the flow was so heavy i didn't think it would blow around much

Chemical Cocktail

Requested by crazy-for-supernatural:  Hey can you do one where you are a dangerous mutant and bruce helps you control your anger

I had so much fun writing this, I hope you like it! :)


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In the Avengers Tower:

“Come on man, it’s a trick.” Clint smirked to Thor.

“It is much more than that, my friend.” He replied and chuckled as he and Cap  clinked glasses.

“Hey guys?” Natasha shouted upstairs from the Control center. “I think there is trouble.”


Steve walked upstairs, “What do you mean? Where?” he asked Natasha and leaned over the Computer, where they could see recordings of a Security Camera in a lab in New York.

The others came upstairs as well and wanted to look what was going on.

“I know where that is.” Bruce sighed.

“Is that where the big bad green monster cames from?” Tony laughed.

Bruce didn't say a word as he saw what happened in the lab, where he worked once. It was like a hurricane destroyed everything in the middle of a house.

“Thor did you turn off the lights?” Clint questioned ironic, as he turned away from the Monitor, where every body was staring at, and looked outside and saw a dark sky. “It’s already evening? What is going on here?”

“My Systems received news from the police.” A robot voice said.

“Jarvis tell us what you know.” Tony made a serious face.

“A young woman with the Name Y/N broke into a laboratory from New York, she worked there once-” Jarvis answered.

“And? How tell hell is she controlling the weather?” Tony asked and crossed his arms.

“Is she like Thor?” Natasha inquired and looked to Thor.

“Not possible, I would now if someone like me would be on Earth.”

Jarvis continued his sentence, “The Security wanted to bring her out, in that moment she got angry and blow a hallway.” 

“A hallway? How?” Natasha asked.

“Okay.. Tony, Thor you both will go and look what is going on.” Cap instructed. “Thor if you can stop her-”

“Do it.. but don’t hurt her, I want to make some tests.” Tony interrupted, then he pulled the suit on and flow with Thor out of the building.

“Natasha, Clint we will rescue the civilians in the lab.. Bruce you will watch the weather news, I want to know why Tony’s bed time is already their.” 

“I’ve heard that.” Tony said trough the microphone and Banner nodded soft.

Clint and Natasha walked to the Avenjet, Steve wanted too after he suit up as well, but Bruce stopped him.

“I should come with you.” He said soft and Steve looked confused. “I know her, she hide me as I became a chemical- Hulk..”

“She is the one you told me about?” Steve asked and raised an eyebrow. “I thought you said she is goodness in person and would never hurt anyone?”

Bruce looked to the ground, he blamed himself for that because he left you alone.

“Maybe you’re right and should come with us.. I’ll call Sam and he’ll watch the weather.” He touched Bruce shoulder and showed him he should follow in the jet.


In the middle of New York:

Natasha landed the jet near Thor and Tony, “It seems like she’s controlling the weather guys, be careful.. And she’s human, she comes from here.” Sam said trough the microphone.

“This should be easy, we’ve our own weather god.” Tony smiled as he opened the mask.

You came out of the lab as you saw the Avenjet trough a widow. Your eyes were white and the wind became stronger, you lifted your hands in the air and raised up. You hovered over the Avengers while they couldn't believe their eyes.

“Could your friend do that before?” Steve asked Bruce as he looked at you, he had to shout a bit because every one around screamed.

“Not that I remember.” Bruce answered and asked himself what had happened to you.

“Thor do something to stop the wind or we’ll all fly away.” Natasha said slightly pissed.

Thor tried his best but couldn't get you down or a normal weather, he would hurt you with his lightnings so he didn't know what to do.

“What are we doing now?” Natasha asked Steve.

Steve didn't know what to do as well, he didn't understand why you could do the things you did.

“I WANT MY BLOOD BACK!” You shouted and blow a few windows.

“You need to do something, this is my labor!” A man ran over to the Avengers.

“Dr. what happened to her?” Tony asked the afraid man.

“She’s crazy..” he mumbled “A few months ago she experimented with” the Doctor paused. “Y/N experimented with a few things and something went wrong. She, injected something into her veins and her gene system changed, it mutated..” 

