the florentine camerata

transistor college au, also known as — the one where the camerata are pretentious university students and somehow this turns a lot more expansive than i originally had planned. this was supposed to be lighthearted, i swear

feat. royce as the disgruntled TA, sibyl + asher as the class favorites and bffs, grant as the professor, red as the pretty freshmen who is a music major, and the boxer, who *disgusted sibyl voice* didn’t even bother with university 

is what it was supposed to be

[killer’s voice] how did it end up like this

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Transistor Devs Q&A

If you didn’t attend the Transistor Anniversary Chat, or if you weren’t there for absolutely everything, you might have missed the Supergiant developers being in chat, or might have missed some of their answers. I can’t promise that I picked up every answer (if you know what I missed please show me) but I compiled a list here of what they did answer and say. Please note that this is heavily edited due to Tinychat’s constraints!

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