the flower looks lame but whatever

AU where Geno and the pens are part of a secret organization that time travels to maintain the flow of historic events, and on one mission, Geno is tasked to go back to the 1820s to save a man (whose great-great grandson will eventually be key to a medical breakthrough that will change history) from a freak accident involving a horse carriage gone rogue. 

Anyways, the man is super thankful and insists on treating Geno to dinner, and Geno is hesitant because he’s really not supposed to interact this much with the subject but the man won’t hear a no. So Geno gets taken to this guy’s estate and meets Sidney, the man’s youngest son, who is beautiful and intelligent and basically Geno’s exact type. So right there and then Geno knows that he’s screwed. 

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Inspired by the word Blossom

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Spring is Prompto’s favorite season. He enjoys the clean air, the bright colors and the freshly blooming flowers. It’s such a good season to take photographs. So he does.

Whenever he finds himself with some free time at camp, he’ll wander off into the nearby wilderness in the hopes of taking some nice photos. He has shots of birds and small rodents, of dew covered leaves, and a variety of flowers in all shapes and colors.

Flowers are one of his favorite things to photograph, he loves the way their vibrant colors contrast against a background of green, the way dew drops will glitter on the petals if they catch the light just right.

He’s in the middle of lining up a shot of some newly blooming roses when he hears someone approaching from behind. He can tell by the footfalls that it’s Noctis, and he manages to snap a shot of the prince right as he pushes through the shrubbery into the small clearing Prompto currently occupies.

Noctis glares at Prompto, but quickly melts when he’s met with the blond’s bright smile.

He flops down next to where Prompto is crouching, practically engulfed by the rose bush he was trying to photograph. “What are you doing out here?”

Prompto moves to sit next to Noct, camera resting in his lap. “Oh, y'know, just takin’ some pics. There’s some neat stuff around here!”

As if to prove his point, he excitedly scooches over so that he can show Noctis some of the photos he had taken earlier. The prince leans in close, resting an arm on Prompto’s shoulder as he observes the images flicking by on the viewfinder. And not that they’re bad- quite the opposite if he has anything to say about them- but he quickly find his attention drifting.

Drifting to a certain blond, and Noctis becomes entranced by the way his mouth moves as he chatters on about lighting and composition.

Prompto seems to notice, because he pauses and shoots a quick glance at Noct before turning to face him fully, “Dude, are you even-”

He’s cut off by Noctis’ lips on his own, soft and sweet. It startles him at first, but he soon sighs into it, eyes sliding shut as he savors the feeling.

Noctis places a hand on Prompto’s chest, gently urging him backwards. Neither of them breaks the kiss as they end up laying on the grass, Prompto’s arms hooked around Noctis’ neck, and Noctis’ hands resting on Prompto’s waist.

It’s warm and quiet, and the air smells heavily of roses.

They part slowly and reluctantly, and neither of them can resist stealing a few more small kisses, causing them both to start giggling. Noctis smothers his laugh against Prompto’s neck, smiling against his freckled skin.

Once the giggles are gone, Noctis nuzzles against Prompto, making himself as comfortable as possible while laying on top of another person. The blond can’t help but smile fondly, running a soothing hand up and down Noct’s back.

Neither of them feels much like moving

Unfortunately, the passage of time a cruel and persistent thing.

The sky had begun to fade into the orange of sunset by the time they decide it might be a wise idea to head back to their campsite.

They stand with much soreness and popping of joints after laying on the ground for so long.

Prompto is about to start the trek back when he’s stopped by Noct’s voice.

“Hold on.”

Curious, the blond watches as Noct plucks a rose from the bush he had been photographing earlier. After shucking the thorns with a small flare of magic, he carefully tucks the flower into Prompto’s hair, placing a peck on his lips as he does so.

“There, something as cute as you.”

Prompto is speechless for a moment, but only for a moment. “Dude, that was… kind of lame.”

He laughs as Noct smacks his chest.

“C'mon, I’m trying to be romantic here!”

Noctis is pouting, and Prompto thinks he’s going to die from how adorable it looks.“Whatever, you can head back to camp yourself then.”

He starts to leave, fully intending on following through with his words. But when Prompto jogs up to him and laces their fingers together, he can’t find it in him to pull away.


A princess once stood in her room, surveying herself before a large mirror.

She would shift uncomfortably, unable to find anything positive about the situation.

She used to squint at her reflection in disapproval. Her long curls of dark brown hung near her forearms, and her deep red lips would nearly always be pursed in an expression of extreme discomfort.

Her thin form once found itself tightly wound up in a dress that hindered her physical abilities. 

Every curve would be flaunted, every insecurity boasted, every bit of horrid breast made public.

She would feel quite naked in such a thing, and try in vain to raise the neck line to a more modest level.

The princess used to look beautiful and delicate in her reflection, like a rose that somehow made it to winter.

