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Either 36 or 45 with The8 please? Love ya 💕💕

ღ OTP drabble challenge - SVT Version

36. “Fine, just do what you have to do.” - “Can you stop being so freaking cute so I can concentrate?”

“Minghao, please be careful,” you had said, but the usually cautious boy already messed up. His yelp of surprise and hiss of pain both were so sharp that you still flinched even though you watched it happen. And now that you’re watching him dig through the bathroom drawer for tweezers, you can’t help but have some sympathy pains as you stare as his injury.

“Boys are pricks,” is what was printed on the small pot of the baby cactus your boyfriend accidentally pressed his hand on, but now you can’t help but think of it as ‘boys are pricked.’

Of course, this little enjoyment couldn’t go unshared.

“Hey, Minghao,” you start, and he hums in response. “I guess we can say that boys are pricked now, huh?”

He breathes out a laugh and sends a glance to you, but keeps searching for the tweezers with his free hand. The other hand – decorated with spines in his palm – is a flushed shade of red and most likely throbbing in pain (Minghao’s scrunched eyebrows, tense jaw, and overall hard expression are just a few hints). 

You decide to try again to lighten the situation. “I’d say my cactus is pretty into you.”

Minghao only smirks and the laugh that he breathes through his nostrils isn’t as pronounced. He finally pulls out the pair of tweezers and runs them under hot water during the silence while you come up with another pun. He’s beginning to pull out each spine with suppressed winces when you speak again.

“I guess I won’t be giving you the succulent.” You’re really holding back laughter from that one, but Minghao finally drops his focused expression to laugh out, the hand that was one dropping spines into the garbage now raised to cover his big smile.

“Can you stop being so freaking cute so I can concentrate?” he asks, eyes glimmering with admiration and amusement from your efforts. You let a small grin slip out before you turn it into a pout for faux sadness. With how well Minghao knows you, he isn’t caught off guard. Instead, he pulls you to him, his hand on the back of your head as he plants a firm kiss on top of it.

“Fine, just do what you have to do,” you reply, dragging out each word as if you’re still sad. He smiles more, warmed by seeing his girlfriend try to distract him from the pain.

“Once I’m done, I’ll stop being a prick, but I don’t think I’ll feel better unless I get the succulent.”

Your jaw drops and you feel his chest shake as he laughs at the pun he stole from you, but you’re not sure if he really means it.

“Y-you’re the worst, Minghao,” you grumble, burying your heated face into his chest. He only laughs more, of course.

“Hurry up and help me get these out so it can happen!”

“You’re serious?!”


But, this Frankenstein scowl really adds to the whole– Jess! Okay…I’m going. Look man, I really was just dropping off some food. So, don’t get all West Side Story on me, okay?

The Chapel of Hope, A Second Version || by BlueBerryHope.

BlueBerryHope’s incredible reimagining of her first illustration of this scene from my reconstruction of The Prince and the Raven. Influenced strongly by the film, Secret of Kells (2009), she recreated the only scene where Lohengrin, Fakir’s preincarnation, comes into contact with the Hope of Princess Tutu. And it’s an absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous drawing. I am so grateful. 

Light splashed upon him. Lohengrin almost flinched as though he had been scorched, so unused and shocked was he by the sensation. He looked down upon himself to see that he was bathed in so many different colors; it was almost as though it was… “Stained-glass,” he whispered. Lohengrin looked up to see that the light was coming through an archway. He followed it into the Chapel. 

He did not know why or how there could be light here, now, in such a world of darkness. The knight felt his mouth go very dry and, though he had never before felt the need to do such a thing since the day that King Mime had given him his sword, he took a knee.

For one moment, Lohengrin gave himself to that light. It gave him Hope.

The moment had passed. War called. He rose back to his feet and, with a final bow to the stained-glass vision, he turned his back upon it. And he saw the light no more.

The Prince and the Raven. Chapter 5. No Matter the Cost.

His Mother’s Son

After I contributed to this post here, there’s something that wouldn’t stop bugging me.

On Alderaan, snuck in though they are, Leia is greeted by her ecstatic parents.  Breha wraps her up in a hug so tight she can’t breathe, and she feels tears against her neck. “We were so worried.  Your ship crashed on Tatooine and the Empire…stars, Leia.”

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Being insecure about something you have no control over is so painful. I get insecure about being insecure, what a nice evil circle to be trapped in.