“Y/N experimented with genes, that was her special field but she would never do something like that to herself and you, Doctor Sonde, are an selfish and jealous man who never had success in his work until we came.” Bruce replied, “Y/N would only do something like that to protect her work.. or herself.” he said to Steve.

“Any suggestions what we could do?” Clint asked holding his bow.

“I WANT MY BLOOD BACK!” You yelled and raised the doctor who was standing next to the Avengers up and throw him against a wall.

“Thor!” Natasha wanted him to hurt you with his lighting, as you saw that Thor was twirling Mjölnir around you raised him up as well,

“Don’t challenge me Avengers, I just want what is mine.” You shouted. 

Steve wanted to throw his shield against you but Bruce stopped him and you let Thor fall to the ground again.

Banner looked into Steve’s eyes, “We’ll take care of her.” and changed into the incredible Hulk.


As you saw Hulk you blow up a few windows more to distract him, you didn’t want to hurt him. You knew him and knew that Hulk could bring your ass to the ground. Hulk ran and wanted to jump to get you but you throw a car against him before he could reach you.

“Thor get her down now.” Steve instructed with a heavy heart. 

After what Bruce told him about you, he knew that you were a good person but he couldn’t risk more victims.

“NO!” Hulk yelled and hit Thor in his face, “No one touch Y/N.” he groaned.

Hulk looked up to you while he was walking a closer to you. You got down to the Ground as you saw him and a scratch at his head, that you made as you throw the car. As you were down, Hulk knelt to you and you touched gently his face.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered and got unconscious.

Bruce turned back and held you in his arms, he looked down and felt that you had a weak pulse, “We’ve to get her to the Tower!”


In the Avengers Tower:

“Hey, you’re awake.” Bruce smiled and leaned over you.

“I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I was just-”

“Angry?” He laughed soft. “I know that feeling, well, we know.”

You sat up and the Avengers came into Bruce’s lab, where he brought you.

“So why were you such a Diva?” Clint asked.

“And how did you get my powers?” Thor crossed his arms.

“Your powers?” You had to chuckle. “I think I’m much stronger than you.”

Natasha and Clint had to laugh because you attacked Thor’s ego a bit. 

“I shouldn’t hurt you!” he replied serious.

“It’s okay Thor, we know your the big god. So tell my Y/N how is this possible, you’re coming from Earth but you were like the Hulk out their.”

“I’m a scientist and 3 months ago I made serum-” 

“Like the super soldier serum?” Natasha asked.

“No, didn’t you saw the weather? Cap can you change it like her?” Clint asked sarcastic and Natasha pushed him a bit.

“I tried at first but I found something better, no offense..” You said to Steve. “You know about Spiderman and his powers? Well mine are a bit like that with the difference that I can control the weather..”

“Doctor Sonde, find out about my serum and want it…” You said and hold your head, you had headache.

“Why?” Steve asked gently.

“Ever heard the Name Hydra, Captain?” You looked serious at him. “I didn’t know that he worked for them, if so I hadn’t work there.. I injected the serum to myself as I saw that they searched for it in my lab. I had it in my pocket.” You chuckled.

“Something like this in a pocket?” Sam asked as he got into the room as well and you nodded.

“I hide, but they found me and got something from my blood. I still don’t know how. I tried to get it back and couldn’t control my anger as I saw Sonde.” You looked to Bruce and smiled. “Until I saw you and Hulk.”

“You talk about Hulk, like he would be a person.” Clint laughed.

“He is.” Banner and you said at the same time.

“I think you should rest now.” Steve said with a smile as he saw Bruce and you looking to each other. “Bruce could- could you watch her?” 

“I want to make a few test later, okay Y/N?” Tony asked as gently and you nodded.


The Avengers went out of the room and let you and Bruce some privacy.

Bruce took your hand in his, “You could have come to me, I’m always there for you.” 

You nodded, “I know but I still know why you run away..”

“I learned to control my anger.. and I went back to tell you but you were gone.”

“Now I’m here.” You smiled shy.

“Yes..” Bruce smiled and kissed you gently. “And now we both are a chemical cocktail.” he laughed and you had to.