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A few months ago one of my birds chewed through a plastic chain that we had strung up for them to sit on and stuff. I found some new chain toys online and put one in today. Lucky, the bird, is so confused about the new chain. He’s sitting across from it and just pacing back and forth.

As I was typing this, my other bird, Patch, decided to go check it out first. He’s currently sitting on it a little confusedly and keeps fluffing himself up. They’re both not sure what to do.

💮 Happy Pride month with pride birds! 💮

To Steal A Kiss

Summary: As a mild criminal, you make a bold move to pick-pocket a suspicious looking stranger, but you may have picked the wrong target. (Bucky x reader)

Request/Prompt(s): Can you do this “I kissed you as a distraction while stealing your wallet” with Bucky x reader? Thanks!

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1933

A/N: Ok first, I do not condone theft. Second, I’m so glad someone picked this one!!! :D This was such a fun idea!

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“We’ve been here for over an hour!” you whined, pacing the small empty room, dust particles swirling up into the sunlight with each step. “When do we make the drop?”

“When I’m ready,” your partner hissed, clearly annoyed with your impatience, “We’re the ones with the goods, they’ll wait and right now I’ve got a lurker that’s been hanging around at the corner for too long.”

“Lemme see.” You pushed your way to the window, picking up the heavy binoculars from the floor.

“Big guy. Army green coat, and black hat, northeast corner.”

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Headcanon: Harry takes Draco to see fireworks, and Draco cannot get over the fact that they happen without magic

Harry 100% would’ve kissed Draco romantically under the man’s first firework show of his life…but said man was way too busy gawking and speaking about the impossibilities of fireworks without magic way too fast for Harry to even get a word in.


“How?! HOW! How does that even wor- Bloody hell! Look at that one Harry! Look, Look! It was huge! Bigger than the other ones! And- BLOO- How is it more than one colour?!”

Um- Drac-”

“It should be impossible! How does it change colour in the sky?! We can barely learn those spells until our 5th year how does-”


“HARRY IT’S A HEART! Harry look! Look it’s in the shape of a heart! How-”

His words were immediately muffled when lips pressed against his, silencing anymore that he could say about the fireworks. Harry molded his lips against the others, practically coaxing him to kiss back and only once Draco did, did he pull away with amusement in his voice. 

“You know, on a date the highlight is supposed to be the other person.”

Draco stared at him before flushing slightly, whacking his arm. “Shut up. I’ve never seen these before,” he said, and on cue, another firework boomed behind them. 

Harry laughed, leaning in for another kiss. “I know, I know. I just really wanted to kiss you,” he hummed against his lips.

Returning the kiss briefly, Draco immediately ripped his lips away to shriek. “’HARRY LOOK IT’S THE FINALE!”


Andy BTS of 5x15 (ง •̀_•́)ง

Me: “Whoa, blast from the past. Is that *really* the most-popular post right now?”

“Activity page certainly says so, but that post? And 2,364 more notes, all of a sudden? Seems sorta odd.”

*clicks through*


*clicks on notes*

“…and a ton of people have allegedly added the gif of Shaggy fluffing a pillow to their posts?“

“…despite such posts not appearing anywhere in their feeds?

“…and with dozens more notifications of it allegedly happening coming in every second?”

Go home, Tumblr, you’re drunk.

 Just a little birthday present for our dearest @tarmahartley! One of the kindnest, sweetest, loveliest persons we´ve ever met! For many, many more years!!! Here is some family fluff set in Autumn, your favourite season and ours too ;)

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR!!! We wish you a wonderful day!!! *Throw confetti* 

Finding Steve

Title:  Finding Steve

Author:  Mimi aka @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  Six months have passed since Steve became a fugitive. You’ve been searching for him.

Characters:  Steve Rogers x female reader

Word Count:  2122

Warnings:  slight angst, nsfw, smut, fingering, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  This is my first Marvel fic (I write Supernatural as @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog). It was inspired by the picture below.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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so taako and kravitz are on a date, probably like a later date, and kravitz is really getting into Backstory Territory and is explaining his sort of state of being… undead, generally ageless and immortal and also carrying an aspect of the raven queen and taako’s just like “yeah ok cool cool” and kravitz explains that the raven queen can exist through him and when she calls he has to answer and taako just immediately picks up on the fact that she can possibly hear through him and he’s like

“hey can she hear me like, right now?”

