the flow of vodka down my throat

Veronica x Reader: Drunken Smackdown

Warnings: alcohol use, swearing

Requested: Yes

*Your POV*

“EVERYBODY TAKE A SHOT” I screamed over the island in the kitchen, forcing a shot of whiskey down mine and Archie’s throats, the alcohol burning the flesh as it flowed down. I looked at Archie who crinkled his nose and shook his whole body.

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you asked me to paint you a picture but all I could do was bleed red red red all over the canvas, I’d choose that razor over that paint brush any day and I know that drives you mad.

you always held me like I was going to break and crack at any moment but the moment you let me go was what sent all my pieces flying. I’m still missing a few.

you told me that I had the most beautiful shade of blue in my eyes but you got sick of drying the tears that would never stop spilling out of them so you went and found a new pair to look into late at night.

you traced your fingertips up and down my body, you planted gardens with your lips all across my thighs and neck, but you never came back to water them and darling now every single flower is dead.

you saw me collapsed on the hard floor, creeks flowing down my cheeks, and I reeked of the vodka i had taken shot after shot of trying to forget your name and the way it burnt the back of my throat when I said it out loud and I swear it wasn’t the booze.

you finally learned of the mess I was, you learned why all those nights you found me curled up in bed silently crying. you saw the real me and you didn’t like what you saw, so you ran ran ran as far away from me as you could. I would of too if I were you.

you know I could never blame you for walking out that door when I begged and begged you to stay. I understand that it was too much to ask of you, how could you of known that the girl you’d met and fallen in love with had skeletons lining up in her closet and that they all looked like me.

—  you know I’m so sorry
Birthday Boy
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(a/n: this was a ton of fun to write! Thanks girls! :) THIS DOES CONTAIN SMUT, DUH, BUT YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! Not my picture, credit to who’s ever it may be!) 

To say I that was excited to see the boys was a complete understatement. Not only was I getting to see my brother, Ashton, for the first time in months, I was also getting to see my boyfriend Luke as well.

Luke and I met through Ashton when they started the band. We were in the same year but at different schools. When we met, we hit it off right away, joking and laughing about the same stupid things. There was always the rule that I wasn’t allow to “bang his bandmates” as Ash put it, but he always had a soft spot for Luke, so it was no surprise when he made an exception for him.

We’d messed around a few times, but it never went further than that because we said we wanted to take things slow. Neither of us were inexperienced by any means, but we’d both been burned before. That and I didn’t want to send Ashton to his grave too early. Before anything big could happen they left for they’re world tour, leaving me to finish out my first semester of college by myself.

When summer finally, finally came around I’d convinced our parents that touring with Ashton for the summer would be beneficial in more ways than one, that they’re baby girl would be out experiencing the world with her big brother and good friends. With ash’s help they eventually caved.

The minute I stepped off the plane I was greeted with a massive group hug, barely allowing me to breathe.

“Guys! Air, I need it!” I squeaked from inside the 5sos sand which.

“I’m so happy to have you here, kid!” Ashton exclaimed, ruffling my hair.

I was only a year and a half younger than him he always called me “kid”, knowing it made me crazy.

“I’m happy to be here!” I said with a smile, “it’s so boring at home without you guys! But it’s also quieter so I guess it’s not too bad.”

"You loved how much noise we made!” Cal laughed, faking punching my arm.

“Yeah, yeah I guess so.” I rolled my eyes.

I gave each idiot an individual hug, ending with Luke. He looked the same, but not at the same time. He seemed broader, more confident and even sexier than I remembered. He gave me the once over before hugging me tightly.

“I’ve missed you so much.” he whispered in my ear. I pulled back to give him a quick ‘hello’ kiss.

“Nope, not in front of me!” Ash said, easily coming between us. I punched him in the shoulder lightly while Luke blushed a little.
One the drive to the house Ashton informed me that I would be staying in his room, non-negotiable.

“Joyyyyyyyyyy.” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. I leaned my head against Luke’s shoulder, subconsciously playing with his fingers as I looked out the window.

“So, what are we doing for your birthday?” I asked casually.

“Ummm,” he started, “I’m not sure. Ask the boys.”

“We’re gonna party!” Michael half yelled, thrusting a fist in the air.

“And where is the said party?” I enquired.

“A club that we go to every so often. You guys can’t drink, but you can get in at least.” Ashton said, still focused on the road.

When we got to the house we all went our separate ways, Ash wanted to go for a run, Michael disappeared to play video games and Cal and Luke wanted to go swimming. I told them that I’d join them after I was done unpacking. I made my way upstairs to Ashton’s room. Apparently, they’d bought a small air mattress and a new set of sheets and blankets for me. I plopped down my stuff and changed into my swimsuit.

I casually wandered the huge house, opening every door and poking my head in. You could tell who’s room was who’s just by how clean it was, my brothers being the cleanest, of course. There was only one room left upstairs to explore, Luke’s. The door had band posters taped to the outside along with a “Parental Advisory” sign. I poked my head in to find Luke laying on his bed in just his swim trunks, strumming a beat up acoustic guitar.