She hated it, to be quite honest.

A prince stands in his room, surveying himself before a mirror.

He shifts to get a better view of his reflection, unable to contain his excitement.

He squints in approval at what he is greeted with. Thick curls of dark brown lay around his ears, and his lips are parted in a cheerful grin.

His lean form is proudly displayed in a crisp officer’s uniform that allows him to move with ease.

Every muscle is flaunted, every perfect feature is boasted, every bit of broad chest is made public.

He feels quite at home in such a thing and tries in vain to align the button on his coat.

The prince looks handsome and strong in his reflection, so different from the rose that had found its way to winter.

He didn’t miss the flower, to be quite honest.

Dating for Dummies (part 6/??)

Title: Dating for Dummies

Pairing: Gamagoori/Mako

Rating: T

Disclaimer: not beta’d and Gama is best dork

He couldn’t remember a time where he was more nervous. Standing up to the bullies, fighting Satsuki, waging war against the life fibers…no prior event had caused his insides to twist in such a way. He tried to calm himself by taking slow, even breaths, but his heart rate remained stubbornly elevated and he was still perspiring heavily.

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anonymous asked:

Ronan and Adam talking about childhood memories- good and bad ones?

(this is gonna be minus the bad memories bc we alL KNOW THEM AND I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THEM ALSO!!!!!!)

i took this way too far im sorry

- they’re both at st. agnes and adam is sleeping (ronan is supposed to be too but he’s got adam freaking parrish in his arms for the first time and he’s ecstatic how could he ever fall alseep) and everything is rll calm like it’s probably raining outside ? and anyway adam is like curled perfectly into ronan’s chest and ronan is caught between living and being dead ,i mean.

- anyway suddenly adam starts fidgeting and his breathing gets rll like shallow ??? and it’s obvious he’s having a nightmare

- ronan’s heart fucking stops. i mean??? he doesn’t know what to do he knows ur not supposed to wake ppl when they’re having nightmares but fuck adam is shaking at this point

- so he does he wakes him up rll gently like he kisses his cheeks and whispers “adam it’s fine it’s okay im here” and shakes his shoulder a little until finally adam opens his eyes and looks around rll startled and he’s got fcking tears in his eyes

- “fuck ronan is he here he’s gonna come and get me isn’t he ronan he’ll kill me”

- ronan is terrified adam is shaking 

- so he just moves closer to him and like??? puts his arms around him , . n starts talking in like. a rll soft voice. ? bc he’s. well.

- he kinds of doesn’t know what to say tho so he just starts talking abt stuff from his childhood that made him happy???

- “u know when i was 8 my mom baked these rll good cookies and for once my dad was home and we all kind of sat on the lawn and ate them and now that i think abt it they might have been a bit burned? but yknow in that moment they were so delicious bc declan and matthew were laughing and mom and dad were smiling at us and i felt so calm. i’ll bake them for you one day she told me the recipe”

- and “also you know the first time i dreamt up smth it was this little flower? and idk it sounds lame but i kept it for ages under my pillow bc it smelled like home, whatever the means”

- when he looks at adam he sees that he’s calmed down a bit??? and he’s looking up at him with his mouth hanging open a bit like in wonder ??  ? so ronan continues,

- “one time matthew and i pulled a prank on declan u know the one with the finger in a glass of warm water and it worked and we couldn’t stop laughing”

- he laughs a bit (rll shakily he’s so scared “adam please i’m here it’s okay”) but then adam laughs also and then they’re both giggling so much?? ? they’re like. rll relieved ? adam bc his nightmare isnt real bc he’s got ronan right there beside him bc his father’s far away from him and ronan bc he’s okay he’s fine he’s alive

- so, bc adam doesn’t know how to actually say thank u properly i mean? . it’s not like ronan did anything it’s just that he wants to thank him for being here and loving him and i am Dying?. anyway he starts talking as well (whispers, words lost in between their breaths???)

- “there was this one time when my dad was at his friend’s house or something and my mom took all of the money she could without it being obvious and she took me to this small restaurant and we ate a rll tiny pizza between us at the bath at the very back and it was nothing special but it was the day i first felt happy”

- they stay like that the entire night whispering these stories to each other?? ? but let’s face it they don’t have many happy memories so it kind of turns into “one day we’ll have this big house just u and me and there’ll be no nightmares there”

- they kiss a lot (lips, neck, jaw, eyelids, nose, forehead) and the rain keeps falling? . and then there’s only the sound of their voices and the rain and then nothing else in the entire world?? ?

but what about a mailman au where ed leaves notes and flowers for winry whenever he goes to her house to deliver her mail and then she starts leaving notes for him too and so theY START TALKING VIA WINRy’s MAIL

and ed is a big sap so he overdoes it with the flowers and stuff sometimes