the flight of the devil rays

Dance With The Devil || @gravisludos


Vlad had taken the red eye flight to America out of curiosity. Vampires were starting to get reckless in Romania again and he did not want to be around when the Hunters started getting active. American vampires, he knew, were quite a bit better a hiding themselves so he felt he could fit in easily. He chose the city of San Francisco to tour first since the city often had cloud cover that could easily block out the sun’s direct rays as well as a large varied population for him to feed off of. Plus he knew there was also a large manufacturer of Tru Blood in San Francisco so if he didn’t want to accidentally kill someone, he could stop by and get some Tru Blood if necessary.

While taking a look around the city’s nightlife, he came across a small shop that was still open this late. Black Leather Books and Oddities it was called and that immediately peaked Vlad’s attention.

He walked through the doors and smiled at the scent of old books. He’d always been an avid reader so the familiar smell was calming to him. He also noticed many strange symbols and objects that he had seen in the past centuries scattered around the store. His hands started tracing some spines of older books before he came across an old copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He had burned the first copy he came across since he felt like it was a stain on his name, but over time he learned to laugh at it and correct those who felt like Bram Stoker portrayed him accurately. 

He then saw a beautiful blonde standing behind the counter and he approached her.

“Excuse me, but what is the price for this copy?”

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Halloween requester here. I'm picturing Logan as a 40s era noir detective with trenchcoat and fedora, after rejecting all of Veronica's suggestions as not sexy enough. Because I can almost picture Dick, who's there to deal with the trick or treaters while they're gone, making comments about Logan going commando, Veronica teasing him about dressing up as her dad and Logan saying he picked it for the deep pockets to hide candy in, cue inappropriate candy metaphors. Thanks for considering doing it

Halloween being tomorrow, I didn’t want to make you wait for my muse to conjure up a full-length story so… here’s a little snippet of costume shopping with the Echolls family to tide you over until I can devote some time to this idea.

“Kitty!” Wyatt banged her heels against the shopping cart and reached for the black cat costume.

Veronica sighed. She was hoping the baby would forget her idea of being a cat for Halloween. Maybe if you let her watch television she’d want to be something else. She scanned the shelves with a frown. Yeah, probably a Disney princess or a minion. “What about this one?”

Even if it was pink and purple, the Cheshire cat was still a cat. Wyatt’s nose crinkled in distaste. “Kitty,” she insisted, pointing to the other package.

“But if you’re this cat, Mommy can be Alice and Daddy can be the Mad Hatter.”

Logan shook his head. “You need to let go of this family costume idea.”

When she’d suggested this little excursion to the costume shop, he’d tried to beg off, saying he was all set. “I’ve already told you, no—”

“But I wasn’t going to be just a pilot,” Logan interrupted. “I was going to be Maverick. I’ve even got the Ray-Bans and the red and white striped helmet.”

“Wearing your own flight suit is not a costume,” she huffed.

“Your loss” —he held out his hands and shrugged— “Because I was going to rent a motorcycle and take your breath away.”

She turned around before he saw her smile. Grabbing a witch’s hat, she plopped it on her head. “A black cat, a witch, and you can be—” She studied the shelves, picked up a devil costume and held it out for him.

“I thought the point of this was make-believe? I’m a handsome devil every day.”

Veronica rolled her eyes. “Well, what do you want to be? And it cannot involve the words top and gun- your Tom Cruise days are over.”

“Film noir? The Big Sleep? I’ll be the Bogie to your Bacall.” He tipped an imaginary hat. “The rakish private eye with a fedora and trench coat and” —Logan tugged her flush against his chest— “my very own hot blonde.” He dipped his head to kiss the side of her neck.

“So… you want to be my dad for Halloween?”

His arms dropped from her waist. “Way to ruin the mood, Veronica.”

Wyatt was getting restless in the shopping cart. Logan handed her one of the foam and fabric ghosts they’d bought to hang on the front porch. He touched his nose to hers and whispered, “Boo!”

She giggled and then held out her hand. “Kitty?”

“Persistent.” He tugged the package off the metal hook and gave it to her. “You’re definitely a Mars, kid.” The baby dropped the ghost and hugged the cat costume to her chest.

“I guess that settles it,” Veronica said with a sigh. “No family costumes.”


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