the flight of the red balloon


♈ ARIES // A fiery inferno. An organ set ablaze. Unimaginably hot and wildly untamable, fervently consuming all it is fed; the good and the bad. It radiates a heat that can thaw cold cheeks and frost from shivering lips – or engulf you, swallow you whole and leave you as nothing more than smoldering ash. This heart needs generous kindling and constant stoking. Never to be smothered or snuffed out. It beats in booming thunder, and bleeds in plumes of smoke.

♉ TAURUS // A whittled heart of knotty pine, with intricate floral patterns etched deep into its wooden surface. A lacquered finish makes it sleek and glossy. A natural beauty. Carved and hollowed out, so that it can collect all the beautiful trinkets it finds, and lock them away. This heart needs an antiqued key, and reliable eyes that can cherish each and every lovely treasure they’ve buried so deeply in their chest. It beats in gentle echoes, and bleeds in sweet, sticky resin.

♊ GEMINI // A gilded, golden cage, with ornate engravings on every spindly, metallic bar. Glinting and gleaming in playful light; it dazzles and draws many admirers near. However, if they step too close, or extend their fingertips to touch – the hundreds of tiny, frightened finches inside release shrill and frantic chirps from silver beaks. A flurry of ruffled, rosy plumage. This heart needs a patient hand to release the latch. To let the feathers fly, and simply listen as the birds sing. It beats in the flutter of wings, and bleeds in pastel sunrise.

♋ CANCER // Tessellated sea glass and elegant vintage lace; smooth and embellished with pearls that glow soft and argent like the moon. It contains the entire ocean, with all it’s depth and warmth and comfort. Churning, swirling, salty waves flood the arteries and fill it will the soulful beauty of the seas. A home for many – a drowning place for some. Love flows uncontrollably, unconditionally. This heart needs lungs that can breathe underwater. Hands both strong enough to carry it, and so gentle it won’t shatter. It beats in the ebbing of the tides, and bleeds in soothing moonbeams.

♌ LEO // Lustrous sunlight encased in crushed red velvet. Luxurious and sparkling. Bold and rich. It transfixes others adoration and desire with the scintillating light that leak from its seams. It brightens and blinds all those who gaze upon it. Illuminating only the pleasant things, and melting the affection it is fed. This heart needs amorous eyes that have never beheld such a wonder, and will never forgets it’s beauty. It beats in boisterous trumpets, and bleeds in liquid gold.

♍ VIRGO // Precision cut and polished clockwork. Burnished brass and copper coils. Silver springs and cogs and gears that mesh and mash in a complex, synchronized rhythm unlike any other. When well-oiled, love ticks and tocks effortlessly; consistent and hypnotic. It winds and unwinds as it chooses. This heart needs feet that can get lost in a waltz, but still keep time. It beats like a syncopated metronome, and bleeds in bubbling amber.

♎ LIBRA // A twinkling, paper lantern; thin as the wings of a butterfly, and just as weightless. It emits a faint glow from the romantic light flickering inside, yet drifts listlessly through the chest cavity – as though no love can pin it down. It can be folded and creased to look like all that intimacy should be – but isn’t. This heart needs real romance. To be held with grace and loving balance. It beats in charming laughter, and bleeds in floral perfume.

♏ SCORPIO // A twisted labyrinth of thorny vines and ruby flowers. Dark and intimidating, but oh-so alive and growing. Roots constrict and thorns prick to fend off deceitful lovers. But if they’re willing to bleed – each rose that blooms will do so just for them. An endlessly beautiful garden; secluded and full of the richest reds and luscious greens. This heart needs love that is true and unafraid of hurt; that will not let the petals shrivel or wither. It beats in whispered “I love you”’s, and bleed in twilight skies.

♐ SAGITTARIUS // A gluey patchwork of auburn leaves and borrowed things. Stitched together from pieces of foreign hearts to form a hot air balloon-like contraption. Tethered only by heart strings, and fueled by an single spark. Always eager to take flight, to feel new heights, and caress the clouds. This heart needs a skyscape that never ends. A spirit with no map. It beats in whistling fire crackers, and bleeds in afternoon sunshine.