I consistently work on my self esteem but too often it hits me and I feel deeply and undoubtedly worthless. I’m never enough and I never will be, I’m a incomplete messed up being and I’m so terrified that the people I care about are going to see behind the walls I so carefully built and realize that I’m nothing… That’s there’s this piece that’s always going to be missing and decided that they can’t stand someone who is so deeply wounded. I’m never enough. There’s always someone who is and can be so much better than I am… I’m incomplete. I’m worthless, scared and so deeply scarred.

I’m broken and the fact that a part of me will never hurt is terrifying. What if they get tired when I flinch even though it happened ten thousand times before, what if they can’t no longer stand that heavy sadness hitting me over and over again in moments that should only carry happiness. What if they get tired of touching and seeing the thousands of scars that cover both my body and my soul. I’m so deeply wounded and I can’t see past that, what if they finally see me the way I see myself and realize that I’m no good?

I can survive without them but I don’t want to, I really don’t.

About the Jungkook issue. Let’s not make up stories or theories cause this is some serious matter. He visibely flinches, wether it was just out of shock or because something happened before,we can’t know, let’s just calm down.

Though Bighit does need some explaining to do, and they need to apologize, not to us, but to the boys. I really wish they would, and as one fan said, I really wish they won’t push one of the boys to tweet or post about it, or say it was just a misunderstanding and they were joking cause no

or even worst, ignore it, they’ve fucked up things many times, but don’t spread alot of negativity please, BTS more of need our support than our rage, I mean I still think bighit is better than many many many other companies

However I’m still disgusting of how people are like “so what? It’s just a flinch” or even worst “a manager has the right to hit them, it will be just a slap”



and no NO

I’ve already suffered this shit with TVXQ, I don’t need Bangtan too, especially bangtan

Anyways shower the boys and let’s make them happy through voting for them, helping them win and giving them the triple crown they were wishing for, please.


The twins started cracking up as soon as you jumped into the air.

“DAMMIT!” You yelled, tucking away your wand which you had pulled out on instinct. You tried to calm your racing heart and even your breathing, forcing yourself to breathe slowly.

The twin’s laughter died down when they noticed you were still freaked out after their little scare, most sounds seeming to make you flinch. Guilt seeped though them, and they glanced at each other with guilty gazes.

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Safe in Your Hands

Read Chapter 3 on AO3!

Chapters: [One] [Two] [Three]

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,713 (8,915 overall)

Pairing: Kyoutani Kentarou/Yahaba Shigeru

Summary: Kyoutani meets Yahaba’s family and finally gets what he wants.

The first word that comes to Kyoutani’s mind when he steps across the threshold into Yahaba’s house is “safe.” He’s not sure why, but it feels like stepping into a warm cottage after spending all day in the snow. The lights aren’t too bright, and there’s violin music playing from somewhere. It feels cozy, comfortable. And as Kyoutani kicks off his shoes at the door and mutters a “sorry for the intrusion,” he feels like an outsider.

He curls his hands into fists, shoving them into the pockets of his school uniform, afraid to touch anything, afraid to ruin this homey atmosphere.

Yahaba touches his elbow, a light brush of his fingers meant to draw Kyoutani’s attention. He’s proud of himself for not flinching (though he finds himself growing more comfortable around Yahaba these days. He’s not sure why, exactly, but he feels like he can trust him. It’s a nice feeling).

“This way,” Yahaba says, removing his fingers to gesture toward the kitchen.

Kyoutani follows him, shuffling along behind and trying to ignore the way his nerves are sparking, sending panic into his chest. He knows he’s about to meet Yahaba’s family, and he can’t help but think they’re going to hate him. He wouldn’t blame them if they do. He’s not a huge fan himself.

But a small part of him hopes they don’t.

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Brohm Wrestling AU

Wrestling AU! I saw this idea on tumblr from @littleangel123 But anyway.

