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Inserting a “Read More”

So, some of you are out here posting 11k fics without putting it under a cut. It can get very annoying when you’re trying to scroll past it. I am here tooday to teach you how to insert the “read more” option on a fic, which is very easy to figure out but I guess some of you just don’t know how or whatever.

First off, if your fic is over 700 words, please insert a cut. That is when it starts to become a hassle to scroll past, especially on mobile.

Step 1:

Open up tumblr. Take note this an only be done on your desktop/laptop, sorry mobile users. I took the liberty of highlighting and circling the “make a textpost” button. Click it.

Step 2: 

Start typing or paste your fic into the textpost box. Pick a good spot to insert the cut, usually a paragraph or so into the fic so readers have a chance to see what your story is about. Once you find that golden spot, hit enter and the icons like the ones shown below will appear. Again, I took the liberty of circling and highlighting the icon that will create a cut, which is the last one that appears. Click it.

Step 3:

Boom. you have your cut. It will show up like it does below and you can click and drag it around later if you want to change it’s placement. 

Once you’re happy with it, click the post button and you’re done. 

So the next time you go to post a long fic, just remember me and all the other scrolling fic readers and insert that cut!

min yoongi probably.....
  • Namjoon, over text at three am: hey yoongi i just thought of this what if we change some of the lyrics we were working on earlier
  • Yoongi: yeah sure what were you thinking
  • Namjoon: well there's that one part where the rhyme scheme was kind of weird so i want to try to come up with something better
  • Yoongi: 2kkkk9
  • Namjoon: what
  • Yoongi: O9ow9w999
  • Namjoon: um
  • Yoongi: oh sorry i fell asleep
  • Yoongi: i can't feel my face is that bad
  • Namjoon: yoongi go to bed
  • Yoongi: fukk off floodbucket
  • Yoongi: cy 8;;
  • Yoongi: wait fuck that's not what i meant to do my face kinda hit buttons
  • Yoongi: i'm going to shell goodbye

it’s been months and everytime sungoh posts a picture he still gets these stupid comments like can we stop now? why can’t you leave him alone? he isn’t trying to “cosplay” v or look like v, so stop?

also you obviously have to follow or keep tabs on him to post these rude comments or you check his fucking sns every day like why are you putting so much effort just to send hate to him? please stop sungoh is just trying to be sungoh and it’s not okay that you post such negative comments to him. why don’t you spend your time doing something more positive instead of leaving hate to a dude just taking pictures and updating his fans???

[151129 HYYH PT. 2 ON STAGE] Jimin was panting so hard so he reached out his hand and requested to their leader, “Water please.” But Namjoon didn’t seem to notice so he ignored him. Suddenly, there was a hand from behind Jimin who was giving his bottle instead and it was J-Hope.

cr.  你是我心里的一只鸡腿

first snow

genre: fluff… its all just fluff…  

word count: 3K+ bYE 

summary: school trip!AU where everyone kinda forgot and went back without you and jimin. 

a/n: this is the first time ever i wrote over 2k & it’s about jimin … me , a jin Stan.. im Ashamed.. anyways when will i stop writing about jimin

Originally posted by holy-jibooty

“They’re gone. The bus – it’s gone.” Jimin jogs up to you, mouth hanging slightly open where his breath came in short pants.

You knit your brows together. “What do you mean they’re gone? They said to meet here at 4.15pm,” you say, looking at your watch for the 3rd time in the past minute.

The boy just shrugs, the corners of his mouth pulled down in a frown. You stuff your hands in your pockets and huff. The temperature outside looks like it’s dropping, quite drastically at that too. You recall the tour guide talking about how the excursion was almost cancelled because of the harsh weather earlier that day. Your scowl deepens – surely the group didn’t just up and left because of the bad weather and happened to forget about you and Jimin? What sort of bad luck was that?

A low whine escapes Jimin, pulling you from your thoughts.

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Happy 23rd Birthday Min Yoongi! 💞 If I will be given the chance to say it out loud to the world, I would say that you’re one of the most talented person I’ve ever known in this generation. Thanks for sharing us your wits and knowledge in the form of music. You’re such a gift to us, ARMYs. Always remember that we’re always here for you. 💞 ©©

On the topic of Rap Monster...

Rap Monster’s recent comment was wrong. It was hurtful and should not have been said. Anyone saying he’s entirely innocent should realize that you can admit someone’s mistakes while still being their fan, and just because it might not have affected you, it did affect others. Now, anyone sending him/spreading threats or hate is also not handling this correctly. You should be acknowledging his wrongdoings and hoping for some sort of apology. Rap Monster is human. He is not perfect; he makes mistakes like we all do. Now, being in the position that he is in, he should know better and know how to filter himself; know how to think before speaking. This is not something we can undo, but we, as a fandom, can recognize Rap Monster’s error and move on. Harboring negative emotions will get us nowhere and solve nothing.