♑ CAPRICORN // An impenetrable exterior of compressed coal; smoky black and unattainable. However, if one stays and chisels for years, they’ll discover this hardened stone is a literal diamond in the rough. A glittering, jewel encrusted cavern. Its walls and arteries lined with vast riches; emeralds and rubies and sapphires. Resplendent and full of love. This heart needs one worthy of holding such a valuable chasm. It beats in refined symphonies, and bleeds in the boldest red wine.

♒ AQUARIUS // A sparkling prism lodged ambiguously in the rib cage where a human heart should be. It’s crystalline surface clarifies the cloudy, and gives the dull new splendor. It isolates and captures the smallest, most imperceptible glints of light, only to reflect and dissect the spectrum of color in it no one else would ever notice. This heart needs eyes that can peer through a kaleidoscope and see new rainbows every time. It beats in neon flickers, and bleeds in cosmic stardust.

♓ PISCES // Wispy gossamer and creamy silk, loosely woven together like a dream catcher. A tattered tapestry of delicate, warm fabric; embroidered with strands of silver thread and tiny beads of amethyst. This heart absorbs all forms love, and unfortunately, all sorrows. It is stained with the fingerprints of every hand it’s held. Soft and sensitive; it should be handled with the most tender care. It beats in soothing lullabies, and bleeds in shimmering, lavender bubbles.

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Character's reactions to MC breaking a bone (or other injury)?

Author’s note: when I was 8 i broke both of my arms at the same time LOL


  • as soon as he sees you he is alllll over you
  • “Are you okay? What happened? Does it hurt? Ohhhh I bet it hurts-”
  • you have to put both hands on his shoulders and kiss him to make him stop
  • he does EVERYTHING for you
  • opens doors
  • makes dinner in his kiss the cook apron
  • he’s a total sweetheart you don’t even have to lift a finger


  • the first thing he asks the doctors is how long you have to live
  • you hit him and remind him that yOU ONLY BROKE AN ARM
  • even though you can walk he insist on carrying you bridal style to the bedroom you aren’t complaining tho
  • offers to give you a sponge bath ;))
  • but seriously he is so dramatic and I love it
  • oh and he gets you your favorite flowers to cheer you up


  • this poor mom is so worried omg she’s pacing
  • when you limp out of the doctor’s office with a cast she runs up and hugs you
  • after explaining that it’s only a broken foot, she calms down
  • she actually TAKES OFF OF WORK FOR YOU
  • OFF
  • OF
  • WORK


  • when you fell on your arm Jumin knew right away it was broken
  • he called his own personal rich person doctor 
  • he would help you into his limo and although you could never tell he was HELLA WORRIED
  • he went into the doctor’s with you to make SURE they took the best care of you
  • any time he saw you were in pain he would glare at the doctor
  • when you cried while the cast was put on you could swear Jumin was about to kill the nurse and you’re pretty sure he got fired after that
  • Jumin would call Jaehee and tell her to watch over Elly
  • that way he can dote on you without any distractions 


  • the awkwardest part of the whole trip was when the doctor asked how it happened
  • “Well you see sir, uh, my girlfriend and I wanted to test the theory of flight among humans and-”
  • “We jumped off chairs with balloons attached to us and I landed wrong.”
  • “I-I’ll just wait outside”
  • when you got home he made sure to make you as comfy as possible
  • when you two are watching a movie later you try to make popcorn
  • unfortunately due to your broken arm you drop the entire bowl
  • when seven comes over to help clean it up he kisses the top of your head 
  • “I guess you just can’t catch a BREAK”
  • he slept on the couch that night

For the Drabble Games! As requested by anon.

Fili x Reader: “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Warnings: Bees, mentions of allergic reactions, melissophobia, apiphobia, fainting, FLUFF, romance

Word Count: 1190 (That’s it, I give up, they’re all going to end up too long).

