the fluffy chicken post

The Signs as Old Tumblr Relic Posts
  • Aries: do you love the color of the sky?
  • Taurus: none pizza with left beef
  • Gemini: the moreos guy
  • Cancer: are fedoras really that bad?
  • Leo: the one claiming the McNuggets were made of Tubby Custard
  • Virgo: mitt romney sucks pass it on
  • Libra: John Green's "when's the last time the girl kissed the guy?!!??"
  • Scorpio: the mishapocolypse in its entirety
  • Sagittarius: that post where like 15 blonde people were like "u look like me"
  • Capricorn: the girl who walked out of class and then ended up in her principal's office scrolling through tumblr
  • Aquarius: Moon moon
  • Pisces: the fluffy chicken post

anonymous asked:

Maybe if a post gets 1 million notes we can get the writers to bring len back, like that girl who got the fluffy chicken

ur right, if this post gets to 1000000000000 notes I’ll email it to the writers and tell them to give us our snart boy back

anonymous asked:

whats the fluffy chicken

gather round kids, a tumblr elder is going to tell you a story about one of the first massively popular tumblr posts

back in like winter 2012? may be early 2013 there was this girl that made a post saying if we got her post to 500 000 notes her mom would buy her a fluffy chicken like this one:

and back then tumblr was not the social media to be on, we were just livejournal rejects i was here for photos of jensen ackles exclusively anyway tumblr was small so 500k was a ton of notes to get

but then the post exploded

i used to follow low enough number of people to be able to scroll to where i left off last night and it was full of people reblogging the fluffy chicken. i’d see the post every time i refreshed my dash and i’d reblog it too, there was an entire blog dedicated to reblogging the post. people wanted to make the fluffy chicken the new pope, there was an actual petition about that

we cared about the fluffy chicken as if it were our own mothers buying us one

there were a ton of posts about it, like the one i distinctly remember is a hipster edit that was a bunch of nebula photos over the chicken saying ‘and i swear in this moment we were fluffy chicken’.

and then the post reached it’s goal and girl didn’t say anything so we were kinda disappointed and then… she tweeted that she was getting the fluffy chicken no joke tumblr EXPLODED like the hipster vs fandom war was forgotten we were all together as one 

all because some girl got a fluffy chicken

2011/12 tumblr things:

  • you cant have a tumblr if you’re 12.9
  • “frickle frackle” or some shit idk what the fuck….
  • the virus
  • “i like your shoelaces” “thanks i stole them from the president”
  • quotes written on paintchips?
  • the fluffy chicken girl
  • do you love the color of the sky?
  • Teenager Post #whateverthefuck
  • the that’s what makes you beautiful song, but with different pitches of laughs
  • circus afro meme
  • that one post that was like “reblog if you support gay rights” and then so many rainbow/glee gifs that it cut off and it was just vertical gray lines that took like eight minutes to scroll past

something happens on tumblr: where are they now

  • commanderinqueef was outed as an abuser
  • thatsmoderatelyraven hit it big with the fluffy chicken post not too long after that post was made and although the hype from that is dead afaik she’s still a mostly reblogged content humor blog type
  • idk if julz was still here but i heard she was doing the disney college program. good for her
  • shavingryansprivates was outed as an abuser
  • literally i dont think anyone knows what happened to 1612th
  • crzyblackidd graduated from getting into tumblr fights to soliciting like upwards of a thousand dollars in donations under false pretenses