the need to needle her about the need to strengthen the charm.  Tina nodded, her head pounding, too tired and sweaty to argue or explain.  After forcing Tina to down a cup of coca and being tucking her into bed Queenie had to have her first argument with Newt -You’re an insensitive lout Mr. Scamander.  I expected better of you-  It’s weeks before Newt feels that he’s properly apologized

·         Newt has overheard several things about the Goldstein sisters.  Mostly because a lot of people don’t always notice him.  There have been a few things that have left him blushing- That doll’s a bearcat, the vamps a looker, those gams- on Queenie’s behalf.  It’s when he hears these men speaking of Tina- the cold fish? Mrs. Grundy, the milquetoast- that Newt doesn’t understand.  Do they not see how brave and smart and kind she is? Do they not see her pale, soft skin and her thick, dark hair? Do they have eyes?

·         At fifteen Tina worked for Soothsayer’s Times, a New York daily.  Dipping the typeset in potion was time consuming, but she followed the crime stories closely.  Graves was impressed with her knowledge of New York’s magical underground when she had her first interview.

·         Before her demotion Tina had a wide web of contacts.  When she moved to the wand department Auror Almonte offered to take over her informants.  Once Almonte referred to them as her “snitches” Tina vowed to keep their names secret. (Once it became clear that Gnarlack double crossed Goldstein he found himself shut out of a lot deals.  There was honor amongst thieves after all, a Goldstein had never turned on anyone that had earned her protection.)