Bees. Why did it have to be bees? Why couldn’t Beorn gather, oh, I don’t know, giant butterflies? Why bees? And gigantic, horrifying, vermin-sized bees at that.

You sat at the over-sized table that morning, surrounded by your comrades, entirely unable to enjoy the welcome comfort of the skin-changer’s home. Every bit of you was on high alert, twitchy, uncertain and prepared to lash out if necessary. As such, you barely touched your food and tuned out conversation to keep the enemy firmly in the corners of your vision. Though in flight, the insects seemed to lumber through the room, the buzzing a touch deeper and far more ominous than what you were used to.

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Fallout FanFiction Master List!

Because I love reading fanfiction of all kinds, (who doesn’t?!), I thought I’d put together a little master list of stories that are incredibly well written and just plain enjoyable. I may have shared some of these in the past, but every good story deserves endless promotion. And I’m more than happy to oblige!

If there is a story you’d like to see here because it gave you all the warm fuzzies or all the hot and heavies, send me a word and a link and I’ll add it to the list! Especially for some of the characters that I don’t personally read for. I know others will love to have some links for them, so donate those stories! : )

Side Note: Making this list, I’ve noticed that most of these fics are rated E for everyone so if you do have some to add that are not, again, PLEASE send them in to me so I can add. I’m just completely and shamelessly sinning 24/7, so this is all I read. o.O

Side Side Note: Comment on the fics you love! The authors work hard for the smut and fluff we enjoy. Make sure they know it!

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Favorite Films, 2007

01. There Will Be Blood | Paul Thomas Anderson

02. Silent Light | Carlos Reygadas

03. Flight of the Red Balloon | Hou Hsiao-Hsien

04. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days | Cristian Mungiu

05. No Country for Old Men | The Coen Brothers

06. You, the Living | Roy Andersson

07. Zodiac | David Fincher

08. I’m Not There | Todd Haynes

09. Death in the Land of Encantos | Lav Diaz

10. The Mourning Forest | Naomi Kawase

11. Persepolis | Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud

12. Control | Anton Corbijn

13. Secret Sunshine | Lee Chang-dong

14. We Own the Night | James Gray 

15. My Winnipeg | Guy Maddin

16. Hot Fuzz | Edgar Wright

17. Atonement | Joe Wright

18. Eastern Promises | David Cronenberg

19. The Edge of Heaven | Fatih Akin

20. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford | Andrew Dominik

Honorable Mentions

21. Death Proof | Quentin Tarantino

22. Mister Lonely | Harmony Korine

23. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly | Julian Schnabel

24. Mad Detective | Johnnie To & Wai Ka-Fai

25. Superbad | Greg Mottola

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Regarding Russians and Americans: As a German who was alive in the 80's I'll say it wasn't pleasant to be stuck in the middle between the 2 crazies in the Cold War. The 80's were fun times otherwise but we were right in the middle of these 2 giants having pissing contests and would have been stuck in the middle of their potential nuclear war, too. I'm glad it's over, don't start again.

Made me laugh. Good point. On a cultural note, a lot of German and other European 80′s music reflects that as well. Most famous German “Cold War” song probably is Nena’s “99 Luftballons” (“99 Red Balloons” in the English version, but the lyrics were not the same). HD video here. The original German version tells a story: 99 balloons are mistaken for UFOs or missiles, causing a general to send pilots to investigate. Finding nothing but child’s balloons, the pilots decide to put on a show and shoot them down. The display of force worries the nations along the borders and the war ministers on each side bang the drums of conflict to grab power for themselves. In the end, a 99-year war results from the otherwise harmless flight of balloons, causing devastation on all sides without a victor. At the end, Nena walks through the devastated ruins and lets loose a balloon, watching it fly away. The English version she made for the international market retains the spirit of the original narrative, but many of the lyrics are translated poetically rather than directly: red helium balloons are casually released by an anonymous civilian into the sky and are registered as missiles by a faulty early warning system; the balloons are mistaken for military aircraft which results in panic and eventually nuclear war.

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