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San Francisco had a screening of yugioh darkside of dimensions jp audio en SUBBED

so after seeing it I still really like the dub but major differences was that the dub was waaay more funny/+2000% sass and sick burns but the original/sub explained the plot a lot better…

I might make a video I don’t know but major plot points lost in dub/I missed/key themes explained:

(Spoilers if you still haven’t seen it)

Plana: is the group of people who are deemed to be “noble ones” and who have the power to travel between dimensions. When the 7 items are gathered and the pharaohs soul is returned to the afterlife they will have the power to transcend dimensions to a new one of light/purity/eternal future/happiness etc etc. however if any darkness/hate/revenge is still within their hearts the new dimension will be of darkness. They have a power to kind of “pool” their mental ability and create their own collective consciousness* (key word later) that can influence the world/dimension around them. This is why everyone at school knows aigami exists even though they are not sure when he exactly joined their class.

Dimension Duel: this is Aigamis duel method of choice and changes the duel field to actually be “in between” dimensions.

The millennium cube: this is an actual 8th millennium item. It’s origin was still not fully explained (my theory is a hidden “bonus item” within the key/shadi?) it’s power is only activated when the other 7 have been gathered and the power is to open a portal to a new dimension

Aigami not only took two puzzle pieces but the reason why the machine didn’t be like “hey two pieces are missing” immediately was that aigami actually replaced them with two made up pieces with identical mass but were the wrong shape (which is why in the zero gravity reassembly chamber there was the error with two pieces still floating)

Collective consciousness: new dimensions/our world only exists due to a collective consciousness. Basically you exist As long as someone else remembers you. Your world exists so long as your remember it. Think of it like the “woman in the red dress” scene in the Matrix.

Kaiba compared to a dictator: aigami calls kaiba out as this quite often later on. kaiba basically does rule domino. It is mentioned to even be a resident of domino that one must register their duel disk (linking to kaibas totally not-skynet) which is how he is able to collect data on everyone and know who is where when. He makes a grandiose speech before starting the aigami vs Yugi winner vs kaiba tournament about how souls are trapped by flesh and that we are constantly defending our souls/flesh with weapons and that his new duel disk is the greatest weapon one that will allow your soul to transcend the flesh (think basically plug yourself into SAO)

Deus ex Atem: if the pharaohs soul resurrects the plana will be stuck in the current (movie/manga) dimension and can no longer ascend to the higher new dimension of light.
Any memory or connection to Atem basically negates the planas power. This is why Jounouchi was able to escape the dimension of his memory created by aigami as soon as he ran to the clock square where he duelled Atem. This is why when Atem defeated Aigami that everything reset.

Hate-revenge-fear leads to nothing: the reason aigami doesn’t immediately lead the plana to their new nirvana dimension is he still has hate/revenge in his heart (against yami bakura) refuses to leave until he takes care of it. It later becomes fear of the pharaohs soul returning that motivates aigami to stop Kaiba and to eliminate Yugi. Aigami becomes engulfed by the darkness of the ring because of the fear of losing and losing sera as well as the loss and despair from losing shadi. Kaiba at the end his drive for revenge is slowly eating away at him when he finally makes it to the afterlife dimension.

Mae is Mentally Ill and (a) God is (Probably) Real

ok a thing I keep seeing on Steam discussion boards and in general is people saying Mae isn’t a) mentally ill and/or b) experiencing supernatural phenomena. so let’s fucking break it down

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Best after birthday presents - I’m just so lucky!

The Artist of The Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin
Play It As It Lays by Joan Didion
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Landline by Ranbow Rowell
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catheryinne M. Valente

In the end, I wanted to wake up sea foam.
I didn’t want these legs anymore that carry me
uselessly from house to house, searching for lost love.
I wore dresses that covered up the pale lengths,
in sea greens and azure blues, wove seashells into hair
and sang on a rock. None of it did any good.

Once, I would have died for you. I changed, I did,
and all just for one kiss, one touch, should it have burned
so much? I miss cool scales, the constant wet embrace,
the skittering tips of tsunami. While you
were out catching fish, with your tangled nets,
I was watching you, wishing for a different body, one to
entangle you.

It never did me any good. So I will wait for the ocean’s promise:
that once again I will end up on this beach, disintegrate,
spatter away into the essences of salt, sand, earth.
A waste of skin and scale, but at least once again
I will be part of the dance, the maternal water
carrying me home.
—  Jeannine Hall Gailey, “The Little Mermaid Has No Regrets,” from She Returns to the Floating World
The tissue-thin layers of a croissant,
the yolks of eggs, the membrane
skins of pomegranates, all
more delicious when displayed.

In class she dissected pigs,
loved cracking the jaw,
the incision from the corner
of the mouth to neckline,
the beautiful tongue laid out.

In med school she sliced
through cartilage of cadavers,
then struggled to break open
the rib cage to observe
the heart within, how each is molded.

She scratches at your shoulder
the way she scratches a lime’s skin,
to burst the cells beneath her nails.
She bites an earlobe or the blunt tips
of fingers, your lower lip and thigh.
She splinters ice in her teeth between kisses.
—  Jeannine Hall Gailey, “She Likes To Pull Things Apart,” from She Returns to the Floating World

Noritaka Tatehana | Floating World Series, 2014 Artist: Noritaka Tatehana These towering geta are inspired by the footwear of the Oiran, who were high ranking courtesans of the Edo period (1603- 1868) in Japan. The shoes are elaborately adorned using yuzen dyeing and katazome. A pair belonging to the same ‘Floating World Series’ is in the Victoria and Albert museum collection Materials : Gold leaves, Hand dyed leather, Styrene plastic form

Torii Kiyoshige
Japanese, fl. 1720s-1760s
Nishinomiya Shinroku, publisher
Otani Hiroji II (Nidai Otani Hiroji), Collected nicknames of the floating world, 1750s-1760s
Polychrome woodblock print/RISD Museum