“um… probably, i mean–”

taako is waving a hand in front of kravitz’s face like “heeeello, is this thing on, hey, R.Q., listen I–”

and kravitz is just dumbfounded like… what is he doing no stop and taako’s like

“hey listen im taako, sure you’ve heard of me, kind of a big deal, it’s a pleasure. listen, im gonna fuck your son, okay?”

cue kravitz fluffing like a ghibli character, dark cheeks even darker somehow and is like “woah woah, taako what–”

but taako continues like, “no i really gotta put all this out on the table like, your son is super great and im really into him, and also im going to totally ride his dick. i hope that’s okay!”

and kravitz just covers taako’s mouth finally and they get into this like play wrestling session except kravitz is absolutely stronger than taako so he wins and he’s just like HEAVING like OH BOY PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS

and the raven queen just like whispers in the back of his mind like “get it, son.”

Tom Goes To His Girl’s Graduation

Summary: After right long year’s Y/N is finally graduating university with a degree in phycology and medicine, and Tom can’t contain how exited and proud he is.

Getting Ready:

  • Home boy would be so excited. 
  • He’d be up before you, making breakfast and everything 
  • Making sure your dress and gown were perfect while you ate 
  • Helping you get ready 
  • “Tom I’m fine really.” 
  • “Is there anything I can do?” 
  • Finally allowing him to help you 
  • “Is it on too tight?” 
  • “No Tom, it’s prefect.” 
  • Giving him a soft kiss as a thank you
  • Finally been able to leave after he did a mental checklist. 

On The Way There: 

  • He’d insist of having your parents and sidings ride with you 
  • Him gushing to your parents about how proud he was
  • His hands resting on your thigh 
  • Smiling as he kept whispering how proud he is 
  • “I’m so proud darling” 
  • His smile each time you’d squeeze his hand tighter. 

Once You Get There: 

  • He’d give you a pep talk 
  • “You’ll be fine darling.” 
  • “What if I trip?” 
  • “You won’t.”
  • The sweet kisses he’d give you 
  • Your mother taken multiple pictures of you and Tom
  • Tom’s family coming over to support you along with Harrison and Jacob 
  • Tom freaking out when you have to go 
  • “Don’t worry, you’ll do great..” 
  • “I’ll be waiting right here once you’re done.” 

During The Ceremony: 

  • He’d start a live 
  • Letting everyone know how proud he was of his little Dr. 
  • Crying when you say your speech 
  • Harry and Sam teasing him 
  • Once your name gets called he stand up shouting 
  • Everyone looking at him like what the fuck 
  • Beaming with happiness as you walk back to your seat 
  • Letting everyone around you know that you were his darling 

After The Ceremony: 

  • You’d run into his arms. 
  • Him almost dropping the flowers he’d made Harrison get before he wanted them to be a surprise 
  • The amount of kisses he’d spread all over your face 
  • He’d keep calling your his little Doctor 
  • Smiling so much he’s cheeks started to heart. 
  • Kissing your cheek for a picture 
  • He later posted it on Instagram with the caption “My own personal Doctor” 
  • You having to remind him you have a degree in both Phycology and Medicine 
  • “I know darling, but you’re still a doctor” 
  • Shaking your head as he talked to your parents 
  • “I’m so proud of her” 
  • “She’s gonna be amazing.” 
  • “Look at my pet, I’m so proud.” 
  • Carrying you to the car cause your feet hurt 
  • Spending the rest of the day celebrating 
  • SEX
  • He’d be so gentle 
  • Having it be all about you 
  • Wanting you to feel loved 
  • Giving you your gift afterwards before you leave for dinner 


  • It was a mess 
  • Everyone was congratulating you 
  • Tom couldn’t keep his hands off of you 
  • Needing to let everyone there know that you just graduated 
  • His fans would tell you how cute Tom was durning your studies 
  • Lots and lots of blushing 
  • Fuck can I have a Tom when I graduate??