“Hey,” I said sweetly, “I thought we were going swimming?”

“I was waiting for you.” he smiled, setting the guitar down next to his bed. He patted the a spot on the bed next to him. I flung myself onto the freshly made bed dramatically.

“Can I just sleep in here?” I pouted, staring at the ceiling.

“I wish,” he sighed, “but I don’t want Ash to kill me. He already thinks we’re sleeping together.”

“That explains so much!” I laughed. Ashton always thought that I was an angel. Little did he know that I was the whole inspiration for the line “good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught”.

“Why didn’t you deny it?” I asked, sitting up.

“Because then he’d want to know what we have done.” he said, sitting cross legged and facing me, “And I didn’t exactly want to tell him about me going down on you during seven minutes in heaven. Or you giving me road head on the way to your little brothers soccer match. Or that whole thing that happened when we all camped out on the beach. Or-”

“Okay, okay!” I cut him off, laughing and waving my hands in the air. “Yeah, him thinking we’re just fucking is less embarrassing than sharing that! Not that I’m embarrassed by any of it, honestly was probably some of my best work, but I don’t need my big brother knowing that.”

“Exactly.” he winked, resting his hands on my legs, “You know, his runs usually last a while.”

“Oh, do they?” I said, quirking an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” he said, biting his lip and running his hands along my bare legs, “they sometimes can last at least an hour.”

“That’s plenty of time.” I grinned, pouncing on him, attacking his lips.

I’d been waiting for this since I got on the plane. I straddled his waist, his hands gripped my hips tightly. Our lips moved in perfect sync as I ground my hips into his, coaxing a moan out of him. I was just about to untie my swim top when something interrupted me.

“Y/N!” I heard a voice bellow from downstairs. I could hear him bounding up the stairs, “Where you at?”

“Fuck!” I hurriedly climbed off of Luke as we both sat up and grabbed for the first thing I could find. I quickly picked up the acoustic guitar from beside his bed and put it in front of his obvious problem. He picked up what I was doing quickly and positioned his hands on top of mine on the neck of the guitar as Ash came through the door.

“Hey there you are!” he smiled, sweating heavily from his run. “whatcha guys doing?”

“I was just having Luke teach me how to play Amnesia.” I laughed lightly, “I’m shit at it though.”

“Uh huh,” he eyed us curiously, “well, you two are already dressed for it, why don’t we go keep Cal some company by the pool?”

“We’ll be out in a few.” I said as he kissed the top of my head before leaving the room.

“We’ll finish this later.” I said as I kissed Luke’s nose, walking out of the room.

“Uhhhh, what about this?” he said, nodding to his lap.

“Take care of it and meet me outside.” I winked before skipping downstairs. I giggled when I heard him groan something along the lines of “Not fair!”.

The club they talked about was within walking distance of the house, so thankfully we didn’t have to worry about a designated driver. We were almost late due to the fact that Ashton went into big brother mode when I came down in a hot pink bandage dress that had a few cutouts and a pair of sky high sparkly heels. Thankfully, he surrendered when Cal mentioned that if we were late that they’d give up our table.

I sat in the corner booth with Luke, who’s arm was draped loosely around my shoulder. Calum was busy chatting up a busty blonde by the bar, Michael had his tongue down a girl with bright blue hair’s throat and my brother was dancing with a girl they boys had said he’d been sort of seeing for the last few months. Even though neither of us were old enough to legally drink, people were still buying us drinks of many kinds. I’d had at least four or five shots with a few different people and a steady flow of vodka tonics the entire night. Luke was just about on the same level as me, his glass of whatever he was drinking was never empty.

“Let’s go dance!” I smiled, pulling him onto the dance floor. Normally, Luke wasn’t one for dancing but get a few drinks in him and his hips didn’t fucking lie. I locked my arms around his neck as we swayed to the beat of whatever the DJ was playing. His hands gripped my hips just as tightly as they did early that day.

“Turn around.” he breathed into my ear.

I complied and pressed my self tightly against him. I could already feel his erection poking into my back. The thing about us, was that with alcohol involved it didn’t take much to get us going. He brought one of my hands up so that it wrapped around his neck then trailed his hand back down to my hip. His lips met my neck as I lolled my head to one side. Everything felt warm and hazy, but in the best way possible.

“You wanna get out of here?” he mumbled against my neck.

I just nodded eagerly, pulling him off of the dance floor. We excused ourselves, saying that we weren’t feeling great and that we were just gonna go back to the house and chill out. The whole walk home we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other as we stumbled down the street.

Once we got to the house we couldn’t get to his room fast enough. We crashed through the door, pulling clothes off of each other eagerly, lips never parting. When we were down to just the bare minimum, I pushed him lightly onto the bed so that he was sitting on the edge. I trailed kisses down his torso, stopping just above his waistband.

“I still owe you from earlier, birthday boy.” I said with a wink. I settled myself on my knees before dragging his boxers down to his ankles, his erection springing free.

“What do you want me to do?” I said, looking up innocently at him.

“Fucking suck my hard cock baby.” he moaned.

