the flight of the pheonix

CDC-Verse [A Masterpost ]

What’s the world like in CDC?

It’s a lot like our world. CDC takes place in present day in an alternate earth where magic, supernatural beings, and fantasy realms coexist (Well, I should use coexist lightly, since almost all humans are unaware of the magic, creatures and enchanted places) It’s a mix between fiction and reality, really. Las Vegas is still Las Vegas. Except you know, one of it’s Casino’s houses an underground train to the Mysterious Mountains.  Think Hogwarts and Muggle London perhaps?

I keep hearing about Ringleaders? What’s that about?

Ringleaders are of the few that know about the incredibly enchanted side of the world. They are one of the few in the world who wield magic. But before I can tell you about them, we should learn about their bosses first. The Ringmasters. 


Who are they?

There are three Ringmasters: Corvus, Aquila, and Phoenix. They are powerful magicians. Each of them specialize in certain magical abilities. Corvus specializes in Illusions, invisibility, and umbrakinesis. Aquila is well-versed in teleportation, flight, and telekinesis. Pheonix specializes in shapeshifting, healing, and fire manipulation.

Note: Ringmasters do not need an amulet to wield magic as they are highly skilled and can withstand the recoil of magic.

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 “If These Songs Dont Get You Dancing, Then I Dont Know What Will”


1. Bad Habit -The Kooks// 2. Goldrushed- The Royal Concept//3. Liztomania- Pheonix// 4. Darling Its true- Locksley// 5. Down The Road- C2C//6. Baby Im Yours- Breakbot feat. Irfane// 7. P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)- Micheal Jackson// 8. Reflections- Misterwives //9. If I Ever Feel Better- Pheonix// 10. Crave You- Flight Facilities feat. Giselle//11. Come Back Home- Two Door Cinema Club//.