     Bryce had always supported Delirious in his talent of wrestling. But he was always worried he would get hurt, or hurt someone else really bad. None the less he went to every single match and sat right next to Cartoonz cheering his friend on. Even though he flinched every time either fighter took a hit.
     Delirious is too good to take many crushing blows, but now in finals the person he is up against is really good. And Bryce is frantically looking around for his friend who is probably in his prep room. He finally comes across the room, smiling brightly as he opens the door.
     “Hey Del-” then he pauses when he realizes the person in the room is not Delirious or Cartoonz, but the wrestler Del is facing. One known as Ohm. Bryce turns bright red noticing he is shirtless and he mentally yells at himself for staring at his toned abs and admiring his good looks. “Oh-oh my gosh! I-I am so sorry! I th-thought this was my friends prep room.” Bryce stutters out looking down.
     “Oh. That’s fine, if your friend is this H2O guy I’m facing, his room is down the hall four doors down on the left, but… I wouldn’t mind a little company if you’d like to stay…” Ohm whispers the last part getting closer to the startled blonde in the doorway. Carefully grabbing his wrist and tugging him towards the prep room.
     “Uh umm uh I-I-I um b-better g-go find uh D-Delirious, if you uh d-don’t mind.” Bryce is a flustered, blushing mess trying to pull away, but not putting much effort into it.
“Oh but I do mind. Hmm… It seems I haven’t learned your name yet, so?” Ohm asks moving closer to Bryce.
“W-why would I t-tell y-you?! You’re c-creepy!” Bryce put his hands out to stop Ohm from getting any closer. But suddenly he feels warmth beneath his hands and he realizes his mistake. Bryce looks up to see a smug grin on the older’s face. A grin that reminds him of his hand on the guy’s bare chest.
“Oh come on… If you don’t tell me I’ll be forced to call you my baby boy…” He reaches out, long arms wrap around Bryce’s small frame.
“No! My name is Bryce. Okay. You know my name, none of that.” Bryce tries to push him away. But there is a big difference in strength between small Bryce, a gamer, and Ohm, a wrestler.
“Okay Bryceypoo~” Ohm laughs as he pulls Bryce with him into his prep room.
     “No no no no I have to go see Del. I-I can’t be here!” Bryce argues wiggling in Ohm’s grasp.
      “You won’t be Delirious’s boy much longer. Soon you’ll be begging for Ohm~” The older laughs releasing poor flustered Bryce, who scrambles away from the stronger man.
      Then there is a knock on the door. And a voice comes through saying the match is going to start soon. And that Ohm has to get to his starting position.
      “One good luck kiss? Just one.” Ohm asks leaning towards Bryce, who quickly leans forwards and pecks his lips before pulling away and turning his head. “Wow. Someone was eager. Not even a bit of hesitation.”
       Bryce just mumbles out something about getting it over with.
      “Alright. Come on baby boy we’ve both got places to be.” Ohm hums taking his hand and walking into the hallway. There Bryce is pinned against the wall and Ohm is kissing him passionately.  As they pull apart Ohm scratches the back of his neck. “I’m sorry… You just looked so irresistible there.” Then Ohm runs off to wherever he is entering the ring from.
      Bryce looks down the hall and sees both Delirious and Cartoonz staring at him. He walks over to his friends stuttering out ‘it’s not what it looks like.’ And such. Then right before Delirious walks out he mumbles out a barely audible “I’ll kick his sorry ass for threatening Bryce’s innocence.” And then heads toward the ring.
      Bryce and Cartoonz also head to their seats. It is always good to be in the VIP section not only because of the good view, but because it is out of the way of the rowdy audience.
      The match began and Delirious came out angered and ready. After five minutes of punching and kicking and tackling, Delirious got Ohm down and went for the pin. While he is pinning him he whispers something harshly: “Stay the fuck away from Bryce. Or I swear to god you are dead.”
      “Make me.” Ohm hisses before kicking out of the pin and sending a hard punch straight into Delirious’s eye, making Delirious tumble back. Bryce flinches away closing his eyes and letting out a small yelp.
More minutes of fighting and now Ohm has Delirious pinned. “You can’t keep my Brycey away from me forever~.” Ohm hums and the blue eyed male looses it. He kicks out of the pin, and kicks Ohm in the throat. After a signature, eagle, and finisher. Ohm is pinned down for the count and Delirious takes the win.
Before he lets Ohm out of the pin Delirious growls out a quick “But I can and will for now.” Before accepting the belt. When he gets backstage Bryce and Cartoonz are there waiting for him. Cartoonz giving him a clap on the back.
      “Nice one Jonny!” Luke smiles at Del holding the belt. Proud of what he just did.
      “I got you an ice pack. You took a hard hit to your eye.” Bryce smiles his big Bryce smile and hands him the cold pack.
      “Thanks B. And uh hey. Do you mind staying away from Ohm. I uh don’t really trust the guy.” Jon says giving Bryce a warning look.
      “I will Jon. Don’t worry about me.” Bryce replies, wiping a bit of blood from Del’s mouth.
Alright! This will probably be two or more parts because I don’t think the story can end just yet. I will try and get the other part out over before next weekend but with soccer and school I’m not sure I’ll be able too. Anyway I hope all your days are fantastic! See ya soon!

I blame @fairytalefix, @laura-p-g and @hezzer19 for suggesting that Mal could be a shy baby dragon. 

