the flight from conversation

fauxfires  asked:

Hawke, Anders, Justice: j: "When words aren't enough".

The flight from Kirkwall is eerily silent, scattered conversations in low voices and soon trailing off, and Hawke wishes Varric would complain about being dragged into the outdoors, or the slope of the mountain path, or the cave they finally decide to stop in for the night, what little night is left. They split into groups to check for spiders or other potential rude awakenings, and though Hawke’s about ready to fall over, Anders shows no sign of flagging, striking out down a passage alone. Hawke has to scramble to keep up.

Anders pulls a wisp out of the air to light the path, and the wavering light is comfortingly familiar. Late nights sitting up reading under that light, the quiet thrill of finally feeling free to use magic openly in his own home; magic as something small and casual. Harmless.

The wisp widens its circle to include Hawke, dancing in front of his eyes, and he waves it out of the way, sends it veering wildly across the dead end cavern. No sign of anything more threatening than some glowing lichen.

And Anders finally turns to look at him as the wisp clumsily makes its way back to its summoner, and under that faint light he’s pale and fragile and all Hawke can think is, You thought you were going to die. All this time, you thought you were going to die, and I didn’t know.

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Fireworks When You Kiss Me

It was time for the CatCo annual Fourth of July BBQ. Kara, Winn, James and a few other employees were busy putting together the cooking tent and the tables. Cat strolled through CatCo plaza in her usual perfect outfit with her phone in hand. She was currently yelling at the chef they had hired to do the cooking because he was stuck on the East Coast due to a delayed flight.

Kara overheard the whole conversation from both ends and felt bad for the guy. He was a National City resident so it meant not only was he not there to do the job, but it meant he was also stuck away from his family even longer than he had planned.

As everything else came together, Cat called up every five-star restaurant she had in her phone in hopes of getting a chef out there. However, every one of them either were on vacation or were required to be at work that day for the tourist rush.

Kara walked over to Cat. “Hun, why don’t we just get one of the guys to do it? I’m sure one of them must be good at using a grill.” She put her hand on her girlfriend’s shoulder and smiled. “I promise it’s not going to go up in flames; literally or figuratively. Though, if it does actually go up in flames, I’ll be here to stop it.”

The media mogul turned to her lover and sighed. “Fine. Figure out which one of them can cook for four hundred people.” She pocketed her phone and looked around. “You know; I didn’t do such a bad job this year.”

The hero rolled her eyes. “You? I did most of the heavy lifting in the middle of the night and the editing staff hung all the decorations. Cat, you know I love you, but you barely lifted a finger for this.” She kissed the older woman gently before going back to finishing up the preparations.


That night, when the sky was a little pink and the grill was burning hot and cooking away at a few hundred piece of meat, Kara and Cat sat on one of the benches in the plaza, enjoying the city and the people around them. Music filled the air from the DJ booth and Kara hummed along with the music as Cat absentmindedly draw patterns on her girlfriend’s thigh. When the song changed, it sparked something in Kara and she smirked before standing. Her hips moved to the music as Cat watched her, confused.

Kara took her girlfriend’s hand and sang with the song, surprising the people around them who had never heard the girl sing. “Hey, hey baby! Ooh, ahh, I wanna know, if you’ll be my girl.” Cat chuckled and held her lover’s hand as she was sung to. It had been a song they had heard a few times when they went out to clubs and Kara loved singing it to her. “When I saw you walking down the street, I said that’s the kind of girl I’d like to meet.” Kara pointed to Cat and kept dancing. “She’s so pretty, looks so fine, I’m gonna make her mine, all mine.” It was then that the hero pulled Cat to her feet and into her arms, dancing and continuing to sing the song.

Cat laughed and smiled bright, loving that something so simple could make her fall in love all over again with Kara. As the song played on, they kept dancing and Cat even dared to join in on the singing. That got Kara super excited and she twirled the older woman in her arms and kissed her deeply.

A few fireworks were shot off into the air and broke above them. Cat pulled away from the kiss and smiled. “And I thought that was always just a cliché.”