I gripped his hard length, flattened out my tongue and slowly licked up the underside of his cock, stopping just before the tip. I swirled my tongue around it before taking him into my mouth entirely. I bobbed my head at a quick pace, pumping what I couldn’t fit into my mouth with my other hand. I’d be lying if I said blowing him didn’t completely turn me on. I loved having him completely at my mercy.

“Fuck, Y/N” he groaned, tangling his hands in my hair.

I quickened my pace before he stopped me,gesturing for me to come up for air. I removed him from my mouth with a loud “pop” making us both laugh a little.

“Do you want to…” he trailed off. I knew what he was asking without him even finishing the whole sentence.

“Yes!” I said a little too eagerly.

“You’re sure?” he asked seriously.

“Positive.” I said kissing him sweetly.

“Good.” he said between kisses.

We crawled up so that we were both completely on the bed, hands wandering each others bodies desperately. He unclasped my bra with ease, his hands kneading my breasts aggressively. He glided his hand down my side, making me shiver, before stopping right above my dripping core. He slid one long finger into me, making me gasp and arch my back into the bed.

“Well, you’re more than ready, aren’t you?” he purred.

“God, yes.” I sighed, “more please.”

“We’ll get there, patience darling.” he smiled.

I bit my lip hard as he inserted another finger, curling them inside me, hitting ever spot perfectly. I felt my walls start to grip around his fingers before he removed them. I whined in protest at the lack of contact.

“Sorry, baby.” he smirked.

“No you’re not.” I laughed as he dug for a condom.

“I’m really not,” he said after finding one and rolling it onto this length, “because then we wouldn’t get to do this.”

He rolled over on top of me, settling between my legs.

“You know you can have multiple orgasms right?” I giggled.

“I know,” he smiled, “I just wanted this to be the main event.”

I looked into his eyes seriously, “Then you better put it in, Hemmings.”

We both laughed before he pushed into me slowly. He gave me a second to adjust to him. He wasn’t huge but he was bigger than I’d had in forever. After I gave him the go ahead he started at a slow, deep pace, making every movement count.

“Oh god, faster Luke.” I moaned, dragging my nails down his back. He happily obliged as he began pounding me harder and faster. It wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm approaching and quickly.

“Fuck, I’m gonna-” I squeaked out, screwing my eyes shut as I tried to fight it.

“Open your eyes baby,” he said gripping my jaw lightly, “I wanna see those pretty eyes when you cum.”

He let go out my jaw and began rubbing figure eights on my clit, sending me way over the edge. I dug my nails harshly into his back as my body spasmed underneath him.

“Fuck, Y/n!” he breathed, “God, I’m gonna cum”

His thrusts got sloppier as he rode out his high. After a few more, he rolled over, both of us breathing heavily.

“That was-” he started.

“Fan-fucking-tastic.” I laughed, still trying to catch my breath.

“Agreed,” he giggled, tying off the condom and discarding it in the trash can, “and will definitely be happening a lot while you’re here.”

“For sure,” I sighed, “but for now, cuddle me man!”

He laughed as he wrapped me in his arms.

“Goodnight, dork.” he said kissing the top of my head.

“Hmmm, goodnight assbutt.” I giggled, cuddling into his chest more.

I could feel him looking at me, waiting for a better response.

“I’m kidding,” I said looking up at him, “goodnight, darling.”

I kissed him softly one more time before drifting off to sleep.

I was early when I heard the boys making noise from outside of the room. I quickly panicked as I realized was still completely butt naked, in Luke’s bed. I quickly threw his arm off of me, waking him up, as I searched for a tshirt. I pulled the first one I could find over my head and climbed back into bed, pulling the covers up around me.

“What was that about?” he asked, his voice raspy.

“Wait for it.” I said, gesturing towards the door, “In three, two, one.”

As soon as the words left my lips, two of the three boys came barreling through the door.

“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!” they sang in unison.

The second they saw me, they looked at each other, looked back at us and began howling with laughter. We both sat up, the blankets still covering our lower halves, looking at them unamused. Calum was doubled over in his fit of laughter, while Michael had to lean against the wall to keep himself from falling over.

“Are you clowns done yet?” I glared, throwing a pillow at Cal.

“We’ll be done after Ashton kills you both!” Michael said with tears in his eyes.

As if on cue a very hungover looking Ashton appeared in the doorway. I braced myself for the worst as he assessed the situation squinting a little at the bright light.

“I’d yell, but I’m too fucking hungover to care right now.” he said groggily, dismissing us with the wave of a hand before turning around to leave.

We all stood in complete shock, silent.

Before he left the room he turned around and lazily pointed a finger in mine and Luke’s general direction.

“Just know mate, you knock her up or break her heart, I will cut your dick off. And that’s a promise.”

Once he left the room we all burst into laughter.

“Well, that went better than expected.” I smiled, kissing Luke’s cheek.

“Ahhh, gross!” Michael griped, making his way out of the room “I’m out!”

“Me too!” Cal said, scrambling after him, shutting the door behind him.

“So,” Luke said, pulling me close to him, “does that mean you’re staying in my room?”

“I guess it does.” I said with a smile. 

-xoxo Liz