I totally didn’t did need to write fic where Mal agrees to help Henry with a spell to find Emma and gets de-aged down to a hatchling for a month. For reasons. (I’m not sure what reasons). 

Regina looks after a shy baby dragon. 

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Poke Minho Time  (∩▂∩)  Minho’s fanboys pointing out what they think is his best feature~

Let’s Go! Dream Team 130601

Happy birthday Queen. @giupear

The blonde sighed gently, her fists clenched as they propped up her head in a gentle manner. She didn’t usually pause during a job like this, but this morning she had just felt so utterly bored. It was bad enough that she spent every waking day farming, picking grains, mowing lawns, feeding pigs, milking cows. When was something interesting going to happen? She was bored of the same old Autumn colours and Wellington boots. A deep grumble came from her chest and she ran her fingers through the fur of the farm’s cat; it’s blue hair a mess as she ruffled it. Though he flinched, she always had the feeling that the cat was mocking her but this flinch was different. It was like the cat was trying to catch her attention.
“What?” She murmured, raising a brow as she brought her legs behind the basket of berries she had been plucking from bushes; even her hands were stained red.
The cat however, only meowed.
“What do you want? We ran out of tuna because you ate it so fast.” The girl dragged her hands across her scalp and put a bow clip into the side of her hair, pulling aside the fringe, she was going to have to investigate it seemed.
With a thud of the basket, she stood quickly to her feet in order to let the cat give her some directions.
“Come on Happy! Show me the way!”
The cat shuffled his feet at her movement, pivoting on its back legs in order to turn itself a direction she didn’t expect. Guess he really had found something and Lucy’s expectation was not a bad guess.
Happy meowed once more; trotting forward in that casual and majestic way that cats always do, and moved towards what she never really visited. The meadows.
“Ey.. Happy? Where… What is it? Did you find a rat again?” Lucy sighed, having to pull her socks up before entering the field of flowers. She loved this place she really did, but the place always swarmed of pollen and bugs; she only liked visiting it in the summer rather than closer to winter. But something in the field was making Happy the cat act strange so she couldn’t ignore her instincts to look further into it.
The cat continued to moved, even though the flowers were tall to a cat on all fours; the agility of his movements were enough to lead the way.
Finally the blue cat halted; stopping at a single tulip. Tulips were beautiful, red meant love, yellow meant happiness, White was for apologies; and pink- which she now lay her eyes on- meant confidence and happiness. She raised her brows, tulips were rare to grow at such a time after all. And in the field she stood in, this was the only flower that looked absolutely perfect.
She knelt down, raising another quizzical brow at the cat before wrapping her hand around the flower; ready to pluck it up and perhaps plant it elsewhere. But she didn’t even get the chance before the petals began to fall back against her fingers, blooming at her touch.
Her eyes widened in disbelief, the blooming itself was hard enough to take it, but it was what was inside that amazed her the most. For what sat in the middle of the flower was a petite boy; only the size of her thumb, his legs crossed and a cheeky crooked smile upon his face.
“Thanks for letting me out! It was getting boring in there!”

A quick fix-it fic. What should’ve happened tonight.

“No, Belle. Absolutely not!”

He’d known she was upset. She’d just killed a man for the first time, he’d expected her to blame him, perhaps yell, but her expression now was not one of anger. Her face was drawn out, pale, worried. His chest clenched, the urge to wrap her in his arms nearly overwhelming.

“Zelena said…”

“…Zelena.” Rumple repeated in monotone, noting the way Belle flinched, as though quite aware of how ridiculous it was to speak to Zelena Mills alone, let alone at all.

“I know, Rumple, but…you would’ve done the same thing,” Belle tilted her chin, eyes flaring. “She’s the closest link to Hades, she…she told me Emma sped up her pregnancy. If…Hades decided he wanted our child he could…he…” she swallowed heavily and Rumple took a step forward, extending a hand to grasp hers.

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He hadn’t even seen anyone approach on any of the cameras leading up to this floor. But there was no mistaking that prickling sensation one got at the back of the neck when being watched, and the clan techie knew that feeling quite well. For a moment, he thought it might even have been her, and he flinched at the very thought. But no, she would have said something already, caught hold of him. This was different.

“H-how did you get in here?” He got up from his chair and, for just a moment, turned from the monitors, bionic eyes whirring and re-focusing on the person in front of him. An intruder. Ma-Ma would be furious, if she found out; he would have to be stern, threatening, somehow. “You… This is a restricted access zone, who let you in here?”